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The new model 1815 stand out thanks to classic design and impeccable inner values.

Watch 1815 with a 38.

5-millimeter case and unmistakable signs of style A.

Lange & Sohne – a model example of modern mechanical vremyaizmeritelnogo tool.

They are made in full accordance with the tradition of watchmaking, which were laid by Ferdinand A.

Lange, whose birth year was chosen as the title of this watch.

Meden agan – nothing more: with these words, is depicted on the temple of Apollo at Delphi, the ancient sages have expressed their desire for moderation and modesty.

Ferdinand A.

Lange, the founder of the German precision watchmaking industry, could use these words as a motto for his entire life.

In addition, this maxim is perfect to describe the principles according to which developed the design of the legendary Lange pocket watches.

All of them are made in accordance with the doctrine of the founder of the factory, each instance must look as succinctly as possible, and serve their purpose steadily and reliably.

Expressed in these words point of view is also suitable for watches collection 1815.

In each aspect of classic design and in each of the 188 parts of the manufacturing movement felt beauty which originated as a consequence of the combination of the functional integrity verified and flawless workmanship.

The value of this watch made of yellow, pink or white gold, emphasizes the noble discreet design.

Housing diameter 38.

5 mm corresponds to the preferences of the majority of fans of high quality mechanical watches.

Also available models with housing increased to 40 mm diameter.

To perform solid silver duplex dial at 6 o’clock is set a small second hand, because of which resembles a dial of a pocket watch dials historical Lange.

This impression is enhanced by gently circled column rim and delicate ears strap.

Minute scale style railroad, black Arabic numerals mark hours and blued steel hands emphasize the classic style of hours, but also make a silvered dial is very crisp.

Caliber L051.

1 manual winding, 55-hour power reserve and luxurious hand-decorated parts – now the personification of the famous watchmaking Lange.

Many of the traditional features of this detected when viewed through the sapphire window of the back cover of the case: this three-quarter platinum, made of nickel silver without the use of coatings, hand engraved balance cock, balance with adjustment screws and blued steel screws; all these manifestations of Haute Horlogerie at its finest form.

SIHH-2014: All new items A.

Lange & Sohne https://luxwatch.ua/other_pictures/News/A.%20Lange%20&%20Sohne/01.02.14/1815,%20Ref.%20235/ALS_235_032_FS_a6.jpg

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