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Welcome to Warrior a world where the atmosphere of medieval jousting and fighting, full of courage and nobility.

Everything here is reminiscent of the symbolism of the Round Table, the search for the Grail, the welfare and greatness of the kingdom, which needs to be protected.

People of that era were free to dispose of their own destiny.

It is in this style, craftsmanship and strength, made from a collection Excalibur Roger Dubuis.

As with the orders of chivalry, Warrior in the world has its own distinctive features.

Honed movement, sharp swords and gorgeous armor – all in Warrior image speaks of the nobility, strength, majesty and rigor.

Similar models from Excalibur collection Knight embodies the aesthetics of the battle, the beauty of the feat, accuracy and commitment to excellence.

Braves want to fight them accompanied by fame and success, so they should always remember that their fearless and tireless courage makes.

The Warrior the world she reigns supreme.

Ingenuity, audacity, endurance – that’s what distinguishes those who are filled with dignity.

Another of their inherent quality – discipline.

This knight is always several ways to achieve this goal and accurately performs the intended plan of battle.

He is driven and the desire to exploit.

Winning is the main goal, it is – the cornerstone.

Knight – a unique warrior, perfectly prepared, skillfully wielding a sword and a spear.

In every movement betrays honor, loyalty, generosity.

These qualities served as the inspiration for Excalibur collection by Roger Dubuis.

The spirit of competition is an inexhaustible impetus to the Geneva watchmaker, who was able to come up with and create a unique model, the main elements of the genetic code, which is the power and splendor.

True to the tradition of the highest quality, brand Roger Dubuis had won her an excellent reputation in the watchmaking world, Excalibur watch collection to meet all the new requirements of the Poinçon de Genève.

This prestigious seal of quality established by the Canton of Geneva, is awarded to products only a few watch manufactures.

Poinçon de Genève is an official guarantee flawless operation of the clock, and their functions, as well as evidence that the mechanism of a watch was manufactured, assembled and adjusted manually in the territory of Geneva to meet the most stringent requirements of watchmaking.

Roger Dubuis – the world’s only watch manufacture, all products which are manufactured in compliance with all requirements of Poinçon de Genève.

Source – rogerdubuis.

com https://luxwatch.ua/other_pictures/News/Roger%20Dubuis/22.01.12/ROGER%20DUBUIS_8.jpg

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