Zenith El Primero Lightweight Limited Edition Skeletonized Watch

Recognized back in 2005 that the watch Lange 1 Time Zone – an excellent companion for the frequently traveling man.

The new version of the wonderful hours in the case of white gold and covered with a phosphor arrows and labels will hold the owner of 24 time zones even in the dark.

Watches Lange 1 Time Zone allows travelers extremely easy to take into account the change in the local time when you move from one time zone to another.

On the dial there are convenient intuitively perceived signs of time and home time zone.

The transition to the time of another time zone by pressing a special button, and follow the switching process will help the rotating ring with the names of 24 cities representing time zones of the planet.

One push button moves the ring toward the east 15 degrees, wherein the small hour hand dial moves forward an hour.

Witty constructed synchronization device allows to transfer time additional to the main face of the dial, whereupon the dial arrow on the additional occupy the position that was previously on the arrows main dial.

A new variant of hours Lange 1 Time Zone in the case of the noble white gold allows you to correctly perform all switching pointers also in the dark: the arrows and labels on the index of power reserve, as well as asymmetrically spaced main and sub dials are made of coated rhodium gold and marked with a luminescent compound.

Luminescent signs of flawless watches A.

Lange & Söhne consistently offer a reliable indication of the time when traveling and at home, day and night, anywhere in the world.

Heart of the new representative of the outstanding collection of Lange 1 – manufactory caliber L031.


From the point of view of perfection of mechanical watchmaking in it is all that explains why connoisseurs of fine watchmaking all over the world associate the brand A.

Lange & Söhne with the highest achievements in watchmaking: the typical signs of watchmaking Lange – three-quarter platinum, made of German silver, screwed gold bezels, providing a three-day power reserve, two mainspring barrels, finely trimmed precision adjustment system balance and spring forms of swan neck, hand engraved balance cock and the bridge of the intermediate wheel and outsize unique construction date, which watches Lange 1 Time Zone is synchronized with the time indicated on the main dial.

All these properties make it possible to enrich each trip a special experience of interaction with the clock and their ingenious mechanism.

Source – alange-soehne.

com https://luxwatch.ua/other_pictures/News/A.%20Lange%20&%20Sohne/17.01.12/ALS_LANGE1_TIME_ZONE_116_039.jpg

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