Your Rolex in the auction can take much money?

I believe there are some readers these days is “hand in hand Patek Philippe Li Lao Guinness exit Basel Watch Fair,” the news scraper, but I believe most of the readers of gossip rabbit does not know the history and significance of this table show – after all, the majority of shopping the people, not the industry, few would focus on the source.

My circle of friends had also finished his lunch all this news in the past, but yesterday I was asked, “Rabbit sister, BaselWorld is not very fun, very interesting Baochibaozhu kind”? But I remember emerging scene is actually carrying luggage box I get up early to catch the train black touch, as well as the satisfaction of those days sitting in the hotel .






Happy to say that, of course, but it is because of love, I was taking pains.

But after all, I went 11 years (initial or print media reporters identity), Chinese watch industry experienced the most prosperous era, this year also saw the development of Pakistan losing ground.

Epidemic is boosters, forcing us forward, even if it no longer reinvent the wheel.

First, I was recently a brief description of what happened.

An announcement, caused uproar in the circle, Patek Philippe, Rolex, Chanel, Chopard and Tudor quit to join Basel International Watch and Jewelery Show (Baselworld), and, and FHH (FHH) cooperation, in April 2020 Geneva Palexpo exhibition organized by the new table, and Watches & Wonders Geneva (WWG, formerly known as Richemont brands as the main force SIHH) over the same period.

These five brands with WWG will be held at the same table with the exhibition hall, but the specific way has yet to be finalized Yesterday, Chanel also issued a separate announcement, stating “The move without consultation with the Basel International Watch and Jewelery Show management will make a series of unilateral decisions relating to” that can not meet the needs and expectations of the brand.

Brands are not shy reasons, because this year Pakistan exhibition organized by extension, the organizing committee and brand disagreement in terms of refund of exhibition fee, which leads to the ultimate failure of negotiation, the two sides parted ways.

Beijing yesterday more than 2:00, I received an official message of Basel, the organizers MCH Group, said the move to the brand’s “quite surprised” and said the next few weeks will continue to operate the Baselworld and further investment to make important decisions .

From 2018 Swatch Group exhibition retreat began, many brands have to leave, but because Patek Lilao wrestlers are still, in 2019 can be considered stable in the past, but Anchaoyongdong, epidemic like the last straw, the final buffer directly overwhelming.

Today Watch Fair pattern becomes a watch week LVMH Group, Time To Move Swatch Group, Richemont Group WWG to the main, the new combination has just fled the 5 major brands, as well as individual brand of independent publishing, For example, AP and Breitling and so on.

They all miss the table show, I have traveled this 11-year-old Palestinian exhibition but believe that change is not accomplished overnight, but we need to do is just embrace change.

In 1917, Basel, Switzerland Expo samples, also bar show’s predecessor, to this day is over a hundred years.

We often say that it is a very slow time, business people in order Watch Fair came all the way from around the world, this is the busiest time of year industry, buyers and sellers meet determines the year’s business.

Some of the deep feelings of tables Table Friends, Pakistan exhibition is full of wonderful imagination – think how beautiful watches, table show there is more magnificent.

But in fact, this is essentially a trade show, it was drying goods, some potential buyers, we have for a living busy, so busy could not bear to waste a minute of time.

I remember 11 years ago, the first time go to Basel, or new to the industry, I realized that what is “one-stop self-service” – from visas, on the plane, to Switzerland, progress all the way to complete the museum alone.

Because every hotel in Basel Show your God, I can only live in neighboring cities, Bern, Bill, Zurich, and some unknown small town, sometimes even a day for a city so huge suitcase dragged run every day.

5 am to get up, rush to catch the train, go out into the hall at night out of the train station in time, into the hotel as soon as possible in order to eat a bowl of hot instant noodles, there is still time deadlines .






The most popular of those years, I was in Basel daily schedule as the limit is 13 games (9 am to 7 pm, seamless whole without rest breaks, and do not eat lunch, because no time), four days completed nearly 50 games and watch the interview.

I test myself is, do not go back and turn notes recall each brand new table, to see how and to what extent can remember I often return to the road when a trance, always felt that short forty-five days like the days of plenty passed a whole month.

At that time, most worry about is that the brand they are prepared with very fine print, but heavy suitcase to my overwhelmed, they could not bear to discard – the years acquired a good arm strength.

The contact is probably the most difficult issue, there is no micro-channel age, contact by telephone, long distance plus roaming, just five days I have an ample supply of 1,500 yuan bill (newspaper can not be reimbursed).

Basel I was asked what kind of a city, I was horrified to find that I went to 11 years, but only know that section of the road from the train station to the exhibition hall – had to sit tram.

The only time I think the opportunity to meet different Swiss cities, Bern living in the year, when I came to Einstein museum stolen half a day, but found the door says “Closed.

” From then on, I gave up all thoughts except the watch, work is work.

I often encounter the brand of little friends on the train back to the hotel, one by one like video machines in general who finished more than 10 games, a hoarse voice said to me, “he is to die,” but the next day hall pass see they are still full of energy at the door welcoming.

Every daylight saving time, there are always a few overslept the next day unkempt burst into the pavilion (the most impressive is a brand full uniform an hour late).

Too many stories, memories tired, in retrospect, was a bit sweet, I remember the day before the one year left, I more than 2 boxes of instant noodles and pickled chicken feet, it gave a fellow friend, and later in the country see to Xiongtai, he saw me very, very warm.

This is probably the war friendship, right? Basel magic is that every year a group of crying and shouting to people who do not want the second year, but met on schedule, still with instant noodles .






Some people miss, some regret, I feel more Basel gave me plenty of experience in this industry, taking advantage of the young to challenge themselves limit, laid a firm foundation.

And believe that it spent 100 years, so soon into the unexpected decline, but change is often the case, has long been clues appear.

In fact, just last year, I have friends in the industry and discussed the future Palestinian development, the impact of digital technology more and more, the brand will naturally want to consider spending problem – when Internet connectivity all the time, everyone there is no need to spend such a high participation fees, just for this a meeting? Yesterday, a reader asked me: to whom we buy tables tables show little effect change, right? I said: “Yes, it is essentially an industry event for consumers, the watch will eventually appear on the terminal channels, as to how it was released, where release is not critical.

” In other words, everyone clutching his wallet and other new table on it.

But for me, experience is long past, still needs to be done is to keep up with the trend, embrace the future.

After all, only their own strength, is maintaining the status quo of the core.

Gossip rabbit only original, welcome to forward!

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