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The solitaire ring is probably the best-known form of diamond rings and at the sametime a classic engagement ring.

Find out how this ring got its name and why its gemstones sparkle so effectively.

If you want to express your love for your chosen ones with a ring, you will discover to exquisite selection of dream like solitaire rings in our article.

So you can look forward to our new completely Call, sensational solitaire collection.

hand what woman does not like to wear a diamond ring on her, love especially if it symbolizes the love of a very special person? The solitaire ring is a real diamond ring classic.

The ring got its name from the French term solitaire (loner) Which bedeutet, dass the ring band is only adorned by a single gemstone.

That is probably the main reason why the solitairering has established itself as a classic engagement ring.

This one gemstone (Usually a valuable diamond in brilliant cut) figuratively stands for the factthat the loved one is just as unique and precious for the giver.

The original solitaire ring is based on a design by the New York jeweler Tiffany & Co.

from 1886.

In this case, the decorative gemstone is classically held by six claws.

This special shape of the socket Enables the light rays to enter the stone from all sides and THUS elicit its maximum luminosity.

In our online shop www.


de there is a large selection of solitaire rings – Individually for every taste.

A ring with a classic Tiffany Mount setting, named after the name of its inventor, Charles Lewis Tiffany, is this solitaire ring made of 18 carat white gold with a diamond held by six claws.

The more claws hold the diamond, the more securely it is protected from loss.

The ring band is rounded on this model.

With a narrow ring band like this, the diamond looks larger than a diamond of the same size on a wide ring band.

Narrow ring bands are love especially suitable for narrow and elongated fingers.

You can order this classic from us in any size, like most of the other rings in our online shop.

Diamond ring gold in 18kt white The Following 18-carat white gold ring with a diamond held by four claws is more modern in design and just as enchanting.

Due to the smaller number of claws, this setting Reveals a little more of the gemstone.

Diamond ring gold in 18kt white This solitaire ring holds its diamond in place with a tension setting.

This type of setting Allows the gemstone to float between the ring band and shine in all its beauty.

Diamond ring 14kt white gold White gold is very oft used as the material for the solitairering.

HOWEVER, other precious metals: such as yellow gold and rose gold are therefore possible.

Only the personal taste of the recipient Decides here.

The Following model is a very Individually created solitaire ring made from a combination of white gold and yellow gold.

Diamond ring 14kt white gold and yellow gold Anyone looking for a necklace with a solitary stone will therefore find it in our online shop.

This white gold diamond necklace goes perfectly with a classic solitaire ring.

Here, too, the diamond is held securely by six prongs.

Necklace 14kt white gold diamond solitaire NEW in the range: pieces of jewelry in the world’s best solitaire look We have added a sensational collection to our diamond jewelry range and are proud to present you the world’s best look solitaire! The stones Of the following two pieces of jewelery are set so finely did only if you look closely you will notice thatthere are several small gemstones and not a large whole.

Innovative cut and setting techniques achieve the appearance and brilliance of a single brilliant cut diamond.

This unbelievable effect is based on the factthat nine individual diamonds – Which are Individually cut – are put together in seeking a way thatthis results in incomparable to solitaire effect! Diamond ring in 18kt white gold, nine diamonds This magnificent technique makes it possible to make diamonds – Which have a total weight of E.


0:35 carats – look as if They are a single stone with a weight of 0.

80 carats.

And at a really attractive price! Rings, pendants and earrings are available with optical 0.

80 carats to 3:00 carats.

Necklace in 18kt white gold, nine diamonds Convince yourself of this incredible look.

You will love it! The team of jeweler Ralf Häffner will be happy to advise you personally on classic and modern solitaire rings made of different materials.

In our online shop www.


de and in our specialty shop in the heart of Stuttgart you will discover a remarkable selection of solitaire jewelry.

Give your loved one a token of your love.

We are happy to advise you on the right choice.

We look forward to you!

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