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[Watch home watch culture] you think you know much about gold (Gold) do? In fact maybe not so understanding.

Because the key to all problems lies in the non-gold alloy components.

Since the beginning of 5000 BC, gold has been the material of choice for the goldsmith.

Light golden Huangru Yang, having excellent corrosion resistance, it is possible to maintain a permanent character.

Meanwhile, gold soft malleable, high density component foot.

Finally, it can emit bright polished luster.

In the watchmaking industry, gold is generally not necessarily pure form, that is 24K gold.

Instead, gold is often mixed with other materials made of 18K alloy, which accounted for 75% of the gold content.

The remaining 25% is the key, what it makes all the difference, including color, but also attribute.

Eternal rose gold Rolex First, let’s talk about color.

White K gold (White Gold) doped with light metals such as palladium and silver, to obtain a light gray gloss.

But in the mixture, the majority is still yellow.

Therefore, almost all brands are retouched to keep the aid of rhodium-plated gray.

Chopard Chopard is an exception, the brand is no application of special alloy coating.

This alloy doped with a large amount of palladium, a near Geneva Chopard Chopin smelting plant.

Chopard Chopard L.


C Full Strike three asked not rhodium-plated white K gold watch (Model: 161947-1001) Followed by warm colors, which must mention the concept of Ns.

Each N represents the remaining 25% of the gold alloy of 5%.

These rely Ns obtain color copper, silver relying on quality is obtained.

1N does not exist, but are yellow; 2N i.


gold (Yellow Gold); 3N contains more copper, can be made warmer hue.

4N is full of rose gold (Rose Gold); 5N is sometimes called red gold (Red Gold), but in fact is pink.

IWC’s Pilot Perpetual Calendar Chronograph watch “The Little Prince” Special Edition (Model: IW392202) Copper does not really disappear, because it is responsible for the creation of tone.

Other Ns will be a difference, because not always made up of silver.

For example, the use of platinum Rolex manufacture eternal rose gold (Everose Gold), platinum can be improved oxidation resistance and color stability of gold and increase its perceived value.

This Hublot Hublot Wang (King Gold) formula is basically the same, and Omega (OMEGA) of Sedna gold did the same, but the doping element replaced by palladium.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak “frost gold” 41 mm watch (Model: 15410BC.



01) However, the decision is not just a component of the alloy properties, other factors make the metallurgical become a real science.

For example, IWC Jin Wan hard table (Hard Gold), by fellowship size and melting conditions, the success of the brand to create a new material than conventional 18K gold hard 5-10 times.

In the early 2010s, Lange (A.

Lange & Söhne) and Chanel will be a similar attempt, the results are honey gold (Honey Gold) and Meakin (Beige Gold).

In fact, gold is a relatively soft metal, easy to sand blasting, engraving, and retouch process interposed therebetween, as Abby (Audemars Piguet) by hammering create the “Golden Cream” (Frosted Gold).

Hublot Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Magic Gold watch (Model: 402.



WR) Of course, the remaining 25% not necessarily made of metal.

Indeed, 18K gold must contain 75% of the gold, but the remaining 25% was to provide a space for innovation.

All started and Patent Hublot Hublot Magic Gold (Magic Gold), the material is shaped by injecting the molten metal in the porous ceramic embryoid bodies.

On the positive side, which makes gold has a scratch-resistant ceramic; On the negative side, the color of magic gold seems bright enough, limiting the more widely used.

Inside and outside the industry will never lack innovation attempt, it is learned ETH Zurich researchers used plastic to create a new 18K gold.

This material will be introduced into future luxury industry do? let us wait and see.

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