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Proper setting up mechanical watches Casio watch setting Instructions for setting up electronic desktop watches VST – all on shelves and in Russian We set up AMST watches Vitek electronic clock Skmei Q & Q.

How can you configure a watch from China “Works like a clock!” -We say, wanting to emphasize the high accuracy of something.

However, not only the accuracy of the course of hours in itself is important, but also the reference point! Imagine: a minute arrow makes a full circle along the dial exactly, in one hour, i.



0000 .



seconds, – well, wonderful, but only initially this arrow was shifted from the correct position, for example, for 15 minutes.

The Kremlin chimes beat the noon, and the arrows of these superfluoric watches (or numbers in windows) show 12:15 .



there is a need to put the arrows in the correct position, or bring the numbers to this position; In a word – you need to configure the clock! By the way, all this applies not only to your personal hours that you wear on your hand, not only family or corporate, which hang on your wall – this also applies to public hours, up to those very Kremlin chimes.

However, we will not talk about how to set the chimes or, for example, the London Big Ben, we will not – specially trained people are engaged in these settings.

But about how to configure wrist or interior (wall, desktop, etc.

) hours – we will talk about this.

Proper setting up mechanical watches Perhaps the question of how to set up a mechanical watch is the easiest in our topic.

To configure the mechanical watches even a child of primary school age – unless, of course, he is not quite the ultimate child of the digitalization era, which perceives only the dials on the screen of the smartphone.

But even such a man is not difficult to train! Take a clean classic for example; SEIKO mechanical watches from the CS Dress collection are well suited.

They have three arrows – hourly, minute and second, as well as the date window.

So, setting up the exact time! We turn on the TV, we are waiting for the start of the program “Time” on Channel One.

Until the program has begun, we catch the moment when the second arrow comes to position “12” (i.


it will be directed vertically upwards), and at this moment we put forward a groovy head to the stop.

Here it will be – for two clicks.

The function of Stop-Seconde will work for modern mechanical watches, the clock will stop.

Rotating the clockwork head, we install the hourly and minute arrows so that they show exactly 9:00.

And on the TV a few seconds before the start of the program, the image of a clock with a jumping one in a second will appear and the corresponding signals will sound.

At the right time – when the arrow of television watches jumps on “12” – click the groovy head of our wrist watches, pushing it to its original position.

The clock went, the exact time is set! Note: you can focus not only on the “Time” program, but also on any other signal of the exact time.

At least for the battle of the Kremlin chimes, if you are at this moment on Red Square.

In the model that we took for example (and in the vast majority of any other mechanical hours), it is easy to set the correct date.

To do this, you should not put forward the clocking head to the end, but only by one click, and then rotate it “on yourself” – the numbers in the window will change sequentially.

It is only necessary to remember that such a settings should not be done in a period of time from 21:00 to 01:00, because you can bring down the automatic translation of the date.

In general, the answer to the question “How to configure the wristwatch” or, what is the same, “set the time” – this answer is absolutely clear when it comes to mechanics.

With electronics it can be a little more complicated.

Casio watch setting Casio’s wristwatch is extremely popular all over the world.

All of them are electronic, work on quartz mechanisms of the highest accuracy, extremely reliable, inexpensive, have a large number of functions.

It is precisely because of the useful multifunctionality that the setting of electronic watches is usually more complicated.

True, not always: there is, for example, the Japanese brand Q & Q, producing electronic (quartz) children’s hours, purely ardor, not showing anything but the current time and (in a number of models) date.

Well, with them it’s just as simple as with the above mechanics.

But some quite “adults” Casio will consider in more detail.

How to configure Casio G-SHOCK G-shock (sometimes pronounced “Jay Shock”, but still correctly “ji-shock)-perhaps the most illustrious family of casio watch.

For the first time that appeared in 1983, “jishoks” are distinguished by record unpretentiousness to severe conditions – a blow, vibrations, magnetic fields, high pressure, temperature changes.

At the same time, modern G-shocks are very high-tech and multifunctional, they are used for everyday use and for all kinds of extreme, including sports.

Inside the family there are many different series, simpler and more “advanced”, so setting up an electronic clock with a 1st button – one procedure, setting a watch with 3 buttons is somewhat different, and set up an electronic clock with 4 buttons is a third.

And there are G-SHOCK models even with 5 buttons, and some also have arrows .



Nevertheless, nothing prohibitive, no special training is required: it is not too difficult to configure time on the clock.

Setting up the G-Shock watch all, without exception, the species is clearly described in details in branded instructions that are perfectly translated into many languages, including Russian.

For example, consider the G-SHOCK Protection series, the GST-B200 model.

These are ultra-modern analog-digital watches with a solar battery and Bluetooth technology for synchronization with a smartphone on which the G-SHOCK Connected application is installed.

There are many functions, everything, as we have already said, is intelligibly scheduled in the instructions, but here we will talk about how to set time on this watch.

Yes, the automatic setting of time is certainly provided for, to activate it, it is enough to only carry out the conjugation between the clock and the smartphone (according to the actions that the G-SHOCK Connected application indicates on the screen of the latter).

During the conjugation, the second hand will be directed to the symbol R (approximately in the “2.

30” position), and at the end – the indicator located slightly lower.

And that’s it: four times a day, the clock will contact the smartphone themselves and make adjustments – at 00:30, 06:30, 12:30 and 18:30! The only thing is that the clock should be in the current time (and not a stopwatch or timer of the reverse reference).

To select the mode, the left lower button serves .



if you want to adjust the current time at another moment, outside the automatic schedule is also not a problem: place a smartphone near the clock (no more than a meter) and click the button in position “3”.

The inscription SET shy on the screen of the clock, and at the end of the adjustment you will be informed there: OK.

And, finally, situations in which a watch with a smartphone are possible are possible.

The smartphone is far away, or strong radio interference, or you are on an airplane, or a smartphone updates your operating system .



It’s also not scary, because you can set time completely manually.

To do this, set the current time mode (we remind you with the left lower button), then press the upper left button and hold it until the name of the city arises on the screen, and then return to the left lower and consistent presses to install seconds, then minutes and then minutes and then Finally, watch.

It is necessary to set the required values ​​with presses of the right buttons – the upper and lower.

Moreover, in the stage of installation of seconds, only the lower works, it drops a second to zero.

Incidentally, calendar signs (date, day of the week, month and year) are installed completely similarly.

At the end of manual settings, just press the upper left button.

And return to the usual life-on your Casio G-Shock Protection GST-B200 now everything is right! Another option from that G-Shock Protection collection is a GA-100 series, pronounced sports hours.

There is no synchronization with a smartphone (as well as the solar battery) in them, but there are such specific opportunities as the task of the desired distance, measurement of the speed (until 1998 km/h), the time of passing of individual stages and the entire race as a whole.

Well, the current time is counted with the same reference accuracy (± 20 seconds per month), you only need to correctly install it.

G-SHOCK Protection-an electronic clock with 4 buttons, of which the left lower button serves to select the mode (current time, second-ender, world time, sound signal).

The setting in the current time mode is carried out in the same way as described above for the GST-B200.

G-SHOCK GA-100 is also an analog-civilian clock.

The position of the hourly and minute shooter is automatically synchronized with digital indications.

But occasionally discrepancies may occur, and then synchronization can be restored manually.

For this: We are convinced that the clock is in the current time.

Press and hold the right lower button until the H-Set and Sub indicators appear in the left and right of the upper windows.

We set the speed arrow (a small counter on “12 hours”) to the “50” position – using the same right lower button (if the speed already shows “50”, then we skip this item).

Using the lower and upper right -wing buttons, we transfer the hourly and minute arrows to the “12 hours” position (if they already stand, we also miss this item).

We press the left upper button: the arrows will show the correct, synchronized with numbers the current time, and the speed of speed will return to zero.

Casio G-9000-1V 13 990 p Casio GA-2110SU-3AER 15 390 p Casio GBD-800-1B 13 990 p Casio Illuminator Kasio Illuminator is the same G-Shock.

And not just the same, but the very first version of Jishoku plus a large number of modifications, including new modern ones.

The name is understandable: a square with rounded corners really resembles the porthole of the ship .



Yes, and the display says: Illuminator.

All these are absolutely religious DW-5600, in certain design solutions, completely digital, anti-shut-off, waterproof to 200 m, accurate (± 15 seconds per month), light and supernatural, with split chronostomer, stopwatch, reverse reference timer , an automatic calendar, an alarm clock, electro -luminescent backlight.

Buttons – 4 pieces, the left lower left is served to select the mode.

How to set the time on digital watches? Of course, through these buttons! To configure the time and date, in the current time mode we press the left upper button.

They will start flashing seconds.

We press the upper right, seconds will drop to zero.

Then, with the help of the same left lower, we make the clock, then minutes, date, month, year, and in a blinking state we adjust them using the right upper button.

By the way, if you press and hold this button, the installation of readings will go at a higher speed.

The day of the week will be installed automatically.

At the end of the procedure, you can press the left upper button, or you can not press – then the clock will return to the current time mode, just with a slight delay.

Casio Edifice Another legendary clock brand from Casio is Edifice, which has a clear auto and motorcycle style.

And not only stylistics-the essence too: not without reason Casio Edifice is an official partner of the Honda Motors Corporation and the title chronometrist of the Formula-1 team Scuderia alphantauri.

At the same time, EDIFICE models are equipped with arrow indication, which is very reminiscent of classic mechanics, and in tuning it is actively used, as in the mechanics, a clockwork head.

But in a modern interpretation! Here, for example, the limited series of chronographs of the EQB-1100, dedicated to the “stable” alphatauri.

The clock operates from a solar battery, synchronized with a smartphone (which you need to install the Edifice Connected application), are enclosed in a super -thin (only 8.

9 mm) case with a reinforced octagonal -shaped reel and have a rich set of functions.

Among them, in addition to such relevant ones as a stopwatch, a timer, a calendar, a second time zone, world time (the last two are especially pleasing to F1 pilots, continuously wandering around the world), there are also such specific ones as a 200 -circle memory and a display of the difference between time passage of the current and previous circles.

But currently, traditional arrows are shown, customized both automatically – at the signal from the smartphone via Bluetooth, and manually.

Manual installation here is a typical watch setting with 3 buttons: We pull the clockwork head to the second click.

A second hand will jump into zero.

We twist the clockwork head.

The arrows rotate accordingly.

We pay attention to the 24-hour counter located in the upper part of the dial: it helps to install arrows on the main (12-hour) scale in the right position-before or after noon.

As for the time – that’s all.

You can push the groove head back.

If there is a need to adjust the calendar indicators, but leave the head extended, click the upper button, as a result of which we move on to the setting of the year, month, date, and we also make the setting itself using a clockwork head.

Casio EF-552-1A 12 490 p Casio EFR-526D-7AVUEF 13 990 p Casio EFR-526L-1A 12 990 p Instructions for setting up electronic desktop watches VST – all on shelves and in Russian Compared to what we talked above, VST watches is a completely different story.

Firstly, they are not Japanese, but purely Chinese.

Secondly, they are not wrist, but desktop (well, or bedside, because with an alarm clock).

But also very, very popular! And setting the time on VST watch is easier.

There are differences from model to model, but they are unprincipled.

Consider two options.

Model VST-862 and she is related.

On the back of the case there are three buttons – SET, UP and Down.

Short clicks on the SET button switch the mode – from the current time to the date, from the date on the alarm clock, then by two more alarms (there are three of them in total).

A long press on the SET button allows you to choose a time format- 12- or 24-hour.

The subsequent short press will make the current value of the hour pulsate.

To adjust it, press UP (to increase) or Down (to decrease).

Click SET again briefly, go to the installation of minutes, similarly, the UP and Down buttons.

After the installation is completed, press SET again.

The VST-728 model and it are similar to it.

It’s even easier here! On the upper part of the case there are T.

S, Hour, Min, Al-S buttons.

To set the current time, press T.


long, and then change the readings of the hour by the Hour button and the moment of the minute with the Min button.

By the way, the adjustment of the alarm clock is performed in the same way, only the first thing you should press T.


, but Al.


We set up AMST watches We return to the wristwatch, namely to the AMST brand.

The company producing these hours is Belgian, production is located in China and Taiwan.

AMST watches are attractive to the price level, the reliability of Japanese quartz mechanisms and, most importantly, brutal design in the Military style.

The AMST 3003 model with switch and digital (in the LED-display) indication of time indicates in particular demand.

In addition to the current time, there is also a date, month, alarm and stopwatch.

The setting instructions are more than logical: To install the current time, press the left lower button three times in a row.

Once click the right lower button – this is the transition to the installation mode for minutes.

The right number of times press the right upper button, minutes are ready.

Once again, click the right lower and desired number of times the right upper – now the clock is ready.

One more time on the lower left – they got out of the settings mode.

To set the date and month, we do the same, only according to claim 2 we click on the right lower button more than once, but three times.

We set up the date with the right upper, then (if necessary) once click the right lower and several times the right upper – this is the installation of the month.

And to install the alarm clock, we do everything as for installing the current time, with one exception – pressing the lower lower button according to claim 1 is not three, but two.

By the way, to turn off the alarm clock, just press two right buttons at the same time.

Vitek electronic clock And again from the wrist to the desktop.

Now these are radio martens of the popular Russian brand Vitek.

For example, we take the famous Vitek VT-3514 model.

The clock operates from a household electrical network (from 220 V sockets), show time, number, month and year, have a pair of alarms.

On the control panel, under the display, there are a number of buttons.

Go! Click the Mode button long.

The numbers of the year begin to pulsate on the display.

Install a year using the <> buttons.

Click Mode again.

Pulsation switches to the numbers of the month.

We use the <> buttons.

Again Mode – we work in the same way with the date.

Mode- select the time format, 12- or 24-hour.

All the same Mode – using the <> buttons, set the figure of the hour.

The last time Mode is setting up minutes.

To get out of the installation mode, you should just wait 30 seconds, the clock will return to display the current time themselves.

Note that hours and minutes are visible in this mode; In order to find out the current year, you need to click once <<, and to remember the month and day – press << Twice.

The alarm clock is set up similarly to setting hours and minutes, only instead of Mode is the Al.

Set button is used.

But in addition, you can also set the days of the operation of each of the alarms: after setting the signal time, click Al.

Set again and buttons <> select 1-5 (from Monday to Friday), 1-7 (all week), 6 -7 (Saturday and Sunday), 1-1 (once a week, on the day of installation).

Skmei These are extremely affordable watches of Chinese -made, which have already conquered more than 60 countries of the world.

They are sports in nature, very much resemble Casio G-SHOCK-both in design, and in functionality, and in the declared impact resistance.

Although in water protection they are significantly inferior .



And in relation to the settings, of course, they are extremely similar to the “senior Japanese brother.

” For example, the digital model SKMEI 1019.

It has 5 buttons, but the lower one is the backlight button, and the installation is carried out by sequentially presses of the Mode buttons (lower left, selection of mode), reset (right lower, selection of custom parameter) and Start (right upper right.

, change in the parameter per unit).

Q & Q.

We have already mentioned this Japanese brand: very pretty children’s watches, often just called QQ, which is pronounced as “Cook” – cute and touching.

There are a lot of models, there are a lot of offers for boys (with airplane, cars, etc.

) and for girls (with flowers, stars, dolls).

They are all arden.

Here, for example, the Casual Kids model: three central arrows, large Arabic numbers, flowers on the dial and strap; For configuration, we simply put forward a groove head, rotate it, rearranging the arrows, and pushing it back.

For a child – what you need! The company’s assortment also has models for adults (Superior): as a rule, these are also three -shooters, customized similarly.

This collection also produces hours with indication of the date and day of the week; For their configuration, a groove head is provided not for one click, but by two: in the extreme position, arrows are installed, in the intermediate – calendar indicators (respectively on themselves and on themselves).

Q&K QB51J201Y 2 340 p Q & Q vr41j003y 1 890 p Q & Q vs59J004Y 1 900 p How can you configure a watch from China Chinese products are uncontrollably fill the world, so you can increasingly hear questions about how to use these products.

We won’t answer everything in the world, but let’s say about the clock: the setting of Chinese electronic watches (categorically!) Does not differ from the same hours made in other countries.

The principles are the same, and specifically – instructions from the manufacturers to help you!

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