Why antique Rolex collection is still fraught with risk? The modern Rolex is not the problem?

In recent months, almost every few days, someone asked: “?? Rabbit sister, green water ghost want to buy, buy it DAYTONA it” for half a year ago, I would earnestly to persuade people do not have to chase non-explosion models, now temper early gone, thousands of depression only cemented sentence: “so what money can not buy?” The world can not buy the so-called, they are just not willing to “buy the fare increase,” but in such a transparent market, banking on a few shops abroad will be able to sweep the occasional regular-priced goods, or acquaintances will be able to help ordering, are daydreaming (this does not pit you one time acquaintance already conscience).

Or increase peace of mind to recognize the slaughter, or else give up to find another love, buy a table is so simple.

The so-called entanglement essentially want to make cheap.

Would let us take a look at the latest market.

Rolex green water ghost of you concerned about Chinese public price 70,000 last week, the market price of 84,000 yuan, while the first few days, the price rose to 87,000 yuan, up almost 1000 yuan day.

The flour Di panda, Chinese public price of 95,000 yuan, the current market more than 140,000, 150,000 sensation breakthrough just around the corner ah.

When the rabbit write the text in the second half of last year, the prices were still stuck in more than 70,000 and more than 120,000.

Patek Philippe Nautilus (Nautilus), although the official price increases experienced in March this year, up to 20% (in August and decreased slightly by about 2.

8%), still can not stop the enthusiasm line (actually diluted profit Erdaofanzi), currently 5711 / 1A domestic official price 210,000, 5712 / 1A domestic official price of less than 300,000, but both are market price climbed to around 360,000 (and maybe the price can get so close to fry the rabbit feel very magical).

In fact, he said the two steel screw skyrocketing, there are still twists and turns behind.

In 2006, 5711 and 5712 launch, at the beginning there are small-scale looting tables, such as Zhang Fan, CEO position in 2008 to buy 5712, was already felt not buy because the front row of eight people (now number more than 200 people are minimum, some people 8 years ready to do it).

But then we can not buy is understood as a small circle of chase.

Sure enough, after 5712 the market price fell by the official price of more than 260,000 to around 200,000.

Of course, people really love the table and do not care.

Just who did not think, after 2014 a new round of competition for the wind gradually, but this time not the dealer’s entertainment, but the masses took to kill the real money.

Among them, 5711’s performance even more exaggerated, 2017 a wave of skyrocketing, directly to the public price doubled, and the domestic and international market is very close.

Interestingly, money can not buy steel begins to recover between gold and gold watch, led the surge in demand across the board Nautilus, even if we feel a little less color values ​​of 5726 and 5990 also followed the fire (but pink rabbit say special sense aesthetic changes, and this time think in general, the future perhaps quite taste it), from the current Chinese market, except for two hot, remove people queuing up to 5990 orders.

5980 models are gold or gold between models, but it is the best selling all-gold models.

Rabbit also believes that the Nautilus was perfect with a metal band, to get started, especially docile.

Nautilus will sell at the same time, so that a group of “second best” took aim at the guy shaped like a nautilus grenade (Aquanaut), red grenade lying can represent a loss.

Among them, 5167 is the largest beneficiary, really cheap prices, steel section was more than 130,000.

5164 when the two steel models less than 250,000 is also very attractive, even if a large table diameter of 5168 did not stop the enthusiasm of people to buy, said that in May this year, China has sold out year-round share.

This three grenades were 5167,5164 and 5168 The number of queued Nautilus grenades, although not as large, but also to the 2-year and so on.

The Rolex also rose across the board, the surrounding are affected.

Yesterday spies say so, in addition to green water ghost day a price, the single Red Sea has exceeded 92,000 yuan Chinese official price, but also between the Blue Water Monster to climb all the way, even the green surface Kindi have to more than 220,000.

Goldsmith Blue Kelpie Chinese official price 105,000 yuan, almost before the market price at between 75,000 ~ 78,000 yuan, but recently has exceeded 82,000 yuan.

China has been the highest bid, but once into the hot, bound to the same price and the world price of super Chinese public phenomenon, ghost green water and white Di examples.

Similarly, the blue-black circle Chinese official price 69,300 yuan, the market price has reached 78,000 yuan.

Rabbit two months ago in a domestic Rolex store also see a fixed price and not tying blue-black circle on the goods less than an hour gone.

Such opportunities will become increasingly difficult in the future.

In fact Nautilus good, big explosion models Rolex few worth mentioning, as well as AP Royal Oak, represents the movement of the wind became popular in the younger generation.

After re-sell such as Rolex, Cellini dress wind has been a placid one.

Faced with a whole line of explosion models, we do not chase chase in the end? A major feature of the people, is not to chase chase down, playing the stock market is this routine.

So, chasing explosion models Is it because my heart really like, or feel buy is earned? Because of lack of attention has been deeply poisoned after now been repeatedly brainwashed? Sometimes hard to tell in the end is what led to the “non-buy” mentality, follow the trend of course a lot, because the insurance and high degree of recognition, I’ve seen a lot on the table ignorant, but to scream for a green water ghost because in addition to what he did not know, of course, there may indeed be watching it into the eye.

Consumer psychology is very subtle.

Recently I discovered a very interesting thing, after giving up Nautilus and grenades, it was actually the objective to invest in a small box Casio.

Love me, love the house so far is amazing (of course Casio fans told me it was young feelings, but it does have a lot of people directed and shaped like a nautilus buy).

“We are out of a traitor,” Casio mixed in Nautilus and grenades actually quite in harmony Casio G-shock35 anniversary, a series of small squares.

Small blocks and small silver bullion for example, the Chinese market has been difficult to buy, silver metal band of the domestic 3690 yuan, 4290 yuan and gold, which the market price of silver has exceeded 2,000 yuan, gold pushed up to 8,000 to 10,000 yuan.

It is said that if in the country to buy depends on luck, that is exactly the moment the door there, or are locked out.

These days, the group discussion Casio, I actually have in mind flashed “buy a play,” the idea, but fortunately looked at his Nautilus, he took a deep breath and calm down.

So we can understand the birth of the explosion models.

Small groups of word of mouth, influence each other, to gradually spread, or try to follow suit, it will certainly drive the wave of enthusiasm.

Follow the trend of removing factors, many times to become explosion models, but also because of the depth of interaction between people and tables.

If we have been immersed in some kind of atmosphere, for certain products very deep understanding, goodwill naturally wells up, because to know and love, this is a natural advantage.

As to not chase chase? Rabbits are not easily recommended buy price increase, unless more money will not care or do not buy sleep.

From the current market view, taking advantage of Rolex as well as some popular Chinese official price does not exceed, might ease domestic line, PP too, Nautilus or heartless money to buy gold, or peace of mind queuing grenades, two or three years is not long, a snap of the fingers play room only.

In fact, from the rabbit to master data, the Nautilus past two years China’s supply almost doubled, just demand too much, far short of demand Bale.

I have to guess the future to deal with several major brands.

Such as Rolex or to increase production, or increase the price, otherwise the state will last long (Chinese N-tier cities there are a lot of people did not buy it).

As for PP, in accordance with the tradition of the previous cut-off explosion models, 5711 and 5712 for 12 years, one day a sudden halt as no surprise, there are always new alternatives old, can not be selected under the buy will still buy.

But the rabbit would like to say is actually on the market in addition to the popular series, there are many hidden explosion models.

For example, a few years ago recommended the rabbit Snoopy Omega Speedmaster limited edition, more than 50,000 public price, this year at Christie’s spring pat out more than 140,000 yuan.

Second, last year’s Miss Coco Chanel J12 version (MADEMOISELLE J12), 5 Wanduo official price, but also sold more than 140,000.

On the premium force, absolutely first class (rabbit because of the poor, lost two major explosion models).

Therefore, we wish to put an eye-opener, to find possible future good table.

For example, Omega Speedmaster is I am very optimistic of a series of encounters like the limited edition worth winning.

I wanted to upgrade to the consumer end of this topic, but the network statement yesterday and talking with sails, I specifically checked the value of M2 over the past decade, four times, it means that on the basis of inflation, we timidly, chase on the table could not afford 10 years ago.

What happens next? Taking advantage of his pocket money there, enjoy the moment now.

Gossip rabbit only original, welcome to forward!

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