Why am I alone pay attention to the Rolex bracelet

I know a know a little table, but do not know much of the Friends table Chow.

He came to a shock after the conclusion of the watch slightly: Universal Movement TMD is full of garbage, buy a table have to buy the self-produced movement.

Therefore, the election of a watch, he just look at those who watch with self-produced movement.

In the eyes of Mr.

Zhou, general movements are garbage Soon, Mr.

Zhou took aim at Switzerland D card.

D high-profile brand, not low-grade, very much in line Chow Love “loaded to force” personality.

According to D brand of propaganda, it several years ago to have the ability to self-produced movement, also set up a watchmaking workshop.

We can see from some publicity photographs, D brand Workshops sunset thrown holy glory, wearing a “white coat” watchmaker crafted work of art as polished as the start of the movement.

Chow suddenly poisoned, went straight to the Shanghai store brand of D, say want to buy a mouth using self-produced movement D brand watch.

Originally sullenly, as if no one owe her money like sales, suddenly miraculously bright smile, quickly took out the watch from behind the counter and told Chow, this table is exactly the brand has just launched last year D The new movement.

Chow thought, of course, the new movement better than the old movement, but also produce their own brand, and certainly can not go wrong.

After comparing several different styles, he was on the spot credit card pay.

Wearing a few days and found it a little big table errors, 20 seconds faster day.

Chow that table by magnetic, so he went to a special sale, the results have not been told by magnetic watch, fast 20 seconds is normal.

After a period of time and wear, Mr.

Zhou found that the table always stop and go, go sale several times, the problem is not completely resolved.

This time he was depressed, spend tens of thousands to buy the self-produced movement of the watch, wondering if this piece of bird-like? I believe D brand of self-produced movement, this big loss Chow painful to buy a table has taught us: in fact, grown movement is not as propaganda was so beautiful.

Before the division of the Swiss watch industry is very clear.

Honestly do make movement of the movement, the case seriously do make the case, so hard to do dial dial, we are only their fair share of things in their respective fields is an expert.

The vast majority of brands do not have the ability to produce movement, usually bought from outside polished movement assembly.

Swiss watch industry had always pay attention to the division of labor It is this cooperation division of labor, so that each part of the watch have reached a very high standard, and thus the overall quality is very good.

Now we rush to engage in self-produced movement, on the one hand and stop for about ETA movement, the other is for commercial profit considerations.

While some look down on the table Friends of the ETA movement, but we need to understand, but very fast hardware ETA “movement specialist.

” It is accurate and stable, it win the vast majority of self-produced movement.

ETA movement factory history can be traced to the late 18th century.

Long years, ETA movement factory “annexation” a lot of movement factory was well-known, such as Valjoux, AS and Unitas, etc.

, continue to grow and develop.

In the 1980s, ETA movement factory was acquired by the Swatch Group, the Group obtained full support, it is more powerful.

Rolex used in all self-produced movement, its movement quality has been recognized by many of the Friends table ETA7750 is very classic chronograph movement Before very long period of time, ETA in fact, not how to assemble their own finished goods movement, but to provide ebauche.

ebauche the French word translated into Chinese is the meaning of semi-finished movement, mainly refers to the complete set of the cartridge assembly.

The semi-finished movement ETA subcontracted to different movements assembly plant, allowing them to complete the final assembly of the finished product movement.

In these movements assembly plants, both we are now more familiar Sellita, there are not too familiar with the Soprod and La Joux-Perret and so on.

ETA and those who act in harmony movement factory, no problem, this situation continued until the 1990s.

In order to control their own movement, finished assembly, with the support of the Swatch Group, ETA built a lot of movement, assembly plant, and gradually began to get all aspects of their own movement.

Blancpain Villeret series watch After 10 years of development, these movements assembly plant has been able to satisfy the required sales of the watch.

Thus, the Swatch Group announced in 2002, will gradually reduce and eventually stop the supply of ETA Movement brand to outside groups.

This caused a lot of movement, assembly plant and brand discontent.

In fact until today, for various reasons, the Swatch Group has not completely stopped outside for the ETA movement.

It is apparent that many outside of our brands are now getting downright to ETA movement.

Used to the movement of the ETA brand those who, before the road no more than two, one is the use of alternatives to ETA movement, such as Sellita.

As a former ETA assembly plants and foundries, Sellita’s movement can be seen as a replica of the basic ETA movement; the other is to have self-produced movement.

Carl Brashear limited edition chronograph movement when using Sellita Howley In contrast, the first road easier to walk, but still can not get rid of dependence on the movement of plants.

If one day Sellita whim, also announced a reduction movement, supply, or wanton prices, the brand will have trouble.

Moreover, since the movement of the initiative is not in their own hands, the brand can not control the movement of costs and profits, seemed to be somewhat passive.

So, there are many brands to choose the second path, its own research and development movement.

Regardless of the quality movement, as long as developed on the line.

Self-produced movement can not only get rid of dependence on the movement of plants, showing the brand’s “professional”, but also to control their own costs and profits of the movement, and is conducive to the promotion of business, the end result is to sell a watch good price.

For this reason, in recent years a variety of self-produced movement everywhere.

We certainly can not beat him to death, they say that these movements will not work, but at least a fair amount of self-produced movement quality may not be very strong.

Behind Omega coaxial movement to attain self-produced, but also credit ETA movement factory After all, industry specializing in surgery.

People ETA movement factory has many years of accumulation and deep foundation in the manufacture of the movement, ETA movement has also been a long-term market testing, to get the support of so many brand speaks for itself it reliable.

And before some of the watch brand experience in terms of making the movement of essentially zero, or only a few years of experience, how can and historic “movement old driver” compared to what? Most will work hard fills in the unique and polished decoration movement.

So, we can say with certainty that it is accurate in terms of stability, more than 90% spike grown movement ETA movement.

9S using mechanical movement of Seiko Grand Seiko’s high-end brand Of course, some self-produced movement is good, such as Rolex 3135 movement, Omega coaxial movement to perfection, Patek Philippe’s 324SC movement, Seiko 9S movement and so on.

The common feature of these brands are very strong R & D capabilities, the industry itself is “professional players”, the self-produced movement after years of market testing, the overall quality trustworthy.

Watch is not a mobile phone, mobile phone operating system replacement is very fast, this year launched a new version of the operating system, after a couple of years behind the times.

But watch different, not to say that a new movement must be better than the old movement.

Such cases abound.

The new movement must go through the market test.

There is a saying: the advent of any new movement, was after 10 years of market testing can indicate whether truly reliable.

Perhaps 10 years of this period a little exaggerated, but at least the importance of testing the market for a new movement from the side.

The kind of R & D strength is not strong brand, has just launched a new movement, the quality is really hard to say exactly how.


Zhou’s experience illustrates the problem.

Of course, any brand of home sales will not say that they are not good enough movement, from the business point of view, we should understand that.

But, we ourselves need to keep their eyes open carefully analyze what the movement is the real movement reliable judgment.

As this movement is a universal movement, outsourcing movement, or self-produced movement, in fact, less important.

To put it plainly, we are wearing the watch, but also need to focus on the overall design and quality of the watch, one-sided pursuit of self-produced movement, sometimes only hand in an expensive tuition.

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