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Why are the wedding rings gold, not silver Silver wedding rings: what the Church says Church requirements for rings Pros and cons of silver engagement rings Is it possible to wear silver engagement rings according to signs Should I buy silver engagement rings? Types of silver engagement rings Interesting facts about silver Today very often young people try to violate the rules that have developed in our society for a very long time.

If earlier everyone was afraid to step even half a step to the right or to the left, as they knew that they would not understand the society or their parents would be put down.

There are no barriers today for freethinkers.

This also affected the issue of marriage symbols.

Often young people began to ask a question, can the wedding ring be silver? On the one hand, answer: no.

We are used to everyone signed with gold products.

But on the other hand, this is just our habit, or another answer: gold, because everyone does it.

However, let’s figure out in detail whether it is possible to wear silver engagement rings, which the church says, as folk wisdom looks at it.

Why are the wedding rings gold, not silver There are many different answers and stories to this question.

Let us dwell on the most common.

If we talk about the post -Soviet space and urban areas, then the rule plays here: everyone is accustomed to sign with the golden rings.

Such was the tradition of people.

And as you know, in the Union, people were simply afraid to deviate from the rules.

The people lived on the principle: it is better not to stick out.

The MOSE MOSE were, the easier it was for them to live.

If you remember the same times, but in the village, then few people had money for gold jewelry.

Most often they took silver in gilding.

Fashionable and not so expensive? A little earlier the situation was even more critical.

If today most people live approximately with the same income.

Earlier, the difference between the rich and the poor was incredibly feasible.

More wealthy were married to gold.

People are modest – with silver.

And the poor could generally cost wooden rings.

But still, the bridegroom tried to give gold or silver to the bride.

Why? It was believed that if something happens to the breadwinner in the family, then from the sale of the ring, the mother will be able to feed her children at least for some time.

In general, the tradition of putting on each other wedding rings from plants and skin is known in ancient Egypt.

Due to the fragility, they were replaced by ivory and various metals.

The Israelis were the former to use gold to make wedding accessories.

Israel was the province of the Roman Empire, and this custom spread throughout Europe.

An exception in those days was Greece.

And the Greeks still produce engines made of silver for women and gold for men.

Since the XII century, the ritual of exchanging the engagement rings has become a church tradition and part of the wedding ceremony, which symbolizes marriage before God.

Both spouses did not always wear them.

In Europe, it was a prerogative of women.

When the husband went to war, his wife’s decoration was ritually torn in half so that each spouses could have part of him with him.

After the First World Wedding, wedding silver products began to wear men on the ring finger of the left hand, because from there it flows right in the heart.

Hence the saying “Vena amoris”, which is translated “Life in heart love”.

On their left hand they are worn in France, Ireland, Great Britain, Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Slovenia, Turkey, Brazil, Egypt, Mexico, the USA and Canada.

But in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and in many other European countries, a hoop is customary to wear on his right hand.

On the left hand, this jewelry symbolizes widowhood.

Silver wedding rings: what the Church says The wedding rings have been used in the church during the sacrament of the wedding since ancient times.

Previously, in accordance with ancient traditions, jewelry was made from different materials.

The groom had a gold ring, and the bride’s ring was silver.

Where do the legs grow from? The priority says that the Apostle Paul considered a marriage to the relationship of Christ and the Church, a sanctified church, and therefore it is believed that according to church canons in marriage, a man personifies Christ, and a woman – a church.

It is from this that the difference in the materials used for the manufacture of the wedding rings.

Symbolizes the divine glory of Christ gold, and silver symbolizes heavenly grace, purity and spiritual light.

Now the rings for the rite are bought the same or with a variety of jewelry, which is completely not prohibited by church charters.

Thus, a man and a woman once again emphasize their equality in a marriage, which was not until the 19th century.

Nowadays, silver engagement rings for both spouses are often bought for church wedding, while gold is used for the ceremony in the registry office.

The rectors of some temples even insist on silver symbols of love and fidelity.

When planning a wedding, specify what your wedding rings should be for a priest.

Church requirements for rings Jewelry for going to church, ministers recommend acquiring quite modest and simple in execution, without excessive elaborate elements and expensive stones.

You can apply the words of prayer on the inside of the product.

The wedding rings on the right hand on the ring finger have long been worn, justifying this by the fact that it is through this finger that the artery leading to the heart flows.

But the church does not present strict requirements for the wedding rings, so jewelers create very beautiful and original jewelry for the newlyweds.

After all, rings for the wedding will serve as a reminder of the married couple for a long time and testify to mutual feelings.

Sokolov 94110001_S 1 210 p Sokolov 94110002_S 2 570 p Pros and cons of silver engagement rings To make a balanced decision on the choice of metal, evaluate the pros and cons of silver models.

The pluses of silver engagement rings: affordable price; It is impossible to distinguish from white gold during a cursory examination; do not cause allergies; fashionable; Scientists often talk about the benefits of constant wearing such products.

Silver has a yellowish tint.

To give beautiful white color and cold radiance, a thin layer of another precious metal is applied to it – Rodium.

Rodeeing not only changes appearance, but also saves metal from scratches and darkening.

The layer of Rodium abrasions over time.

In this regard, they often ask us a question: is it possible to wear silver engagement rings without removing? Yes, the birth is easy to restore, this is a standard service of jewelry workshops.

Cons of wedding rings made of silver: Worse than gold transfer daily wearing due to their softness; Precious stones are almost never straightened with silver – there is a high risk of their loss; will last an average of no more than 7 .



10 years; The range of engagements from this alloy is much already than that of gold models.

It should be noted that, despite the low cost of silver, it will be expensive to make a unique exclusive ring on order, because the price will include the price of creating a sketch, developing a 3D model model, and other work.

Therefore, if the main reason for the purchase is the desire to save, choose finished products.

Well, to give them individuality, you can apply an engraving.

Is it possible to wear silver engagement rings according to signs Some people are categorically against silver engagement rings.

How do they explain it? At all times, and all the peoples of the world, the engagement ring was and is a beautiful symbol of love.

Like this feeling, it is endless.

It is difficult to destroy it.

That is why engagement rings personify the inextricability of marriage.

Often silver rings wear pairs that are not always married, but engaged.

This is a premarital symbol confirming a romantic recognition in noble love and devotion.

Silver engagement rings are put on the ring finger of the right hand to emphasize the presence of the second half, and from gold – as a symbol of eternal passion.

Silver is a symbol of purity.

Many couples believe that it is this alloy that is able not only to kill microbes in water, but also to withdraw negative energy from relationships.

They say that silver jewelry is cleaned by the aura, diverted from betrayal and separation, help a person concentrate only on positive emotions.

That is why couples prefer to wear a wedding ring made of silver.

In ancient Slavic culture, there are several interesting opinions about silver engagements: Silver rings are amulets, and the purpose of silver engagement rings is to protect love and strengthen relationships.

It is believed that these jewelry absorb all the negativity in the way to a person.

Silver is a symbol of wisdom.

And in family life, this quality is extremely necessary.

Under the protection and protection of the moon is a couple, which chose the symbols of its union of silver ring.

Silver, as well as gold, is a symbol of prosperity.

Dreaming to live not only in love and harmony, but also in financial well -being, many couples choose for themselves engagement silver rings with gilding.

Should I buy silver engagement rings? If you want to buy a silver ring for your painting, but mom, dad or grandmother are against it, then we have a wonderful argument for your situation.

Every year the number of pairs is growing that exchange not gold, but with silver rings.

Catalogs of wedding jewelry and jewelry shelves have a sufficient selection of such products.

Fashion, including the wedding, is changing more and more, and many traditions are no longer tied to such execution as before.

Today, no one is surprised by the bride in a wedding dress of a different color, the bridegroom in an everyday suit, DJ playing modern music at the wedding or marrying a woman even after a dozen years of relationship and three children.

Silver engagement rings – everything is more fashionable and more fashionable.

Moreover, the choice of silver instead of gold rings is not at all surprising.

Moreover: more modern couples sometimes even decide to make tattoos instead of wedding rings.

Popures of a well -known saying, we can say that each couple is uniqueness.

And an individual approach to the wedding bypasses all previously existing rules.

Types of silver engagement rings If you have already decided on the metal, then let’s find out what kind of hoop of silver there are: Perfectly smooth, with mirror polishing, without additional decor and inserts – laconic elegant classics; Silver engagements with engraving – design with a special secret meaning.

Come up with the most beautiful idea for inscriptions on wedding rings; Blagling rings are processing, thanks to which jewelry acquires a special strict style with black areas; Silver engagement rings with gilding.

Among the advantages of such a choice is the price, because it will be significantly lower than jewelry made of pure gold.

The gilded engagement rings are suitable for both the civilian ceremony and for the church ceremony of the wedding.

And silver engagement rings with gilding coated can be interpreted as a harmonious connection of the female and male principles: the “lunar” metal in combination with “sunny” – natural harmony for a strong family union; Silver engagement rings with golden inserts are a choice for those who like the combined metal color and contrasting combinations.

And such accessories are easy to mix with other jewelry: silver or gold in red or white.

Interesting facts about silver If you didn’t know, then remember that there were times when gold was considered “cheap” and its cost was much lower than the price of silver.

But with the “lunar” metal, at one time, a very understandable trouble occurred – inflation.

That is, simply put, there was too much silver.

This happened in those distant times when brave conquistadors won South America.

On the new continent there were huge deposits of this metal, which the enterprising conquerors sent to Europe and sold there.

The scale of the operation was amazing: at a time there were several ships to the top at once by silver.

So gradually the proposal became higher than demand, which means that the lovely metal itself, alas, has depreciated.

Since the distant pore, the situation has become the way we know it: on average, silver today is 5-8 times cheaper than gold.

Now you know for sure the answer to the question: are there silver engagement rings and whether it is possible to wear them.

In the end I want to say only one thing: do the way you want.

If you plan to buy silver products, then let it be so.

Today no one has the right to condemn you.

The modern world is much different from the society of 30 years ago.

Now everyone leads such a way of life that they like, and act as they want.

In marriage, the main thing is not how your engagement ring shines, but what relations have developed between you and your spouse.

So be happy.

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