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1-1941b & 1-1940A 1-2025i 1-2117h 1-2001g 42-7n Contrary to widespread opinion, modern elegance has a bold character and a rather unpredictable mood that Jacques Lemans accurately read, and then skillfully embodied in unique time products.

Another undoubtedly important achievement of a brand with a 40-year history is the ability to observe the highest quality standards, holding affordable prices.

In each of its work, Jacques Lemans combines a bright personality, high -class assembly and the use of innovative technologies, which allows the company to maintain an impeccable reputation for decades and get customer trust in more than 120 countries of the world.

Consider several models as a kind of landmark.

1-1941b & 1-1940A Jacques Lemans 1-1940A 31 970 p Jacques Lemans 1-1941b 42 670 p The laconic, but extremely practical quartz chronograph in a rectangular case made of solid stainless steel has an expressive personality and exemplary strength.

Embodying the highest quality standards, the product follows the ideals of a modern minimalist style that will not change over time: thanks to the use of high -tech ceramics, the clock for a long time retain the perfect appearance and functionality.

The versatility of the model confirms its division into female and male versions, which differ in the size and shade of color accents.

1-2025i Jacques Lemans 1-2025i 20 760 p The exemplary representative of the classical aesthetics of the brand, which was reflected in the case of strong stainless steel with a spectacular coating of pink gold and a flexible bracelet of the Milan weaving.

A special fluorescent composition that covers the clocks of the clock allows you to determine the time even in the dark, and the shock -resistant mineral glass Crystex significantly increases their reliability even in the most extreme situations.

The case when the form corresponds to the filling and organically complements it, turning a stylish accessory into an indispensable assistant for every day.

1-2117h Jacques Lemans 1-2117h 25 690 p A good example of how amazing color performance changes and refreshes a rather restrained classic design.

The noble combination of a deep chocolate with emerald color emphasizes the expressive personality of the model, which will never lose its relevance.

The functionality of the product deserves special attention: a chronomer with a stopwatch and a tachimeter, luminescent backlight, as well as increased water resistance.

The model represents the sports collection of the brand and easily adapts to any everyday style.

1-2001g Jacques Lemans 1-2001g 11 180 p A bright female model is embodied in elegant proportions and an unusual silhouette with an emphasis on carefully worked out details.

The classic case made of durable stainless steel with a diameter of 36 mm frams a beautiful dial made of mother -of -pearl of black, and completes the original hourly composition of the soft radiance of Swarovski crystals.

An excellent design solution is the bracelet of the Milan weaving, which balances the style and decorates the model with a shade of timeless elegance.

42-7n Jacques Lemans 42-7n 27 990 p

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