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What is she, April personality? The main mineralogical amulet of Martha is diamond Minerals -dalismans for women born in April – Aries Minerals amulets for men – Aries born in April April minerals for women and men – Taurus April-stage stones corresponding to birthdays Behind the beauties of minerals, something more is hidden – the force accumulated in their “bodies” with billions of years.

Like every person needs a special mineral in order to realize their natural potential, so the stone can be revealed energetically only for a certain personality – mutually beneficial relations.

We tell you what minerals will become energy talismans born in April.

What is she, April personality? April people are persistent, decisive and purposeful, knowing what they want and how to achieve it.

They are realists who know how to look at everyday things and events without “pink glasses”.

Both the guy and the girl born in April are real fighters for justice and his own happiness.

Nature endowed these people with excellent organizational abilities.

April woman and man can and can lead other people, but do not accept when they try to lead them.

The personalities born in April are often too frank with their surroundings.

But, at the same time, they do not like when they are advised or introduced into their personal space.

As for love relationships, it is very difficult for April people to look for their second halves.

But if there is a person sharing their views, lifestyle and hobbies, such a union will be extremely strong.

The personalities of April are quite active in everyday life, but prefer stability both in work and in relations.

In order that the stability of the April people was not violated in anything, in everyday life they need their own estate, a stone-talisman, which will be responsible for its preservation.

What suits people born in April in mineralogically? What minerals will be lucky with them? We will tell further.

The main mineralogical amulet of Martha is diamond The main stone of people born in April – diamond is the hardest natural mineral on the planet.

Its density is 3.

5 g/cm3, hardness – 10 out of 10 indicators on the Moos scale.

Due to the high refractive index and severe dispersion, the main stone of April of the month has the brightest brilliance and a magnificent “color game” in the cut.

The stone of people born in April – diamond – in addition to its colorless state, can be yellow, brown, red, blue, green, black and gray.

These colors of the robbed diamond – diamond – are called fantasy.

Diamond is a charm from depressive states.

The stone helps people on April calm down, reduces all fears and stress to minimum.

Thanks to the diamond, its owners become stronger and more resilient, self -confident, because of which they achieve great success in life.

Diamonds inspire people of April to travel and study the world, the constant discovery of something new in life.

With this mineral, attention will always be concentrated on what is needed, the performance of the brain and the whole organism as a whole will improve.

Sokolov 6035011_S 9 600 p Sokolov 87010026_S 990 p Silver of Russia S6-588RR110-1043167 1 690 p Minerals -dalismans for women born in April – Aries According to astronomineralalogists, minerals of the red-orange color scheme can become the excellent representatives of the Aries sign with good talismans.

Pyrop-a red variety of grenade with a hardness of 6.


5 points on the scale of Moos-will become a stone of strength and passion, from which women can be fed by life and love energy.

Catolic-a red-red variety of chalcedon with firmness in MOOS in 6.


5 indicators-will protect against stress and mental shocks, contribute to return love, give the world to family relations.

Jasper-a red-brown mineral of a group of silicates with firmness according to MOOS in 6.

5-7 values-will free the body from negative energy, protect against bad views, and warn against rash acts.

Also as mineralogical amulets for women – Aries can act: Mountain crystal is a transparent variety of quartz with firmness in Moos of 7 points, which will help to build and establish an emotional female background.

This is within the power of a robbed diamond; Yellow sapphire – a type of corundum mineral with a firmness of 9 points on the Moos scale, which will give the nature of confidence, will help to reveal the best personality traits; The zircon is the mineral of the subgroup of island silicates with hardness according to MOOS at 7-8 points, which will support the woman in good shape, help to develop intuition, and warn against loneliness.

Minerals amulets for men – Aries born in April Experts distinguish: as Aries stones for men – Aries: Pyrite is a mineral from a sulfide class with firmness in Moos of 6-6.

5 points.

He will help a man reach large heights in his career, with his help, hopeless situations will be resolved with minimal losses, any goals will be achieved, dreams will be fulfilled.

Amethyst – a violet variety of quartz with hardness in MOOS in 7 indicators – will provide happiness in personal life, reveal creative abilities.

Obsidian – a variety of volcanic glass with firmness on MOOS of 5 points – will help to develop ingenuity and intuition, teach restraints, gives high performance and mental balance.

Red varieties of corundum and grenade will become universal mascans to men.

They will give representatives of the sign a large charge of positive energy for every day, luck in love.

The diamond will change the black stripes of life to white, give good luck, raise the spirit and everyday emotional mood.

April minerals for women and men – Taurus April not so many days, but the stones-stones-stones, shared it very generously, even generously.

Among them are minerals such as: Sapphire is a blue variety of corundum with firmness in Moos of 9 points.

The stone will help to become more collected, harmonious, more conscious in life, relieve great fears, will always help to be in a stable emotional state.

Vesna Jewelry 3198-251-10-00 4 810 p Vesna Jewelry 4417-151-10-00 13 540 p Sokolov 88020002_S 1 910 p Amazonite – a bluish -green type of microclin with a hardness of 6 values ​​on the Moos scale – will give a clear mind, balanced solutions, and will set up a positive way.

Tourmaline – a burglar -containing aluminosilite with firmness according to Moos at 7-7.

5 points – will inspire creativity, will help not to lose the youth of the spirit, targets an increase in welfare, establishing the necessary contacts.

Aventurine – a type of quartzite with hardness in MOOS in 7 indicators – will help to bring any business to the end, inspire interesting ideas, attract profit and good acquaintances, increase the self -esteem of its owner.

Malachite – a mineral, which is the main carbonate of copper with firmness in MOOS at 3.

5-4 points – will protect from problems and negative external influences.

The emerald – the mineral of the beryl group of stones with firmness in Moos of 7.

5-8 points – will set up for conquering all life goals, will help to take the right steps in business and personal life, fill its owner with special magnetism and attractiveness, and give days of joy and fun.

April-stage stones corresponding to birthdays Each representative of the month of April has a special stone by date of birth.

Amethysts, pyropes and compassion will become special minerals from April 1 to 11 to April 1 to 11.

Diamonds, zircons and yellow sapphires will become the main minerals of April 12 to April 20, April 12 to April 20.

And to those who were born from April 21 to 30 are Amazonites and adventurines.

The choice of minerals should also be treated responsibly as the choice of friends.

And in this search, it is important to be guided not only by the developed classifications and methods of selecting stones, but also by the heart.

The minerals to which you are located with all your heart will be absolutely happy and good luck to every day of life.

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