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14816Jlu/02A and TBL.

14816JLB/02 TBL.

14816JLBN/07 TBL.

15249JS/02 TBL.

15942JSBN/13 Not a step behind a step from a rapidly developing fashionable reality, the brand-creator of the cult boots could not bypass and time.

Revealing the new values ​​of extraordinary versatility, Timberland presented their, not without uniqueness, a vision of a watch with a high level of reliability and an excellent sense of style.

We offer not to pass by the hourly products created with great respect for all kinds of manifestations of individuality and the desire to stand out, but to get acquainted with models that have every chance of becoming the main acquisition of this season, along with the most convenient sand -colored boots in the world.


14816Jlu/02A and TBL.

14816JLB/02 Timberland TBL.

14816JLB/02 18 600 p Timberland TBL.

14816Jlu/02A 13 150 p The personification of a laconic style with a vintage mood and the maximum functional .

In addition to freedom of self-expression, the model offers a 12 and 24-hour time format, simultaneously displaying the indicators of two time zones and 50Wr water protection, which is enough to easily wait out the autumn rain.

The clock corresponds to the principles of an active life position with its constant desire for movement and non -stop development, as well as easily adapt to any style preferences within the framework of an everyday image.

The Henniker II collection involves several color performances of the model, the most universal of which are the iconic Timberland colors – a deep chocolate shade of the classic sample and a cult sand, repeating the palette of those very boots.


14816JLBN/07 Timberland TBL.

14816JLBN/07 18 600 p The obvious vintage sound of another model of the Henniker II series is emphasized by the color performance of the strap and beige dial.

Such a design solution allows the product to organically complement completely any everyday outfit, without distracting attention from the individual style of its owner and in no way overshooting it.

In addition to a recognizable style, we note the accuracy and strength of the clock – a reliable Japanese mechanism hidden under mineral glass beats in their heart.

The ideal ratio of visual aesthetics, expressive personality and functionality, which will always be useful to modern discoverers and adventurers.


15249JS/02 Timberland TBL.

15249JS/02 17 870 p A reliable companion and a faithful assistant during long travels.

In addition to visual attractiveness and stylistic versatility, which allows you to wear this watch without removing, the product has a number of useful functions.

For example, with a simultaneous display of the time of two time zones, as well as the presence of a calendar indicating the number and day of the week.

The product is easily combined with any other accessories and, thanks to the observance of the highest quality standards, is not amenable to premature temporary changes and rapid wear.


15942JSBN/13 A fairly powerful and extremely reliable hourly structure is enclosed in a stainless steel case, which personifies the courageous nature and high performance of the clock.

The dial decorated with a volumetric logo of the brand contains the date of the date, as well as the simultaneous display of the time of several time zones.

The characteristic style and special attention to the development of the smallest details, according to the highest quality standards, remains unchanged.

Thanks to such a responsible attitude, the product will not lose either its relevance or functionality.

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