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Once the things that we got from previous generations caused bewilderment at best, and neglect in the worst.

But today the rules of the game have changed! Accessories and jewelry from the past have become the main trend of the present.

Remember, his disappointment, when in his student years, a grandmother instead of a “normal gift” handed you a set with the Baltic amber, bought in the 60s? So, forget it! It’s time to get this jewelry treasure from the bowels of its casket, because from now on the ability to wear retro-decoration is an indicator of your delicate taste.

How to determine real vintage, antiques, rarity To begin with, let’s figure out concepts, because vintage and antiques, it turns out, are by no means synonyms.

Vintage jewelry is jewelry or jewelry over 20-30 years old, which were popular in the era in which they were created.

Antique jewelry-cannot be younger than 50-60 years.

Such jewelry differs not only by respectable age, but also by artistic value and high cost of materials.

However, depending on the geo-radiation, the definitions may change slightly.

So, for example, in Russia and the UK antique decorations over 50 are considered, in the USA – made until 1830, and in Canada until 1847.

Another definition of ancient jewelry is distinguished – “rare.

” Rare decorations are the rarest, exclusive products created either in a limited series or even in a single copy.

Each vintage or antique decoration tells its story, immerses in a distant era.

Such products have incredible energy and store the mysterious secrets of the past.

What should you pay attention to when choosing vintage, antique decorations Exclusivity, limited collection One of the main features of the value of the vintage product is its uniqueness and rarity.

This is explained simply: the technology of the mass market (that is, stamping of the same or very similar models) came to us relatively recently, which means that earlier almost all jewelry was performed by very small circulations or even completely incessantly.

If you have the same brooch in several executions, then most likely this is a fake for antiques.

The older the decoration, the more exclusive it is.


Cost Antique jewelry or vintage jewelry, by definition, cannot be cheap.

The price of such products consists of several main factors: Decoration material.

For example, plastic of the 70s is much better than modern Chinese plastic.

In addition, there are metal alloys that manufacturers no longer use.


Antique precious and semiprecious stones grow in price over the years, especially if they have a rare cut or cleanliness.

And even Swarovski crystals are only valued over time, due to their popularity and quality.


It is already clear here: the older – the more expensive.

A couple of decades and vintage decoration passes into the category of antique, which affects its price tag.


The more influential, famous and more expensive a jewelry house that performed the decoration, the higher its cost will be.

The decoration price is one of the key factors when buying an old product.

Yes, miracles happen, and in the flea market in Paris you can find the Christian Dior bracelet in the 70s in the 50s in the 50s of the euros in the heaps of garbage.

However, a truly valuable antiques will never be set below expert estimated value.

Assessment of the cost of decoration is a huge job that begins with the collection of all information about the product, its creator, era, previous owners.

Yes, if the brooch on which you laid your eyes once wore Grace Kelly, it will cost many times more.

Buying antique decoration is a serious investment, because you invest money not just in an accessory, but in an object of art, which will only get price over time.


The presence of the status “Book Piece” Decorations “Book Piece” are products published in the vintage jewelry catalog.

Such a marking on the product guarantees quality and eliminates the risk of buying a fake.

In vintage catalogs, jewelry is published that have passed a strict, expert selection.

The most famous and authoritative of them include: “Warman’s Jewelry: Identification & Price Guide”, “American Costume Jewelry: Art and Industry”.

These books include a large period of the history of jewelry, a description of styles and directions.

In addition, you can be guided by catalogs of famous Christie’s or Sotheby’s.

Pay attention to the term “Costume Jewelry” – this is a rarity jewelry that is especially valued and for many antiques hunters is no less cherished prey than real jewelry.


Metal To understand what color and quality of metal have vintage jewelry, it is enough to compare them with a cheap Chinese mass market.

To see the difference, you do not need to be an expert or a specialist.

Jewelry until the 80s are never bright yellow; Their shade is more muffled, bright.

In addition, if the decoration is light by weight, then you have a modern sample.

Products created before the 90s are quite heavy, as certain alloys of metals (zinc, dodgy and others) were used.

Modern jewelry is easier, usually made of aluminum.


Scheme, marking, quality certificate All vintage products are characterized by their own marking and stigma.

The most expensive and exclusive models are attached to a quality certificate that reflects the cost of decoration and the presence of precious inserts.

But the rules of marking concern not only expensive jewelry, but also jewelry.

The most famous example is Chanel jewelry.

Jewelry of the world -famous brand is a tidbit for any collector, designer or stylist, so they love to fake them so much.

At the very first jewelry collections of Chanel, alas, alas, was not put, and therefore it is difficult to determine their authenticity.

Since the 70s, the new owner of the Chanel House Alain Wertimer was puzzled by the issue of registering the Khanel trademark.

From the 70s to the 80s, all the brand jewelry had a record with the inscription “Chanel” with copyright and registration signs, the famous SS logo and the inscription “Made in France”.

In the 80s, the Chanel management decided to add the date of manufacturing decorations to the record, but the inscription “Made in France” disappeared.

From the beginning of the 90s to this day, the marking of Chanel jewelry looks like this: The copyright sign and registration signs take their place near the Chanel inscription, as well as the inscription “Made in France” located below, the SS logo surrounded on the one hand, surrounded by two digits, which indicate the year, and on the other – one letter , which denotes the season: p (spring) or a (autumn).

Important! Do not confuse Chanel jewelry with Chanel Novelty Company jewelry.

These are two completely different brands! Later Chanel Novelty Co.

were renamed in Reinad Novelty.


The appearance of the jewelry Each vintage or antique decoration stores a story that leaves its traces.

If you have an ideal decoration without scuffs and scratches, smooth and polished, then most likely this is a fake.

Traces of time are the main distinguishing feature of antiques.

Yes, the decoration can be slightly restored (for example, clips can be equipped with modern silicone pads on the locks), but in general, vintage jewelry looks old, and they are rough and uneven to the touch.

The most famous and desired “vintage” brands The most famous “vintage” jewelry brands, those whose products are hunted by stylists and collectors, include: Askew London, Boucher, Carolee, Carven, Chanel, Christian Dior, Coro, Fendi, Givenchy, Hattie Carnegie, Joan Rivers Lane, Kenzo, Kramer, London, Miriam Haskell, Napier, Nalan Miller, Nina Ricci, Schiaparelli, Schreiner, St.

John, Trifari, Yves Saint Laurent, Versace.

Each of the brands, in addition to proprietary marking and stigma, has its own unique handwriting and style.

Among the Soviet manufacturers of jewelry, one can distinguish: “Russian gems”, the Kostroma jewelry plant, the Bronnitsky jewelry plant, the Riga jewelry plant, and the Sverdlovsk jewelry plant.

In addition, jewelry from Czechoslovakia was popular.

Such jewelry will probably be found in your mother or grandmother’s box.

Where to buy antique decorations Antique salon, vintage store The most common and simple way to buy vintage decoration.

As a rule, antique stores care about their reputation and guarantee the quality and authenticity of the goods offered.

In addition, in an offline store you can carefully consider the product you are going to purchase.

Flea markets The flea markets have their own romance.

Going to such a place, you seem to go hunting for the desired prey.

Envalrity markets in Europe are especially popular.

Here no one guarantees you the authenticity and quality of the goods, but if you understand the jewelry well, you can buy jewelry from Christian Dior or Chanel at a good price.

Online store Due to quarantine, offline stores and fairs migrated to Internet sites: sites, social networks.

This has its pros and cons.

On the one hand, you do not need to go anywhere, on the other, you cannot touch and consider the jewelry near.

When choosing a product on the antiques website, you should carefully study the information not only about the product, but also about the store itself.

Internet asuctions Over the past year, the popularity of online auctions has grown significantly.

The most famous of them are: Sotheby’s New York, Sotheby’s Geneva, Christie’s Jewels Online Sale, Bonhams Luxury Online.

At these trading floors, you can purchase antique jewelry of world -famous brands, such as Bulgari, Cartier, Boucharon, Graff and others.

In April last year, Sotheby’s broke a world record for the cost of a jewelry sold online.

So the famous Tutti Frutti bracelet from Cartier, created in the 30s of the last century, left for $ 1,340,000.

This is the most expensive jewelry lot in the world.

Retro-making in modern images Vintage jewelry has their own unique style, reflecting history, traditions, culture.

Usually these are jewelry in the Empire style, ar-deco, ar-nouvo (modern), baroque, romanticism, surrealism and abstractionism.

These styles are still popular with stylists and designers.

Antique jewelry is fraught with a secret, attract attention, make the image spectacular and special.

How to enter a second-hand in a modern wardrobe? To begin with, the settings of vintage resaking techniques – a creative combination of the old and new in one image.

For example, hang a grandmother’s pendant on an ultramoded chain, add modern pendants to vintage earrings or put on an old print in combination with rings and rings from the latest collections.

Vintage brooches from different eras and periods look great together.

The more of them, the more difficult and interesting the image will be.

Do not forget that brooches can be attached not only to the jacket lapels, but also on the sleeve of the shirt, a headdress, a belt, a bag or any other wardrobe item.

Mom’s volumetric earrings from the 80-90s will give the image “WAU-effect” in combination with modern doused jewelry or trend accessories for hair.

A la vintage The latest collections of world brands and leading jewelry designers are inspired by the decorations of the Baroque, Ar-Deco, Art Nouveau and even dashing 80-90s.

Pay attention to the decorations of the Demi Fine format –– the middle class between jewelry and jewelry.

Life hack: Products from high -quality precious alloys will last longer, but stones can be replaced with semiprecious, crafts or even crystals, thus adjusting the cost of the product.

Exclaim 039G2896R 1 090 p Exclaim 042br3133e 3 230 p Madde IST001EG-1115 8 640 p The jewelry in the pseudovodic style looks more spectacular, if made up: deformed metal, shabby textures, possibly even scratches.

In addition, it is better to choose models whose design refers to the eras of the last century, no further.

Hardly anyone will believe that the necklace in the style of ancient Egypt that you wear on the neck is present.

But bracelets in the spirit of the 70s or earrings, reminiscent of the 90s, will not cause any doubt.

January 27, 2021

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