What to give a son for 30 years: options for interesting congratulations from parents

Why not celebrate the fortieth anniversary? What to give a girlfriend for 40 years from jewelry Options for inexpensive gifts for a girlfriend’s anniversary If you have a best friend in your life, then you are definitely a happy person.

After all, this woman plays the role of the second mother, sisters or just a native soul, who is always ready to listen, cry into a vest, support you, scold at the right time or simply shut up in difficult moments.

And then your girlfriend will soon be 40.

According to tradition, no one celebrates this birthday, but it is still worth preparing a gift.

After all, you want to please your LP with something special.

Let’s think together today how to make an original gift for a girlfriend for a birthday.

Why not celebrate the fortieth anniversary? The explanation is actually quite banal and simple.

The fact is that the number 40 is associated with various important events for Christians.

So, forty days lasted a worldwide flood, the Jewish people walked around the desert for 40 years, after forty days Jesus ascended to heaven, etc.

In general, from the point of view of history, the number 40 was not related to anything good.

This is how such a belief has arisen that it is better not to celebrate forty years.

Interestingly, the Orthodox Church considers this to be ordinary superstition.

By the way, especially superstitious people even find bad signs in the very word “forty”.

They break it into two parts: “SOR” and “Rock”, which, in their opinion, can be interpreted as “Dirty Fate”.

But this also does not correspond to reality.

According to the most common version adopted as the main in the max dictionary of Fasmer, the word comes from the concept of “bunch of fur skins”.

In general, if you want to celebrate the fortieth anniversary, then do not listen and celebrate anyone.

Well, or if you still experience inexplicable horror, then the departure of the 39th anniversary can be noted, what is not the option? What to give a girlfriend for 40 years from jewelry Usually round dates are marked by precious memorable gifts.

Therefore, do not be lazy and look through the pages of jewelry online stores or just take a walk along a large boutique with jewelry.

At a minimum, this activity will bring you a lot of pleasure.

What can you look at the PROMENT at the present: earrings; beads; chain; a bracelet; suspension; brooch; cufflinks; A tie clip.

We will not talk about standard types of jewelry, since, most likely, you know exactly what your girlfriend wears or does not like.

Let’s talk a little about those products that are gradually returning to fashion.


This type of jewelry was forgotten for several decades.

Although it is very strange, because a small nuance in the form of a brooch on a dress can completely change your appearance.

Today, these products appear more and more on TV screens in fashion shows.

What you should pay attention to: One of the main this season was the style of the New Baroque.

This includes richly and abused massive accessories of complex geometric and exquisite shapes of large stones and precious metals.

Form is elements of nature, flowers, geometric shapes, bows.

Such a brooch can be worn not only for a classic dress, but also for a strict suit to work, to give appearance not only elegance, but also a touch of femininity.

One of the main directions is floral.

And if you only join the world of these fashion accessories, then the best choice will be precisely a rose, chamomile or small classic enamel, a flower volume of silver, assembled from multi -colored crystals or completely fantastic and abstract .



By becoming its owner you will definitely fall into the trend.

Do not deprive with attention and flowers from organza, yarn or skin – they are no less relevant.

These accessories are indispensable in everyday informal images.

Also, jewelry in the form of flies, butterflies, dragonflies, beetles and even scorpions decorated with multi -colored stones do not go out of fashion.

These products are best suited for a stylish business image or a simple casual with jeans with a white shirt or T -shirt.

Darvin 927011202AB 1 670 p Darvin 927051202AC 1 510 p Sokolov 94040060_S 770 p Cufflinks.

Previously, only men could afford this type of jewelry, regardless of the fact that the ladies’ half of the population also put on shirts from time to time.

Today the world has turned over a little, so the beautiful half of humanity also thought about cufflinks.

And not in vain.

Many fashionistas today prefer these small jewelry to massive bracelets and forever interfering with printing rings.

So if you decide to organize an original gift to your girlfriend for 40 years, then buy precisely cufflinks from precious metal.

If you decide to purchase an original gift, you must immediately make sure that a friend will definitely wear it.

Otherwise, the present will not come in handy.

For romantic and sophisticated natures, fantasy motifs can be watched: butterflies, flowers, dragonflies, bows, shoes, hearts.

Business and practical friends are more suitable for restrained geometric shapes with precious coatings and interspersed with sparkling stones.

The greatest originality is thematic cufflinks made in the form of a violin key, musical instruments, monetary characters, cars and other elements associated with professional interests and hobbies.

You can purchase a shirt for cufflinks to a girlfriend.

Such women’s clothing differs from typical models with a special performance of elongated cuffs, which are called French.

There are no buttons on them, but there are two slots for fastening fasteners.

In female fashion, shirts with French cuffs of the usual length of the sleeves and 3/4 are allowed.

To avoid unnecessary expenses, with the help of simple manipulations, you can independently turn any blouse into a shirt on cufflinks.

To do this, just cut the buttons, and in their place to make a gap, the edges of which should be carefully processed on a sewing machine.


As for this type of jewelry, it again comes into fashion, both in the classic and fantasy version.

Moreover, the age of the bead lovers has decreased significantly.

Today, beautiful jewelry made of stones or mother of pearl can be seen not only on grandmothers, but also on beauties from 25 and further.

Amber Manufactory Baltic 1.



PEREPLET 1 340 p Evora 627222-E 2 730 p DG Jewelry SV-LZ02N-RD 1 850 p For a gift to your friend on the 40th anniversary, look at the product of the pearl of black or white.

This accessory can be worn, both under a classic costume and a sports sweater oversize or a hoodie.

Modern fashion allows such a bold combination.

The beauty of pearls is also that it has a sufficiently powerful energy, which safely affects female health.

Remember this.

Still in fashion, beads made of glass.

Such products are not expensive, but they look quite great.

They can be combined with any outfit, hairstyle and even an evening dress.

But such a thing is not to every girl.

Therefore, here you should be neat.

A jewelry is always a great presentation option for a woman at any age for any holiday.

A tie clip.

In the world of business ladies there is always a place for ties.

Yes, ladies have to be in many ways to be like men, so that their ideas and projects would be taken seriously.

If your LP often decorates itself with precisely these accessories of the business world, then the precious metal clamp will become one of the options for giving a girlfriend on DR.

These accessories can be performed in one of the three options: pin.

The most popular option for a tie clip, the principle of action and the appearance of this product really resembles a clothespin.

One side of the clamp with a row of cloves is attached to the shirt, and the other smooth side to the outer part of the tie.

Suitable for classic and wide ties from dense fabric.


The main difference from the clamp-duel is the absence of cloves, that is, both sides are ugly.

The strength of the fastening is slightly inferior, but for narrow ties from thin fabric – this is ideal.


A very outdated type of tie clip with a function of additional mounting.

A special chain is pre -put on one of the buttons of the shirt just above the place where the clamp will be located directly.

This is perhaps the most exquisite option that can be liked by any beauty.

All women are beautiful by nature, and at 40, they are doubly charming, because charm, acquired over the years and experience, is added to the appearance that nature awarded.

Naturally, such beauty needs to be emphasized! Therefore, when deciding what to give a girlfriend for 40 years for a birthday, pay close attention to various presentations for style and beauty.

Russian Alliance 070010-Ra 1 520 p Colibri ATA026100E 1 890 p Special proposal SZ1052 2 450 p Options for inexpensive gifts for a girlfriend’s anniversary If it’s not the ability to buy something special, then you can always get out with a good conversation, cake or cake.

After all, a good heart -to -heart conversation is sometimes much better than a ton of precious stones.

You can also always buy a standard female set: cosmetics; linen; hair care devices; Home gifts; Presentations for a hobby.

For a woman aged 40, the real value is home and family, so all the presentations for life, comfort and beauty at home will be perceived “with a bang”.

In addition, such gifts for 40 years are appropriate for a friend, both from loved ones and simply from a good friend.

You can choose presentations for everyday life in any price range, which is also very convenient.

When choosing a gift to a girlfriend for the fortieth anniversary, do not forget about the colors, this is an important attribute of the celebration! Be sure to present a bouquet or an armful of your favorite plants to the birthday girl.

All ladies love such signs of attention, and come without flowers for the anniversary – Moveton.

Even if a woman does not celebrate her birthday, present her with several flowers after the holiday, she will be pleased.

Remember that to a friend, even if she is not going to celebrate anything, you can’t come without goodies empty -handed.

Take a bottle of good wine or high-quality aromatic coffee and at least dietary cakes if someone is always on a diet.

So you can not only enjoy the holiday, but also pamper yourself with delicious dishes and drinks.

After all, it is so important sometimes to stop and give yourself pleasure.

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