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Silver Lush flowers Chains Pearl Classic watches Large gold earrings This fall, we are especially highly appreciated by the ability to expand the emotional and style range of the image, while remaining an independent and very beautiful language of self -expression.

Only one jewelry makes it possible to tell a story, share the opinion and fundamentally change the mood: both their own and others.

Turning to the exciting theme of trends and trends, we suggest not to waste time and to acquire jewelry, which, according to the predictions of glossy publications and the chronicles of the influents will be especially relevant in the current season.

Silver Restrained, but expressive silver jewelry will arrange semantic accents and play the role of the most organic addition of stylish, monochrome images gravitating to minimalism.

Nice bonus: with jewelry from this metal it is difficult to overdo it.

We tell and show how to tame silver jewelry in this article.

Dewi 904021845-DV 6 100 p Madde IVI912BW-50D6 8 800 p Marcasitis Ne080-Mr 45 780 p Lush flowers Jewelry in the form of colors broadcast a naive-romantic mood and serve as an excellent tool for an expressive manifestation of character.

Of course, these products are best complemented by basic images that exclude other active jewelry in the portrait zone.

Look for the most beautiful earrings, rings and pendants in the form of colors in our selection.

La Nordica 19-20-1000-07375 49 240 p Artauro 2169b-2/1-38_au 235 880 p La Nordica 39-D2-1000-07371 76 270 p Chains The trend that has no expiration date has an important property to strengthen the nature of even the most restrained images.

Choose chains of different sizes and do not be afraid to experiment with the color of the metal, building your personal jewelry composition: any combinations are allowed.

Silver Wings 0501-40GP-204 3 400 p Wanna? Be! E244-03 8 280 p Madde IVI912BG-80D6-19 3 770 p Pearl We offer to pay special attention to the pearls of all shapes and sizes, including its most classic embodiments.

Both quite conservative necklaces are relevant, and, for example, all kinds of chockers, rings and caffs, the natural femininity of which can be equalized by a male cut shirt or a basic T -shirt.

De Fleur 52287Y6H-MAX 23 020 p Sokolov 797046_S 28 520 p Calvin Klein KJ9RMF0403XS 9 840 p Classic watches Classic watches, especially noble Swiss origin, are suitable for any wardrobe and style preferences.

Depending on the chosen model, the product can act as a universal accessory or expressive statement-briefing, if there is a need to add colors or textures.

Cuervo Y Sobrinos 1015.

1or 310 500 p ORIS 561-7722-49-53MB 351 780 p Gucci ya147501 119 800 p Large gold earrings Large gold earrings are considered a universal decoration, capable of single -handedly enrich the basic wardrobe.

The jewelry is especially relevant for those who are forced to observe a certain dress code: earrings logically and extremely organically complete the image, while not attracting excessive attention.

Sokolov 028392_S 30 480 p Wanna? Be! E293-03 7 620 p Madde IST001EG-1115 8 640 p

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