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Only luxury! Fast kush or patience and patience again? About long -term investments Why now? Perhaps you have a certain free amount of money and think about the methods of its use? Keeping “under the pillow” – this, of course, is excluded.

Open a contribution to a good bank? Yes, as an option.

But it is in a good bank, reliable.

And it should be made sure that the rates for deposit accounts are very moderate.

But some invest in man -made values! Someone is in the works of painting, someone-in retro-automobiles, someone-in the objects of antiquity .



We, however, according to our profile, are interested in watches.

Is it realistic to invest in them? Could it be profitable? We will answer right away: yes, real! And yes, it may turn out to be profitable ”and even fascinating .



and when to invest? Yes, right now, the moment is quite suitable! And how to invest and at what hours exactly? Let’s try to reflect on this topic.

Only luxury! First of all, we will immediately forget about the so -called accessible segment.

With all due respect, in hours worth a thousand or tens of thousands of rubles it is pointless to invest.

We will not explain why, everything is obvious here.

So we can only talk about the brands of the “luxury” category.

Of course, these products are always expensive.

If this does not stop you, then let’s go further.

Oris 111-7700-60-61-Set 1 644 500 r Cuervo Y Sobrinos 2824.


gsd 4 958 800 r Armin Strom T118-RGMT.

90 14 800 000 r Fast kush or patience and patience again? It is well known that any kind of game (and such investment is the game) can be short or long -term.

A short -term investment can quickly bring a significant gain, but at the same time high and risks.

For example: by studying the news of elite brands, you can pay attention to the fact that a brand announced the fast release of a new model, which is a clear development of the previous one, and very popular.

The assumption suggests itself: this previous model will be discontinued from production-which means that you need to purchase these hours, because they are about to become the object of lust of collectors and lovers.

Sometimes such a strategy is triggered.

For example, Patek Philippe did not even unveiled the intention to make a new steel Nautilus 5711 – as a cult former, only with a green dial, and directly informed the world of the end of the release of that legendary 5711/1a with a blue dial.

And, of course, in the secondary market this latter immediately jumped in price.

Very weighty jumped! And sometimes it does not work.

So, during the recent Watches & Wonders 2021 exhibition in Geneva, Rolex announced the launch of a new generation of several hours of hours, including those beloved by many Daytona.

Immediately there was an assumption of the corresponding termination of the production of the most popular “dytons” with a green dial, the so -called John Mayer Daytona.

It seems to be logical.

But no, the expectations were not justified, the release of John Mayer Daytona continues, the benefits from urgent speculation are no.

Rather, on the contrary .



The long -term game does not bring quick profits, but the risks are significantly less.

So you decide and only you.

About long -term investments As already mentioned, risks are less.

True, patience is required, the costs will not pay off immediately – but also the range of opportunities is much wider.

Let’s try to outline some of them, albeit very approximately.


It is worth looking at sustainably popular models of popular brands.

The works of such manufactories as, for example, PATEK Philippe, Rolex, Omega, IWC, Oris are always in demand and are always in demand, and the clock of collections such as the same PATEK Philippe Nautilus, like Rolex Explorer, Omega Seamaster, IWC Big Pilot, Blangpin Fifty Fathoms – Especially.

It is highly likely that when choosing this tactic, you will sooner or later return the investment with the “Navar”.


Naturally attractive for investments of models, produced by limited circulations: they have not been in the primary market for a long time (which is called, full Sold-out), on the secondary they, respectively, are quite expensive, but it is far from excluded that they will continue to grow in price.

Of course, everything happens, the market can temporarily sag, but, firstly, it is important to catch the moment of “subsidence”-to buy cheaper, and then patiently wait for a return to the global trend-to sell more.

As an example of such “limits”, let’s call Tag Heuer Carrera Green, Omega Speedmaster Professional “Silver Snoopy Award”, Zenith Defy 21 Land Rover Edition, A.

Lange & Söhne ZeitWerk Decimal Strike.


Almost similar situation with products of the so -called niche brands.

These are small ateliers, as a rule, independent, some of their founders are included in AHCI – Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendants (Academy of Independent Castle Masters).

Many hours from this segment are close to technical and aesthetic perfection and are very original conceptually.

Due to the very nature of the “small” circulations of their clock and the production rate are very small, because this is not industrial production, much is done here literally manually.

So the investment attractiveness is undeniable, but there is also a significant difference from the “limits” of large companies: the watch should be purchased right from manufacturers, and not in the secondary market.

True, you will have to place an order and wait for your turn, sometimes lasting months .



But, most likely, it is worth it.

It makes sense to pay attention to stamps such as F.


Journe, Kari Voutolainen, Sven and Andersen, Philippe Dufour, Mb & F, Urwerk, Artya .



of course, in the same row, masterpieces from our Konstantin Chaikin.


A similar group – new masters.

There are among them that are rapidly progressing, achieve public recognition, and it is logical to expect that their creations will also grow well in price.

Let’s call for an example Ming, Laventure, Aquastar, Unimatic .



Oris 111-7700-40-65MB 586 300 p Oris 748-7710-40-63LS 239 850 p Oris 774-7661-74-81-Set 378 430 p Why now? Yes, we believe that now the right time for investment in luxury hours.

Why? The point is in the general economic situation and in this particular and similar markets.

The period of pandemia and a number of political crises is marked by the aforementioned subsidence of demand and, therefore, prices.

You can buy! Moreover, there is a firm hope for the restoration of the general long -term trend: in general, everything is getting more expensive, and objects of luxury, rarities, vintage publications – especially, the growth rate of their prices above the inflation rate.

Of course, nothing can be guaranteed, but there is a reasonable hope.

However, having acquired one or even several such magnificent things as a watch suitable for investing, do you want to part with them later? We know for sure – by the clock, a person, as they say, is clicking on his soul .



Well, however, this is certainly solving only to you.

Raymond Weil 7730STC-JHDX1 328 190 p Ball CM2198C-S1CJ-BK 425 460 p Norqain N2200S22C/T221/201SC 359 100 p

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