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Tenderness and love How to take pictures with a veil Beautiful poses for a wedding photo shoot standing: gaze into the distance, “Titanic” Touching options for pictures in motion Poses for a photo shoot for a wedding for newlyweds with kisses Poses for a wedding photo shoot in the summer on the street: What you can’t do for a beautiful frame Positioning for a wedding photo shoot with blurry Positioning: Hold on the hands How to pose on a wedding photo shoot sitting correctly Poses for a wedding photo shoot in the studio The best poses for wedding photography in the registry office A little about the photographer And if the bride is pregnant Often a couple who does not have work skills in the modeling business has a problem from the category: how beautifully to get up/sit/lie down for photography? An experienced master will undoubtedly tell you what poses for wedding photography will look best.

And it would be nice to practice before the wedding, having removed the romantic story of your acquaintance.

If you or your future spouse do not have any experience in posing, then we highly recommend reading this article-scrap, which contains the most beautiful, romantic and time-tested poses for the photo of the bride and groom.

This article will also be very useful for beginners-photographs, just starting their way in the field of wedding photography.

Remember these positions and advise them to the newlyweds.

Of course, it is important to remember that these are just examples that change which you will get original and non -standard pictures.

Tenderness and love The best that the bride and groom can make for their wedding photos is to demonstrate the maximum sincerity and tenderness during shooting.

You can: bow their heads to each other, touch your foreheads; put your head on the shoulder of a loved one; hug gently.

At the same time, it is important to maintain an expression of calm satisfaction, security, gentle happiness on the face – a light and sincere smile, a full of love gaze or even covered eyelids.

Be natural: in the poses for a photo shoot at the wedding, your mildest features should be reflected.

If such pictures are taken, small details of the image will be noticeable.

These are the bride’s jewelry in the ears, her hairstyle, laying the groom.

Everything should be chosen to taste.

Earrings must correspond to the image.

If you have a magnificent high hairstyle, then earrings you can wear large, hanging with chandeliers.

Otherwise, small cloves decorated with stones are suitable.

How to take pictures with a veil Do you know why the bride of the veil? For the beauty and completeness of the image, you say.

A professional wedding photographer has its own answer: a veil is needed to get incredibly beautiful shots.

Show feelings, hiding under the veil: You can kiss; It is recommended to look into each other’s eyes under the veil; You can capture the moment when the groom raises the veil; can be hugged; The bride is shy, closed by a veil, showing her femininity, playing with a lover.

A light and air veil will create a fabulous cloud of charm around you.

If you want such pictures, then you should take care of the hairstyle and means of fastening the veil.

It’s not good if the studs stick out.

Beautiful poses for a wedding photo shoot standing: gaze into the distance, “Titanic” In fact, many successful poses for the photo are made standing.

In the context of the wedding, I especially want to note the original and beautiful pose for the photo standing – looking into the distance.

To do this, the frame is ideally worth choosing a place in nature, climb a mountain or a roof, stand in front of an endless field with your back to the lens, find a place in the autumn park.

The newlyweds can hold hands or the bride inclines his head on his beloved shoulder.

There is a lot of symbolism in such a frame: it tells the look about common goals, about a single path of newlyweds.

Another magnificent pose was called the Titanic.

We all understand why.

Such a picture will be especially successful if the bride is at least a head below her partner.

You can choose any place for the picture: this is a bridge, a gate in the park, some kind of patterned fence.

She is often combined by the Titanic pose with a look at each other.

This option is acceptable for pairs of approximately the same height.

Touching options for pictures in motion One of the most beloved poses for a photo shoot among photographers and true connoisseurs of art is reporting personnel or their successful imitation.

The pictures in which the newlyweds go or run are beautifully obtained.

To look good in such a frame, groom and bride should control the expression on your face: it is better to just smile or laugh, you can look at each other.

Posing, trying to behave naturally, do not concentrate on the photographer, it only constrains.

Try to relax and enjoy.

A couple of funny impudent photos can be advised here.

For example, the bride drags the groom to the tie, the young bites her chosen one by the leg, any jokes look great in motion, because it is not clear that they are played.

Poses for a photo shoot for a wedding for newlyweds with kisses No need to be shy about kissing on the camera, but you need to do it beautifully, or rather, aesthetically.

A real passionate kiss very rarely turns out beautifully in the frame.

Therefore, lovers should look for other options for a photo shoot with kisses.

Snakers are very strong and full of love, on which the groom kisses the bride on the hair, on the forehead, in the neck.

The bride can cover her eyes at that moment or look at the frame – in both cases the photos will turn out amazing.

Poses for a wedding photo shoot in the summer on the street: What you can’t do for a beautiful frame A photo shoot on the street is a very wide concept, but at the moment I would like to highlight exactly those pictures for which photographers have to climb roofs, balconies and even trees.

A photo of the newlyweds from above is very beautiful and original.

The newlyweds can stand and raise their eyes on the camera, or they can even lie – if we are talking about a field or a beach.

In the room, you can also get beautiful personnel on top, but there are much more opportunities outside.

In such photographs, hairstyles of young people are perfectly obtained.

It is especially worth noting the girl.

You want everything to be in openwork, then you can wear a beautiful diadem or an original hairpin on the hair for pictures, which will bring a highlight in your image.

Positioning for a wedding photo shoot with blurry When choosing a pose for the photo of the newlyweds, you can use the so -called sides – defocus or blur.

Moreover, the photograph will turn out beautifully when one of the lovers is in Rasfokus.

To do this, for example, the bride needs to take the foreground and look at the lens, and the groom – behind.

In turn, the photographer will apply blur to both partners.

Positioning: Hold on the hands The beauty of wedding photographs is expressed not only in faces and emotions, but also in details.

Handsome, touch is very beautiful! Therefore, advice to all lovers: changing your position for wedding photos, often hold hands.

This is a strong and eloquent gesture that will tell about your feelings sometimes even more than a kiss.

Beautifully in the pictures it turns out the movement of the couple forward hands.

Such a photo conveys energy, mood, romance, feelings.

Moreover, you can completely consider the image of the bride, her dress.

And small sins are not noticeable in such pictures.

Any pose with affectionate touches looks charming in the pictures.

A great option is pictures of a slow dance of young people, where they hold hands.

Moreover, this can be a full -length photo or photo to the waist.

Both options look great.

How to pose on a wedding photo shoot sitting correctly You can get a good frame even when the couple took a sitting position for the photo.

The best options for such a picture are when lovers hug, sitting with their backs to the camera, look into each other’s eyes or talk, sitting opposite each other.

In such a staged frame, you can safely show emotions.

Poses for a wedding photo shoot in the studio Here the options can be very different, it all depends on the interior and the capabilities of the selected location, for example: Young stand on both sides of the closed door in anticipation of the first meeting; The bride descends the stairs, and the groom is waiting for her below and gives her hand; Young hold the requisite in the form of voluminous inscriptions with the names of each other or a large heart; The bride and groom sit at different ends of the sofa and extend their hands to each other, etc.

A wedding photo shoot in the studio is a great reason to implement all your fantasies about beautiful and spectacular pictures.

The main thing is to choose a place with a suitable decor and find the necessary props.

But this, as a rule, is engaged in a photographer.

He must plan everything in advance, find and bring, so as not to breed a panic directly on the day of your painting.

The best poses for wedding photography in the registry office Usually, directly at the time of painting, the photographer takes a lot of pictures, since this moment is not possible to repeat.

What can be the recommendations: During the start of the ceremony at the entrance to the mural hall, hold on calmly, do not look around.

Go along the aisle with a light smile on your lips and look right in front of you; At the time of speech, the registry office registering your marriage, do not look at the floor.

Even if you do not capture the meaning of words from excitement, still look directly at the registry office and smile; When the turn comes to put the signature in the certificate, do not rush.

Sign slowly so that the photographer has time to take a few pictures.

Be sure to raise your head after the signature of the document and look with a smile into the camera lens; When one of the spouses signs, the second should not look around at this time, wink guests or scratch behind the ear.

All attention to your second half.

And do not forget about a relaxed natural smile; During the exchange of rings, try not to close your movements from the photographer; After exchanging rings, look into each other’s eyes with tenderness.

This happy moment will certainly fall into the lens; After receiving the marriage certificate, turn it with the cover of the guests and then to the camera.

The bride needs to restrain his emotions and not to burst into tears during the most touching points of registration.

Reddened eyes, smeared cosmetics are not the best details of wedding photos.

A little about the photographer Believe me, if you find a competent, professional photographer, then there will be no problems.

You will not even notice how the props will fall into place, how you will go from one pose to another and change locations.

Correct people understand that on the wedding day you want to think only about their feelings, love for each other, relationships, and not about how not to climb into a puddle if you are going to sign in the fall and went through a small rain, where to take a lace plate to the color of the dress And how to become so that a huge belly is not visible, in which the long -awaited heir to the family already lives.

And if the bride is pregnant If you have a pregnant woman’s wedding photo shoot, then the first thing to do is to openly talk about everything with the photographer, even if you are in an early date.

Moreover, if at an early term, since toxicosis of the first three months – no one canceled.

Next, we recommend that you adhere to the following tips, and listen to your feelings, because no one will do this for you: Shooting time.

The total shooting time should not exceed one hour, and the beginning of a wedding photo shoot with a pregnant bride is not recommended to be assigned to too early or late (the second option is possible if the process is assigned to a separate day from the wedding, and you want to make a couple of frames against the background of sunset) .

Location of shooting.

It is better to agree with the contractor in advance in advance, and it is necessary that they are at close range from each other.

If the place is on the street and it is completely not familiar to you, but the photographer offers it, then specify whether there are mountains, elevations, abundance of steps, other obstacles that make the whereabouts or movement of a woman in a position problematic.

Spare location.

Consider possible heat, rain or snowstorm and boil a good photo studio in advance – just in case.

The subtleties of staged personnel.

All ideas for a wedding photo shoot of pregnant women should appear around the delicate state of the main character of the celebration.

Shoppers with champagne and hot arms – it can hardly be called successful, but the abundance of tenderness, flowers and even soft toys – the photographer will be able to beat wonderful.

Moreover, if you take pictures in nature, surrounded by loved ones, relatives, small children.


It should be comfortable.

If you plan to shoe shoes with a small heel, then be sure to take interchangeable shoes with you.

Poses for the bride should be discussed in advance.

The photographer will ask you what you can do, what is convenient for you and what is not quite.

If you are not shy about showing a belly, then there should be practically no questions, and if you want to hide it, then this also needs to be said in advance.

It is better not to take a daring pictures of a pregnant woman.

Maybe for whom it seems funny, but not many will agree with these views.

Better something cute, kind, gentle.

As accessories, you can take plush toys, various bows, booties, balls, everything should indicate the rapid appearance of the heir/heiress of the surname.

It will be cute if you have a jewelry, for example, in the form of a baby, strollers or papillae, and you will take several pictures with this attribute.

Sokolov 034726_S 5 690 p Vesna Jewelry 3520-251-00-00 7 420 p Sokolov 94031900_S 900 p We hope that our tips will be useful to you.

At a minimum, they will launch your imagination, and now you can go through all the difficulties of a wedding photo shoot with a bang.

But still, in the end, advice.

If there is time and finance samples, then it is impossible to refuse.

This will give you an understanding of what will happen, what makeup will have to be done, you like your hairstyle or not, whether you are enough jewelry, whether the white color of the dress is pale and much more.

And you will test the photographer in advance and understand if you can then work together.

We wish you a happy wedding, walk well, the most beautiful pictures, flying weather, love, happiness and healthy heirs of the surname.

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