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Collecting from the world of motors – in the “Oldtimer Gallery” in Sokolniki
This funny term denotes the most different objects of near-automotive collectibles. Do you collect icons or stamps, posters or pennants with images of cars, models and promotional prospectuses – all this “car”. And even the mascots-signiki-emblems from old cars are also “car”. Old toy cars, billboards of automotive competitions, technical magazines and newspapers, shofor clothing and accessories … All this will be represented on the set of collaps, layouts, minibar, the counters of the September “OldTimemer Gallery” in Sokolniki.
It is worth noting that each of these sections has its hot fans and fans, and everyone can be told for hours. “Automobiles” is quite democratic. For a relatively small amount, everyone can acquire a solid meeting of the same large-scale models, or brands. Although, of course, serious collectibles will fly into a considerable penny. With posters and prospects more difficult: in the early 90s of the last century, many were collected in a wave of hot interest to foreign auto industry. But with the distribution of Internet and affordable catalogs and books, the army of collectors of prospectuses and booklets is pretty well. Now it is not easy for them: so easily like a model or brand, you can’t buy an old prospect. And it is difficult to change – there are few like-minded people. Is that twice a year on the “OldTaymer Gallery”, where the fans of the most different “automobiles” come regularly and necessarily.
On these luxurious collapse, not only “vehicles” are located, but also household items: copper samovars, cast iron irons, kerosene lamps, cutlery, and the like, picturesquely spread on specially designated rows. Perhaps, in this corner of the “Oldtimer-Gallery” everyone will be able to find a thing in taste and will take a satisfied purchase.
September 17-20, 2015.
KVC “Sokolniki” Pav.2
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