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Outerwear Headdress Shoes Scarf Ultimately, everything is solved by the details.

It is jewelry and accessories that reveal character, emphasize individuality, and also easily change the overall tonality of the image, seemingly insignificant, final accent.

Feeling the approach of the autumn season, we offer to get acquainted with the assortment of brooches to choose your landmark product and find out how to stylize it in an original way as a final stroke! Outerwear It would seem that voluminous products made of wool, fur or synthetic materials do not require any additions.

Nevertheless, this is not a reason to put aside jewelry that allow you to stand out among the crowd and simply improve the mood.

We offer to decorate outerwear with one or several brooches at once, which can be fixed in traditionally on a collar or, having decided on a small experiment, place them in pockets.

Kabarovsky 15-21003-1022 119 700 p Alrosa Diamonds 4R141125S 224 510 p Sokolov 6049018_S 87 530 p Headdress An unusual connection of the headdress and miniature brooches can radically change the mood of your outfit.

Fans of minimalism, it can replace a bright, color accent.

Visiters of elegant classics – add a bold shape or silhouette.

Choose a brooch, according to your preferences, but do not lose its attention: the severity of too massive products can cause discomfort or deform the shape of a hat or beret.

Platina Jewelry 04-0230-00-000-1110-48 27 510 p Sokolov 040156_S 12 100 p Marcasitis HB0247-MR 2 130 p Shoes Following the example of religious shoes, add the charm of your favorite pair of shoes.

The only rule is to decorate shoes made of soft materials: fabric or suede.

Thus, you will not harm the appearance of shoes, but create a completely new work of shoe art using a pair of identical brooches.

De Fleur 57002Y2U 7 280 p Marcasitis HB0524-OKS-MR 9 760 p Marcasitis HB130 HRIZOPRAZ-MR 5 570 p Scarf A reception that is gaining special popularity in the cold season.

Use brooches to add brightness and expressiveness with volumetric scarves and neck scarves.

You can wear them both on top of outerwear and refreshing your everyday outfit.

By the way, for supporters of monochrome, this is a very convenient opportunity to decide on a catchy, color accent that can be removed or changed at any time, depending on the mood.

Platina Jewelry 04-0214-00-401-111-48 41 430 p Sokolov 740234_S 45 360 p Marcasitis HB002-Granat-Mr 8 410 p Platina Jewelry 04-0189-00-000-1113-42 23 410 p Platina Jewelry 04-0204-00-000-1110-48 35 770 p Platina Jewelry 04-0205-00-000-1110-65 30 370 p

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