We understand the intricacies of the production of jewelry watches

The Japanese tennis player is now in the wake – she wins in prestigious tournaments and earns money – prizes in competitions and advertising as part of contracts with eminent sponsors.

Last year, she earned $ 37.

4 million and bought a luxurious house in Los Angeles for 7 million.

The positions of a 23-year-old tennis player are strong not only in sports, but in the field of fashion.

Photos of the Japanese women adorned the advertisement of Louis Vuitton and Nike.

Together, the Japanese designer Hanako Maeda Adeam, Brand of the Japanese designer, based in New York, made a joint collection.

With Comme des Garçons, Osaka worked with Nike on Nike Blazer sneakers.

With the Scottish brand Strathberry, the athlete has created a collection of bags.

Osaka managed to work with the Japanese manufacturer of Shiseido cosmetics.

Now the first sentry – Tag Heuer has joined the composition of prestigious brands.

In the first pictures created in the framework of fresh cooperation, Japanese appears in the smart watches of the Swiss brand, appropriate both on the court and in everyday life.

Recall that recently, Golphist Tommy Flitwood, who will also advertise a smart model from the world of sports, has become another messenger of the brand from sports, however, in a version created specifically for golf.

Naomi Osaka became famous not only for bright fashion collaborations, but also by social performances.

The athlete managed to play a role in the Black Lives Matter movement that unfolded last year and appear at a mask with the name of the deceased African American Breonna Taylor.

Osaka herself now lives in America.

Her father, who dreamed of repeating the story of the success of the sisters of Williams, gave both daughters to the tennis – Naomi and the eldest Marie.

Despite the fact that at the Osaka Olympic Games will have to represent the country of the rising sun, Japanese woman lives in the United States from three, where the family has moved (the mother of Japanese and father from Haiti).

Naomi career is still more than successful.

The athlete has a victory in three large helmet tournaments in a solitary category, including in the Open US Championship last year.

Of course, this is only the beginning.

But in terms of attention from the premium brands, Osaka has already circled its main competitor, Serene Williams, earned $ 1.

4 million more over the past year.

Tag Heuer smart mines: Tag Heuer SBF818000.

11FT8031 148 200 p Tag Heuer SBG8A10.

BA0646 198 900 p Tag Heuer SBG8A12.

BT6219 179 400 p January 25, 2021

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