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Caring for yourself is constant movement.

Training and physical exercises, as one of its manifestations, become an integral part of everyday routine and personal schedule, which, however, does not exclude the natural desire to remain beautiful even during sports.

If you have jewelry, even the temporary absence of which causes you tangible discomfort, then you will probably be interested to know if you can not remove your favorite earrings or, for example, a wedding ring during training.

The professional coach, founder of the flexibility studio Stretch ME and the author of the unique Grace technique Anastasia Zavistaskaya @stretch_me shared her opinion with Alltime.

“So, with regard to safety precautions, the jewelry is prohibited from classes only of certain sports.

For example, it is forbidden to put on any jewelry in a rock climbing strictly, since there is a huge risk of injuring or simply tear off your finger along with the ring if, for example, you break off the clue.

An even greater danger is a chain in which you can get confused or which can catch on the neck, God forbid.

Active, mobile and extreme types of sports, of course, do not suggest and prohibit the wearing of rings or any other jewelry, because it is extremely dangerous.

With regard to the fitness industry, then performing some gymnastic exercises, of course, you can get confused in a long chain, but no one will die or suffer from this.

In terms of safety, it is worth cleaning your hair if you are engaged, for example, by acrobatics and somersaults, as well as in some exercises during the stretching: in particular, when girls stand on the bridge or make a lumbar bridge, it is strongly recommended to remove the hair because there is a risk of stepping on They slip them with their hand.

But there is no strict rule on the ban on chains and pendants in the fitness room.

That’s what is very important – it is not plastic cups on the floor! And also their jewelry, watches and glasses, if removed, do not put on the rug next to him, because the coach may not notice, come and will be absolutely right.

If we give another example of traumatic situations with the participation of jewelry, then you can, for example, scratch or injure the neck with an acute block of earrings during some exercises.

But this can happen if you sleep in jewelry, so this is more a matter of personal choice and preferences.

In fact, it all depends on the product! If these are small bought earrings or a smooth engagement ring, then it is unlikely to cause some serious injury.

Of course, if you do not take into account that our life is amazing and incredible, and anything can happen! Personally, I do in earrings.

I do not remove a ring with a large stone and everything is in order, the jewelry does not bother me.

The coaches of my studio are also engaged in jewelry on the neck, in small chokeers and they are so completely comfortable.

” We summarize: shooting or leaving jewelry during sports – this is your personal decision until this is prohibited by the rules and safety measures.

Of course, we are talking about everyday jewelry of small sizes, and not about multilayer compositions from massive chains or large earrings, which in their definition exclude the possibility of active, sharp movements without risk to injure or others.

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