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The company Bell & Ross has released a new limited edition model is presented at the international exhibition Baselworld-2012, inspired by the aviation unit – BR 01 Horizon.

As its name implies, the novelty used graphic design artificial horizon, which is an important tool for air navigation that allows to control the position of the aircraft relative to the horizon, regardless of visibility conditions.

Hour line Aviation Collection – one of the most striking works of Bell & Ross Company, inspired the creation of the cockpit instrumentation, the instrument panel and, of course, the romance of the sky and its conquest.

In the hours of the collection of the master address to the four fundamental requirements for the tool located on the instrument panel of the aircraft: clarity, functionality, accuracy and water resistance.

At the annual international exhibition BaselWorld 2012 the company introduced three new models in its design fully reflect the professional graphic style instrument instruments: watches BR01 Horizon, clocks and watches BR01 Altimeter BR01 Turn Coordinator.

However, the uniqueness of the watch is not only in their design.

The models presented at the exhibition will be available in a limited edition, each of them 999 copies, so that fans of professional timepieces, will have to hurry to buy a watch, presented at the exhibition.

As the representatives of the company, each model will be presented in its own separate box, which will undoubtedly be a pleasant surprise for collectors, like in this box is a small piece from the cockpit of the aircraft.

Wristwatches BR01 Horizon performed in association with an indicator of the relationship by repeating the device design in its decoration.

The attitude indicator – attitude indicator: the device showing the position of the aircraft relative to the horizon.

When the plane lifted into the sky, the meter index ratio of its “upturned nose,” because the “nose” of the aircraft – above the horizon.

When the plane goes down (or falls), then the indicator ratio shows the relationship “lowered the nose”, because in this case the “nose” of the aircraft – below the horizon.

As for the aircraft position during the flight time, it can be changed by the pilot at any time.

Thus, if the pilot sees on his instruments, that the “nose” of his aircraft descends below the horizon, it will need to make a change and lift the plane above the horizon.

Masters of the company Bell & Ross borrowed graphic design to create a relationship indicator BR01 Horizon original model.

So, you can keep track of special parallel between the Jets and the device clock in the design of the dial.

Like the original tool plane face of the clock consists of two levels – two independent discs.

ROM, which is in the background of the dial is divided into two parts: gray, symbolizing the sky and black, symbolizing the earth.

These two parts are separated by a white stripe, which symbolizes the horizon, connecting the “third” and “nine” time indexes.

At the first plane of the dial is the disc with time indices, made in the form of lines that provides optimal readability time.

Between two discs arranged clocks made in different forms, which also contributes to easy reading of the time.

The general style of hours, it should be noted, is made in a minimalist style.

Among other things, the hands and hour indexes covered with photoluminescent coating model, which will easily see the time even in the dark – a decent bar tool, claiming the title of a professional.

The watch case is made of matte black carbon fiber design also refers to its original aviation inspirer.

Watches BR01 Horizon made on the basis of an automatic mechanism ETA 2892.

Functions: Hours, minutes.

Watchcase diameter of 46 mm made of steel with a black PVD coating.

Crown – screwed.

The dial of the model consists of two levels.

At the first level, there are time indexes, second level is divided into two parts: gray and black, divided by the horizon.

Time indices, the horizon line and the clock covered with special photoluminescent coating.

The glass covering the dial – sapphire, antiglare.

Water resistance of the model – 100 meters.

Watch strap is made of rubber, with the line of heavy-duty canvas.

The watch is a limited edition of 999 copies.

Model BR01 Altimeter provided with a dial and counters, which resemble a device for measuring atmospheric pressure.

Window for 3 hours, in which the aircraft apparatus is atmospheric pressure, displays the date in the clock, which is easy to read due to the display on two independent disks.

Watches BR01 Altimeter made on the basis of an automatic mechanism ETA 2896.

Functions: Hours, minutes, date.

Watchcase diameter of 46 mm is made from the same steel with black PVD coating.

Crown – screwed.

The glass covering the dial – sapphire, antiglare.

Water resistance of the model – 100 meters.

Watch strap is made of rubber with a classic buckle, with the line of heavy-duty canvas.

The watch is a limited edition of 999 copies.

Creating BR01 Turn Coordinator designers Bell & Ross repelled by the appearance reversal coordinator.

To display the time, a pair of discs with the hour and minute marks.

It performs the role of the arrow to the white pointer.

To reduce energy consumption mechanism, the engineers used the brand ultra-light material, which significantly reduced the weight of the rotating discs.

Mechanism – ETA 2892.

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