6 mandatory points to know in order to understand any watch value

The modern watch market allows the consumer to choose from a huge variety of offers. 

But what should a person who chooses a watch for the first time pay attention to? 

We will try to understand this difficult issue by giving some tips for choosing.


In this matter, the financial solvency of the buyer comes first. The older the brand, the more it is promoted and known, then, accordingly, the cost of such watches is higher. In addition, the choice of a watch brand can be greatly influenced by both social status and social circle. Often a person is simply not so understood as soon as one or another watch, noticed by others, appears on the wrist.
But there are, although rare, exceptions to the rule. There are cases when quite wealthy people have worn or are wearing budget watches. But these, again, are rare exceptions.


Here, the choice is a little easier, since there are only two options (we do not take into account modern applications to gadgets in the form of electronic smart watches) – mechanical watches and quartz watches. Each of the options has both pros and cons. The mechanics are more capricious than quartz and require increased attention from the owner. In addition, every few years it is necessary to service the movement, which for many owners of mechanical watches becomes a kind of obstacle to their purchase. This is due to the cost of maintenance. And the higher the price of the watch itself, the more it costs the owner to visit the service center. The cost of service also affects the presence of additional complications in the watch. But even in spite of such facts, sales of mechanical watches do not fall. Manufacturers of the premium segment release their watches exclusively on mechanical calibers. All movements can be divided into two types: a manual winding movement, an automatic movement. The meaning of manual winding lies in its name – the owner winds the watch by rotating the crown with his fingers. It is said to discipline the wearer very much by training the habits. After all, a watch with such a mechanism must be wound after a certain time, otherwise it will simply stop.

A watch with an automatic movement winds itself when worn on the wrist. For most mechanisms of this type, it is enough to be on the wrist of the wearer for 8-9 hours, and at night to be at rest. They won’t stop overnight.
Watches with a quartz movement are more practical in terms of use. They do not require special attention from their owner, always showing the exact time. They can be safely put on the wrist in the morning without adjusting the time readings, as they continue to work constantly. The main thing is not to forget to change the battery. And it is recommended to do this in a service center, whose specialists will select the necessary and high-quality battery. Typical battery life is two to three years.
The leading manufacturers of Swiss watch movements are ETA (mechanics, quartz), Ronda (quartz), Sellita (mechanics). It does not take into account those manufacturers who produce their own calibers (Omega, Rolex, etc.).

Body shape. Materials. 

The main forms of the watch case are classic geometric shapes – a circle, a rectangle, a square. Here, the choice is due to the personal preferences of the owner. But according to statistics, most watches are produced in a round case. Rectangular or square shapes are more suitable for classic dress watches.

The material for most cases is stainless steel. But that doesn’t mean steel is the only option. You can find watches made of chrome-plated brass, titanium, precious metals (silver, gold, platinum) and even wood.


When choosing a watch, it is very important to consider what style of clothing the owner prefers. For those who wear a suit, models made in a classic style are suitable. For those who prefer a more casual style, a casual watch is suitable. Well, for playing sports, going on picnics, of course, a sports-style watch is suitable.
Is there a universal watch? This is a very difficult question, since nowadays fashion allows you to wear anything with anything. For example, a sports watch with a suit. But in most cases, nevertheless, complete harmony of the type of clothing and watches is observed.


Almost all watches provide their watches with various additional functions. The selection of these functions is wide and varied. But when choosing, you should be guided by the direction in which the watch will be used. For the office, classic models with the indication of the date, day of the week, or maybe without these functions are suitable. For a freer style, you can use a watch with a chronograph (stopwatch) function, as well as for sports.
It should be noted here that mechanical watches with a chronograph are much more expensive than those with a quartz movement. A watch equipped with the GMT (Greenwich Meridian Time) function will look good on the traveler’s wrist – a watch that can show the time in several time zones. Sometimes some models are equipped with several functions at once, which entails a higher cost of such watches.

Bracelet or belt.

What to choose, metal on the wrist? Or a softer skin touch? Here, as elsewhere, the answer rests on the purpose of the watch. It is clear that a watch on a leather strap will not work for diving. But the bracelet is seen in this case as a more universal choice. You can purchase a watch on a bracelet and then easily replace it with a strap. Fortunately, the choice of belts in our time is able to satisfy the most fastidious watch wearers.

You can also make a custom-made belt. There are plenty of artisans involved in sewing.

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