Watch Bremont for owners of Jaguar Lightweight E-Type

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Watch Bremont for owners of Jaguar Lightweight E-Type
With design, inspired car elements
Buyers of the six new Jaguar Lightweight E-Type released by the Jaguar Heritage department will become watches from Bremont. The hour stamp has already collaborated with Jaguar in the development of hours: In 2010, clocks were created for the Jaguar C-X75 supercar panel, Bremont clock was also created for the XJ75 Platinum concept. New Jaguar cars are created as part of the Special GT E-Type project. The project started in February 1963, the creation of 18 cars was assumed, at that time it was possible to produce only 12 aluminum lightweight E-Type, while six numbered chassis remained in stock. These chassis will be installed on new 6 cars, while each of the cars will comply with the specification of the last lightweight E-Type 1964.
The clock that Jaguar Customers will get along with an exclusive car use elements from Jaguar’s appearance. A limited series of 6 copies saw a light model with a black dial with a highlighted red zone, repeating the design of the original tachometer of a sports car. On the lower edge of the dial is the chassis number of the lightweight E-Type, which corresponds to this instance of the clock. The clock is enclosed in the housing with a diameter of 43 mm made of white gold. At the same time, aluminum, remaining from the production of body panels of new replicas of lightweight E-Type, was used to create the central part of the housing. With the help of electric oxidation, a color corresponding to the color of a particular car from the new series will be applied to the central part of the clock.
The clockwork of the clock is decorated with engraving, repeating drawing of the protector of authentic Dunlop racing tires, which will be installed on the replicas of lightweight E-type, and the straps are made of the skin Connolly, which was used to finish the interior of sports cars. Another “highlight” of the novelties is the use of a natural tree for finishing a BWC / 01 mechanism, whose rotor resembles the steering wheel of the original E-TYPE. On the reverse side of each instance, the engine number of the corresponding car is engraved.

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