Watch brands that are best NOT to buy in the store and why

Good afternoon, watch lovers and readers of my blog!

Buying a watch is an extremely responsible business that requires a lot of time, concentration and a cool head.

In the Internet era, buying a watch has become much easier thanks to countless online stores where you can buy absolutely any chronometer to your taste and color: from the cheapest Chinese Casio and Q&Q to the incredibly expensive Patek Philippe or Audemars Piguet .

Invicta watches - the price tag of which deceives buyers

Invicta watches – the price tag of which deceives buyers

However, some manufacturers and store owners tend to cash in on possible inattention or ignorance of the buyer, who usually has little knowledge of the watch topic and pricing .

For example, they set too high prices on some watches and reinforce this with an artificial “discount” or limitation .

Today, dear readers, I will tell you about the brands of watches which it is better not to buy new in the store and why.

Watches that are often overpriced - Casio

Watches that are often overpriced – Casio

1) Casio

Casio is a Japanese watch (and electronics) brand best known for its budget models and its line of extremely durable G-Shock watches .

And for some reason, not entirely clear to me, it is Casio that are distinguished by incredibly high and unrealistic prices for new watches in our stores . Of course, not in all, but in the overwhelming majority.

Of course, the margin is also different: for inexpensive models it can be one thousand or two thousand rubles, for expensive ones – from five to ten or more thousand rubles.

Sample prices for Casio G-Shock in our watch stores

Consider as an example one of the most popular and hit watches from a relatively affordable segment – the classic old-school Casio G-Shock DW-5600E-1V.

How much does this watch cost on Amazon

How much do Casio DW-5600E-1V cost us?

In our stores, the price for them ranges from 5500 to 7700 rubles, with an average cost of 55 dollars abroad.

In Russian rubles, this is, at the moment, 4000 rubles . A lot or a little, but the margin is almost 100%. And this is not to mention the watch, the cost of which exceeds 30,000 rubles.

Fine mechanical diving watch Orient Ray II

Fine mechanical diving watch Orient Ray II

2) Orient

Another Japanese brand that suffers from serious markups from greedy sellers is Orient .

Founded in the land of the rising sun, Orient has continued to produce reliable, beautiful and inexpensive mechanical and quartz watches for decades.

Another photo of the same model Orient Ray II

Another photo of the same model Orient Ray II

The situation with Orient is exactly the same as with Casio . The markup for inexpensive models is about a couple of thousand rubles , and for more expensive ones it is much more .

For example, one of the most famous and popular Orient models – diving Ray IIs cost about 12-13 thousand rubles , with an average cost of 8-10 thousand rubles ( no additional discount ).

An example of the price of this watch on Amazon

An example of prices for this watch in our stores

With what it is connected – I will definitely not answer .

Perhaps the reason lies in the fact that all these watches are in great demand and are absolute hits , as a result of which there is a huge demand .

And, since there is a consistently high demand, the seller inflates prices, maximizing his profit.

Also, the same happens, as far as I have noticed, with “inexpensive Switzerland”. Raymond Weil, Edox, Epos and other similar brands are extremely overpriced.

Swiss watches Raymond Weil, which are also used to inflate prices

Swiss watches Raymond Weil, which are also used to inflate prices

A completely natural question arises: if you do not buy a watch in a store, then where?

And the answer here is very ambiguous. On the one hand, I would advise you to order watches from abroad , where, even taking into account the relatively high cost of delivery, you will still save a couple of thousand rubles .

Fine mechanical watch Undone Basecamp

Fine mechanical watch Undone Basecamp

On the other hand, there are many sites on the Internet where it is possible to find absolutely new watches at a reasonable price . This, for example, can be found on the vastness of social networks or on online sales sites, such as Avito or Yula.

It is also worth remembering one important tip, which I would even call the “golden rule”.

No less beautiful Reverie Sea Spirit in vintage style

No less beautiful Reverie Sea Spirit in vintage style

It may seem quite obvious to you, but it works nonetheless .

Before you buy a watch, even if you are in a hurry to get a brand new chronometer as early as possible, do not hesitate to compare its price on different sites , in particular with the price on foreign ones. If there is an opportunity to be patient for a week longer, but save a few thousand rubles ( if this is of principle for you ), then please be careful .

Thanks for reading!

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