In the Moscow Kremlin will show Watch BOVET 1822 and Ilgiza Fazulzyna

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In the Moscow Kremlin will show Watch BOVET 1822 and Ilgiza Fazulzyna
The exhibition will last from April 1 to July 31
On April 1, the exhibition “Jewelry inspired by nature is started in museums of the Moscow Kremlin. Ilgiz F. “, on which the works of the Russian artist-jeweler Ilgiza Fazulzyanov will be demonstrated. Ilgiz was born in Kazan, graduated from the Kazan School of Arts, and then continued to independently engage in jewelry. In 1999, Fazulyanov moved to Moscow, and in 2008 the master became the first jeweler, whose works were sold at Christie’s auction during the author’s life. A few years later, the New York Auction House of Bonham’s and the New York Auction House of Bonham’s also joins the accumulative British auction house, which also started selling the works of Ilgiz.
The collection of modern jewelry art museums of the Moscow Kremlin, which has more than 2000 exhibits, presents five precious jewelry of the work of Ilgiza Fazuliangan. Most of its products are stored in private collections in Russia, Italy, France, Great Britain, Japan, USA and other countries.
In addition to unique jewelry, created using hot jewelry enamels, guests of the exhibition will be able to see in the Assumption belfry dials for BOVET clock clocks 1822. The exposition will feature hours from the Apocalypse Riders collection.
Pascal Raffi, the owner of the Bovet 1822 watch house and the Watch Manufactory of Dimier 1738, with cooperation with Ilgiz Fazulyanov, insisted that the jeweler used the same filigree techniques as its glorified predecessors. In the unique collection that appeared on the light, a direct connection with historical pocket clocks created by the Bove brothers is traced. The male collection consists of a miniature interpreting the plot of the four riders of the apocalypse, and the women’s collection is inspired by the theme of nature, mainly floral motifs.
The collection includes, for example, created in a single copy of the Amadeor Fleurier 39 “Poppies” of Grand Feu Enamel with an image of gentle colors on a dial framed by AMADEO Case from White Gold. The clock uses an automatic caliber 11BA13, providing a 72-hour stroke reserve.
Among male models – Amadeor Fleurier 43 “Rider Apocalypse” Grand Feu Enamel in a 43-millimeter case of pink gold. The clock is equipped with a mechanism 11ba12 with an auto-cutting and a stroke of 72 hours.

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