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Bovet | Virtuoso harmony of time
Ksenia Voronina
Each model of the BOVET house becomes the object of attention of collectors. This is especially brightly demonstrated by the premieres of 2015, which appeared on the pages of all watch magazines and, finally, in the windows of time boutiques. Tourbillon Braveheart, triple watch zone Recital 17, Cateau-de-Motier enamel dials – these watches cause admiration of real connoisseurs, those who are higher than the uniqueness and harmony, when the inventions are carefully woven into the tradition of tradition, and technical excellence becomes a tool of genuine passion.
Classics and contemporaries
BOVET Manufactory – the true pride of Fleple, who revived and uniting two most important historical family companies in the region today. And although there were many bright personalities in the history of the brand, starting with representatives of the watch and Dimier’s watch dynasties, a real rapid takeoff of the house to the top of the hour hierarchy, all experts and clocks are associated with the name of the current owner Bovet – Pascal Raffi.
The unique series of 2015 Amadeo Fleurier was created together with the Ilgiz F jewelry
History, when a businessman, starting from collecting and hobbies with prestigious chronometers, becomes a watch entrepreneur, for the new millennium is not uncommon. But not everyone turns out to be able to not just run a few successful time collections, but to truly breathe new life and meaning in a famous historical house. An even more difficult for the task – to bring it to the highest level of skill and technical equipment, acquiring its own factories for the production of mechanisms, buildings, art workshops painting dials. Finally, hold the reached bar, every year presenting new phenomenal complications, interesting basic calibers and collectible rarities are the highest pilot of an independent family manufactory. Looking at how today a BOVET is developing under the leadership of Raffi, it is impossible not to evaluate this unique experience: we are witnessing how the hour legend is born in their eyes. About this period Bovet will write books in the next century.
Recital 12 Monsieur Dimier with basic manufactory caliber 13DM01, stroke 7 days, housing 42 mm
Normal uniqueness
The answer to the question is, according to Pascal Raffi, gives the clock to real individuality, you can easily find, looking at one of the new products of this year – the model Recital 17 from the Dimier collection. Recital 17 has become the third clock, the source of energy for which is the Virtuoso II mechanism. This caliber, who saw the light last year, was then represented as the “engine” at once two models – Recital 12 Monsieur Dimier and Recital 15.
The classic model number 12, received the name “Mr. Dimier” not by chance: it was the first “basic” manufactory of a car without a tourbillon and other complications, entirely produced in the Dimier 1738 factory walls: the dial with a minute and second arrow was shifted relative to the center and supplemented with thin A 120-degree second scale to maximize the parts of the mechanism. Already in the next model with a number 15, an unusual horizontal layout acquired a new sound in combination with additional indicators: with the crowning head, a window of the jumping hour, followed by a retrograde minute arrow and finally recognizable “highlight” collection – triple second arrow on “9 o’clock ” In the Dimier Recital 17 Triple Timezone Moonphase (such a full model name) The roles on the dial again changed: now the arrows of time indicators in three time zones were lined up on one axis, and the Luna phase indicator was located at once in two hemispheres. The idea of ​​the triple watch zone BOVET has already been brilliantly implemented in the Rising Star, but it was decided to transfer all the functionality to one side of the classic design case without using the Amadeo system. Almost complete openness of the dial allows you to enjoy the game of pointers and customizable scales of the mechanism, which Mr. Raffi himself calls “Basic”.
Dimier Recital 17 Triple Timezone Moonphase in white gold housing 45.3 mm
What are the ideas about the usual base mechanism in a clock house, where uniqueness is delivered to the corner? On the dial at the “3 and 9 hours” marks, there are indexes of additional time zones, automatically adjusted under the selected city, each with its own time indicator. Closes the triangle precision phase of the moon below. Turning the clock, you can see the famous manufactory mechanism Virtuozo II with an impressive stroke reserve.
In 2015, the Virtuoso caliber was tested in the Amadeo Fleurier collection, where the famous transformer case was acquired. Two sides of the dial demonstrate two views on the traditional hourly indication. On one of the parties, adjacent to the indicator of the 5-day stock of the stroke and a separate second-hand arrow of the dial to “12 hours” is equipped with two arrows. And on the other hand, hours and minutes are separated by occupying space in the window and on a retrograde scale. For numerous indicators and inscriptions (which are applied to special plates at the request of the watcher’s owner), enamel artists create eight elements, for the processing of each of which takes 10 hours. Classical enamel with sophisticated numbers and letters is in an equally refined surrounding from parts with elegant engraving.
Recital 15 with a 5-day reserve of the course, jumping hour and retrograde minutes, in the housing of pink gold 42 mm
Demonstrating a high level of skill in giving the volume of flat surfaces, artists of the clock house took a step forward, creating full-fledged three-dimensional figures for the Tourbillon Virtuoso IV model. Angels, elephants, pigeons or horses support the enamel dial in the top of the case. The lower segment is completely given to the minute turbillion, fixed on the axis passing in the middle.
The appearance of animal figures on the dial is another reminder of the history of the hourly house, which supplied pocket watch to China at the beginning of the XIX century. The distinction of the clock was a rich decoration, demanded on the East, seeking to the luxury. The lush bouquets decorated with pearls of the pearls were blooming and representatives of the fauna, including exotic elephants and snakes.
Amadeo Fleurier Monsieur Bovet with a stroke of 7 days in a double-sided corpus of pink gold 43 mm, turning into pocket and desktop clock
In 2015, the symbol of which is a sheep, resembling links to the East, the image of the zodiacal sign in the thumbnail was applied to the dial of one of the versions of the Amadeo Fleurier Monsieur Bovet model. In the original version of these strict hours, the “heart” of which the Caliber Virtuoso II became, the place of the Chinese calendar symbol occupies a restrained black surface with only one window for a double-sided second indication.
Top Mastery
If you consider “Mr. Dimier” and derived from him the mechanism of Virtuoso II “Basic” for manufactory, the fact that, according to Bovet engineers, is the top of the skills of the brand, worthy of the continuation of the tradition of the Bove family. In 2015, Pascal Raffi gave an answer to this question, representing the audience Amadeo Fleurier Braveheart. According to Raffi, it was about this model he dreamed when he became the owner of his own clock company.
Special Chateau-de-Motiers series in a 40 mm body of gold or steel with diamonds and image of good luck characters on a pearl dial
The dream embodied in life after 14 years – the mechanism of 772 parts with a manual plant has already familiar BOVET characteristics and admires new technical achievements. Features of the mechanism are protected by six patents. Saving a double second arrow and a combination with the Amadeo case, erasing the line between the wrapping, desktop and pocket clock, the “brave heart” acquired the turbine, with ease soaring at the bottom of the dial.
Two patented improvements are associated with the mechanism plant of 17BM02AI22J. Increased attention to this verge of caliber performance is quite explained: the watchmaking engineers provided the autonomous operation of the mechanism for 22 days and at the same time made the plant process not too tiring. The plant requires only 55 revolutions of the crown. It was possible to achieve this by double the speed of rotation of the spherical differential. Do not be it – the head would have to rotate more than 100 times. The double conical gear planetary transmission with multiple engagement was patented and used in the clockwork system, and the traditional balance of the three-deck rim with weights at the ends.
AMADEO FLEURIER BRAVEHEART, 4,2.2 mm case, with a double-sided turbium and stroke reserve 22 days
Empathetic mechanics
In the Ladies bovet of this year, the complex mechanics plays the second violin, providing challengingly to reign on the scene of exquisite femininity. Thus, a series of elegant everyday hours of Miss Audrey was replenished with models in a housing with a diameter of 36 mm, framing a lacquered dial of blue or brown. Restrained diamond labels do not distract attention from the exquisite guilloche.
And in the Collection of Chateau-de-Motiers, which represents the unique techniques of enamel miniatures on Pearlors, this summer there were models with scarlet cornflowers, considered in ancient Egypt symbols of life and abundance. Gentle flowers complemented a series into which miniature hummingbirds and ladybugs are already included.
Amadeo Fleurier Virtuoso V in the housing of 43.5 mm, jumping hour, retrograde minutes
To fully appreciate the refinement of the miniature on the dials allow the models created by the watch house together with the artist Ilgiz Fazulian-Jeweler, whose products under the Ilgiz F brand caused delight in the European market. Just like the Bovet masters, the artist uses rare techniques to work with enamel, combining them with unusual plots.
Now, when you can take a general eye of the Bovoet 2015 premiere, the main value of these watches becomes clear. They are deeply empathic. In every new hours there is a passion, a good mood and high intelligence of Pascal Raffi, creating a favorite collection for himself, his family and like-minded people. It is probably why the BOVET hour symphony is so harmonious and amazing.
Amadeo Fleurier Virtuoso IV with turbium and sculptures of white gold horses

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