Victorinox Inox.

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Victorinox Inox.
VICTORINOX SWISS ARMY is known worldwide as a manufacturer of famous army knives, reliable and trouble-free in any circumstances. It is not surprising that its 130th anniversary, the company decided to celebrate the release of hours, not inferior to knives in strength.
The INOX name is translated from French as “stainless steel” and recalls the opening of this alloy in 1913, which allowed a small factory for the production of army knives, founded in 1884 in Swiss Bienne, to become a world famous brand. Therefore, the body of new hours inox is the anthem of steel strength. It is carved from a solid piece of metal and can withstand any overloads. The dial is also a single element, the arrow axes are additionally strengthened, even indices are not overhead – they are imprinted. The crown and ears of the bracelet fastening are equipped with treads, the protruding rant does not allow glass, finally, an additional unique protection is attached to the clock: the bumper is a removable part of the nylon and silicone composite, which tightly fits the body and the crown, not worse Visibility of the dial.
To confirm the exceptional survivability of the clock, the engineers of Victorinox Swiss Army subjected to INOX 130 hard tests, of which 30 were invented specifically for these tests. For example, INOX successfully moved a sandy storm, washing for two hours in a washing machine, drop from a 10-meter height on asphalt and even moving through it 64-ton tank! The clock is also able to withstand temperature fluctuations from -51 ° C to + 71 ° C and overload in 12G with sharp acceleration or braking. Inox assignment was exposed to corrosive products – gasoline, solvents, oils, cleaning solutions and poisonous insecticides.
So what? How new!
Victorinox Inox.
Ref.: 241682.
Case:: 43 mm, from reinforced steel, sapphire glass with triple anti-glare coating, rear cap on screws, removable protective bumper from silicone and nylon with 12/24, WR 200 meters
Mechanism: Quartz Ronda 715
Functions: Clock, Minutes, Central Second Arrow, Calendar Date
Dial: black, imprinted indexes, arrow with luminescent coating
Strap: from black rubber, classic steel clasp
Price: 25 100 rub.
“The name of the Victorinox brand was formed by a merger of two words. Victoria means “victory” in Latin, in addition, so called the mother of the company’s founder of Karl Elzner. Well, INOX is the abbreviated Latin Inoxidable, “stainless”, so in France it is customary to call chrome steel. So the name of the anniversary model Victorinox INOX is a tribute to the memory of the company’s rich history, a symbol of what the knives and the clock are combined with a common philosophy. ”
Published in the magazine “My Watch” №4-2014

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