Urwerk UR-220 All Black

At Baselworld 2013 Rolex highlighted especially the traditional art of making dials and rim, offering a series of seven variations of the model Oyster Perpetual Day-Date of gold, decorated with diamonds, mother of pearl, and colored stones.

These new models Day-Date Sertie bezel decorated with cut diamonds baguette, characterized by elegance and grandeur of their dials, conceived and manufactured by Rolex in the studio by experienced craftsmen.

The two new models idealize the natural beauty of nacre due to the unique techniques and beautiful combination of materials.

Dial nacreous carousel represents openwork hour track from 18-carat white gold, diamond encrusted 217, with fine mosaic of pink or white pearl and engraved with a flower motif.

Dial oxford, which is based on the structure of the famous English fabrics, offers a braided motif engraved on the white mother of pearl or nacre with a mysterious glow of platinum, obtained by the method developed by Rolex.

These two variants with pointers and bezel, diamond encrusted, discount on Day-Date patterns 18 carat pink or white gold.

Rolex once again offers the dials of precious stones adorning them pointers, encrusted with diamonds of the highest quality: lapis lazuli on models from 18-carat white gold, bull’s eye on the model of the 18-carat yellow gold and ferrite models in 18-carat rose gold bezel, inlaid diamonds.

Technical specifications housing Diameter 36 mm Material 18-carat rose or white gold The bezel 18-karat white gold, decorated with 60 cut diamonds baguette Water resistant to 100 m Mechanism Functions: quick sets the day of the week and date in the boxes with the ability to quickly adjust.


Blue paramagnetic spiral Parachrom.

All automatic winding mechanism operating in two directions via Perpetual rotor Dial Carousel in pink or white pearl, 18-carat white gold is decorated with 217 diamonds Bracelet 18-carat rose or white gold Crownclasp concealed clasp with folding buckle https://luxwatch.ua/other_pictures/News/Rolex/06.05.13/Day-Date%20Sertie/day-date_sertie_clasp_0001_840x107013106091420326n2B.jpg

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