URWERK clock UR-105 CT Streamliner

urwerk ur 105 ct watch

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URWERK clock UR-105 CT Streamliner
New clock option with unique indication URWERK
Urwerk has released a clock UR-105 CT Streamliner, newly united the “carousel” of the hourly indicator and a static minute scale. To display the clock, a device with four rotating “satellites” is used, each of which has an almost flat plate with three numerals. The numbers are changing, passing over a minute scale located in front of the front part, next to which the second indicator is located in 10 seconds.
The housing is made of titanium, its dimensions – 39.50×53 mm, height – 16.80 mm. It is enough to throw back the top cover, like a hood of a car, and can be considered automatic caliber UR 5.02 with a 48-hour turn of the stroke. Pointer of energy residue is located on the reverse side of the housing.

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