Ulysse nardin torpilleur military Monaco Yacht Show

Ulysse nardin torpilleur military is limited collection rep of the Monaco Yacht mov., consisting of 100 copies limited production.

Since the factory grounds has been more than one hundred and seventy years old, but its history is still inextricably linked to the sea.

“Outstanding maritime heritage of the brand to fully disclose the essence of our partnership. Exhibition MYS and Ulysse Nardin share a common passion for the sea, luxury, precision and commitment to innovation. We are proud to act as a partner of the exhibition in Monaco already 11th year in a row, “- says Patrick Prunier, President of Ulysse Nardin.

This year, the French Riviera and the main port of the Principality welcomed 125 super-yachts and about forty yards-representatives. And for the Swiss manufactory is a special opportunity to show works of high watchmaking art, the inspiration for which was the sea.

The main link of the glorious historic maritime heritage of the brand and manufacture Ulysse Nardin today – a collection Marine. The name speaks for itself. Model Marine Torpilleur Monaco Yacht Show is performed on the basis of this collection and will be presented in a limited edition of 100 copies.

The dial pattern decorates hot enamel technique. It was created by the factory worked master Donzé Cadrans, which is part of Ulysse Nardin. Set designers use vintage recipes for enamel. Today, this centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship for which there is no formal training environment, and the whole learning process takes place directly in the workshop at the time of the creation of the dial.

hot enamel technique or Grand Feu – delicate and laborious process. The term “hot enamel” refers to the process of vitrification of mineral materials. Layer special colored glass is fused at a high temperature on the copper plate.

The whole process is done by hand and the complexity lies in the fact that it is practically impossible to avoid deformation or cracking of the enamel layer. The greater the value of acquired finished goods. Gray and white enamel is deposited on the copper plate dial Marine Torpilleur Monaco and then baked in an oven at 800 ° C temperature.
The second step in the creation of the dial – the application of the hour and minute indices and labels. Then it is baked again to secure the new enamel layer and smooth the surface of the dial. This operation takes place under high pressure, like flattening finished plate. It requires a high skill level, because at this moment happens to the largest part of the marriage, as the press can leave marks on the enamel.

After decorating process is completed, the master starts setting dial into the housing.

To prepare the model presented a limited number of individual enamel dials.

The largest white dial with indexes, the average gray – with a picture and date of the smallest indication of power reserve. Then, they are soldered. Due to its mineral composition of enamel dial resistant to UV exposure.

Model Marine Torpilleur got its name from the high-speed torpedo boats, small displacement, but very maneuverable, whose history began in the XIX century. Marine Torpilleur manufacture Ulysse Nardin is certified chronometer COSC. It’s designed for the modern Ulysses, masters of their own destiny, boldly plowing open spaces of cities.

Dynamic, elegant, minimalist.

Blue Roman numerals, fine steel hands. Apparent threaded crown engraved caps manufactory. In additional dial at a position “6” hours inscription “Monaco Yacht Show” and the time “09.19” formed in red. Memorable date of the exhibition – the numbers 25, 26, 27 and 28 is also marked in red. The model is blue alligator strap with white stitching on the sides. Another tribute to the maritime heritage of the brand.

At the heart of the model UN-118 manufactory caliber with automatic winding and a silicon escapement (the technology is fully developed textiles). Cruising model is 60 hours of power reserve indicator is at “12” hours.

Specifications’ Marine Torpilleur Monaco Yacht Show

  • Reference 1183-310LE / E0-MON
  • Mechanism manufacturing mechanism UN-118. Silicon technology and DIAMonSIL technology (diamond film is deposited on the silicon), the certificate COSC
  • Power reserve, small seconds, date. Power reserve 60 hours
  • Polished housing, satin steel. Bezel corrugated, steel. Diameter 42 mm. Water resistant to 50 meters. Sapphire crystal caseback
  • Dial white / gray enamel technique Grand Feu (hot enamel). Power reserve indicator at “12” hours. Small seconds at “6” hours a month of the exhibition MYS “09.19” displayed in red
  • Date at “6” hours and the date of the exhibition MYS (25 to 28) displayed in red
  • Blue alligator leather strap with stitching
  • PRICE: 9500 CHF

Ulysse nardin torpilleur military price’s trend kept by Chrono.24

Ulysse Nardin Marine Torpilleur 1183-310/40 trend price chrono24
Ulysse Nardin Marine Torpilleur 1183-310/40 trend price by chrono24

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