Ulysse Nardin InnoVision 2

Fashion Week in Paris hosted a grand display of a new collection Spring / Summer 2018 by Chanel.

In honor of this event have been released a new watch CODE COCO.

New items made of stainless steel co famous quilted motifs “Matelassé chocolat” rascherknutym into squares, then that can be seen in the costumes of the podium.

# The clock will be available with a bezel of 52 diamonds and without them.

The uniqueness of them is just in an unusual mount, which probably was the inspiration landmark handbags Chanel 2.

55, which has a very special buckle.

Black rectangular dial is divided in half # revolving metal rod that shows a time when it is horizontal to a bracelet or hides the time when he perpendicular to it.

Just at the open bar visible cut diamond “Princess” 0.

05 cards.

This unique structure allows you to watch them as a zip bag and worn as a bracelet.

Although at present it is very unusual design and is certainly innovative, we do not first see the hidden watches for women.

Van Cleef and Arpels Cadenas has developed the 1930 which protected a hidden dial women to discreetly check the time so as not to offend the company with which they have spent their time.

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