TV series “are very good” inside wearing what table?

About watches, in addition to a very small part of the population, I believe most of my friends are bought from commuter wear, having said that, consumers are still very concerned about a problem – the hedge ratio, just like buying a car.

Japanese media have recently seen a statistical analysis of their domestic popularity watch watch website published price information, electronic business platform to find out from both brands listed price and the actual selling price of the models were about 5,000 hedge funds rate estimates, too the following chart out single.

27 brands, preservation rate was generally 50% to 80% Hedge rate rankings in sequence as follows: 1.

Rolex ROLEX 2.

Audemars Piguet AUDEMARS PIGUET 3.

Tudor TUDOR 4.

Patek Philippe PATEK PHILIPPE 5.

Vacheron Constantin VACHERON CONSTANTIN 6.

Blancpain BLANCPAIN 7.

Cartier CARTIER 8.

Panerai PANERAI 9.



Lange A.



Longines LONGINES 14.

Hublot HUBLOT 15.

Omega OMEGA 16.

Breguet BREGUET 17.

Hermes HERMÈS 18.

Zenith ZENITH 19.


Chanel CHANEL 21.


Bell & Ross BELL & ROSS 23.

Bulgari BVLGARI 24.

Chopin CHOPARD 25.

Breitling BREITLING 26.

Mercier BAUME & MERCIER 27.

FRANCK MULLER To the extent strictly defined hedging involves too broad, so the origin of this list is to be reduced to the actual price of the watch brand removed to pricing, so to still be able to get data on average watch a hedge or not, of course, each brand new table discount actuarial difficult to do because of different standards, so the removal of the price or the use of such a formula pricing, so that each brand have come to approximate hedge ranking at the same standard.

# 1 “Rolex Dili rudder breakdown of the first and third place.

” As can be seen from this list, no doubt hedge against inflation or a Rolex watch altar champion, nearly 90% of the level, perhaps we looked too much Kelpie, Daytona or GMT-Master II is an example of popular models I will buy a Rolex that is earned, a resale can earn a few percent, but in fact if the average level of view, hedge ratio Rolex and no more than 100% so exaggerated, can only say that the depreciation rate did not buy a Rolex so high.

As can be seen from the list, the first and last of the Rolex FM, their preservation is poor twice as fast, from this relative comparison, or you can show how everyone thinks it is worth buying Rolex watches s reason.

# 2 “has four top ten brands by Richemont” From this list of the top ten can be seen in the Rolex Group’s most dazzling performance, while operating independently of the big brands such as AP and PP leader also accounted for the second and fourth place (even with the impression would have thought PP AP more than the row in front), as Richemont, there are four brands into the list, ranking the highest Vacheron Constantin, ranking fifth.

Swatch Group also has two brands on the list, which the group’s 2018 best selling Omega ten list but not in the former, the highest ranking is sixth Blancpain, and the usual low-key GO market are also squeezed into the front ten.

# 3 “almost all popular brands hedge ratio above 50%.

” In this A total of 27 brands list, can be found in preservation of high-level table probably have more than 50%, although it looks acceptable, but it also reminds us once again want to invest big money seems to watch It seemed more realistic, in general, it is recommended to buy their own watches worn or have any special commemorative own collection mainly preoccupied with buying table to get rich, often disappointment will be greater than expected.

Another source of information is this list the Japanese market based on the market, although there is some reference value, but not put all the world-all, we need not be too serious about the idea of ​​this list hedging rate.

All along, I do not advocate friends directed at the “hedge”, “appreciation” and buy a table, for the moment, put aside the crazy speculation that several, watches over the remaining 99% will depreciate, and speculators who blow when the bubble will break, you and me unknown, bitter is probably the last who then set Xia.

Like, is the best reason to buy a table.

Not for gain powder, just watch public chat number

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