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Someone, perhaps, it seems that Russia is on the distant periphery of attention of the best hourly brands in the world.

In fact, this is not at all the case: the Swiss often turn to Russian topics.

For example, the Great Mark Audemars Piguet is a partner of the Bolshoi Theater and has in its catalog a watch dedicated to this temple of art; H.

Moser & Cie has released a wonderful model of the Venturer XL Stoletniy Krasniy to the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution; The famous manufacture of Ulysse Nardin honored our military glory with a series of Classico Generals watches with portraits of Russian commanders.

The young, but already quite authoritative Swiss clock brand CVSTOS did not stand aside.

In cooperation with the outstanding French actor Gerard Depardieu, who, as you know, replaced its citizenship to the Russian one, the company launched the Proud to be Russian project – I am proud of being Russian.

The clock created as part of this project includes the Challenge Jetliner collection, the distinctive features of which are the massive body of the Tonneau form (barrel) and luxurious performance.

And the indispensable attribute of the watch Proud to be Russian is a golden biceps eagle on the dial.

By the way, Gerard Depardieu, the official Ambassador CVSTOS, is very close to this Geneva company in spirit.

And, honestly, it is difficult to consider randomly a coincidence that the name CVSTOS goes back to the Greek “Guardian” and carries the meaning of the “Guardian of Time”, and Depardieu participated in the creation of the panoramic film Timekeeper (1992), that is, the same “Guardian of Time” ! The ProD to be Russian collection – Limited Edition Gorard Depardieu three main options for setting hours: a three -shooter, a model with a turbine and a minute tide with a turbine.

Each version offers various options that differ in color scheme and, partly, in the materials used.

Here we will take a closer look at the three -shooter in a blue color scheme, but first – about the Russian coat of arms, which adorns all the version without exception.

This is an extremely complex and extremely subtle job! The co -founder and chief designer of CVSTOS Antonio Terranova (he is also the author of the Proud to be Russian design) describes the process: “A gold plate 2 mm thick is cut on a five -axle multi -level machine.

Then, through an electerrohrose procedure using a very narrow laser beam, a voluminous image of a two -headed eagle is formed.

And finally, sandblasting is performed.

An openwork imperial coat of arms shines in complete splendor! ” It must also be added that the aesthetics of the model requires filigree openwork (also skeletonization) from the 42-punch 42 hours of the 42 hours.

The same Antonio Terranova notes that this skeletonization in no way is to the detriment of the strength and reliability of the caliber.

To contemplate the work of the latter, both through the dial and from the side of the back cover, is true pleasure, especially since the details of the mechanism are related.

As for the corps, it seems to be a classic “barrel”, but in fact it is innovative, technically even avant -garde.

CVSTOS engineers inventively used this form, making it a supporting frame for the entire structure.

That is why the name of the watch family is Challenge, i.


call! The dimensions of the case of the “Russian” model-41 by 53.

7 mm, thickness-13.

35 mm, water resistance-100 m.

In the version in question, the case is made of steel with a blue PVD cover.

In tone to this color and a rubber strap with a layering fastener.

On both sides of the case are sapphire glass, and on the back the autograph of Gerard Depardieu was engraved.

Note that in the materials of the case there is not only steel: the branded screws of the CVSTOS Technology, the strap fastening elements and the rotten clouded, which is equipped with a rubber, are made of pink gold of the 750th sample.

This, like fluorescent arrows and tags, is a kind of response to the golden two -headed eagle .



CVSTOS PROUDTOBERUSAN-BLUE 2 070 000 r There are also options in steel with a black PVD cover, in titanium, in gold and even with precious stones.

And the price of the model that we examined, on the one hand, is far from budget, but on the other – even more far from prohibitive, with such an excellent performance: about 1.

5 million rubles.



less than 20 thousand dollars).

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