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Hellen Mirren Candice Swuinfol Sophie Marso Luma Grot Jessica Chastain Anya Rubik Lee Maine Taylor Hill Sharon Stone Bella Hadid The completion of the Cannes Film Festival was marked not only by the names of the winners and loud ovations in their honor, but also by star exits to the legendary red carpet, some of which earned no less violent applause.

Supplementing the glamorous landscapes of the French Riviera, this time the diamond jewelry in the spirit of causing luxury and decadence was released.

The bold, rather provocative works of jewelry, attracting attention to bizarre forms and the meanings laid down in them, were not inferior to them.

As a result, everyone remained satisfied: both fans of classical elegance and admirers of outright eccentricity.

Show and tell! Hellen Mirren The legendary Hellen Mirren did not lose the choice of jewelry: in earrings and a necklace of white diamonds and emeralds from Dolce & Gabbana, she looked completely in a foul-legged! Awesome way out! Vesna Jewelry 21348-351-14-00 102 850 p Artauro 2378-2/1-6_au 155 180 p Sokolov 3020333_S 213 020 p Candice Swuinfol The South African supermodel Candice Swainfol has been showed the Catene necklace from Pomellato.

A sign motive with links made of white gold inlaid with shining diamonds complemented the corresponding chains.

Master Diamond 2-208154-00-00 113 060 p Swarovski 5558521 27 170 p Marcasitis Ne080-Mr 45 780 p Sophie Marso The incomparable Sophia Marso preferred luxurious minimalism embodied in jewelry from the Chopard Haute Joaillerie collection.

The actress chose a couple of platinum earrings with diamonds of 17.

09 carats, as well as laconic bracelets and white gold rings of 18 carats with diamonds.

Vesna Jewelry 21421-251-01-00 71 280 p Imperial JE2011-2021 235 890 p Alrosa Diamonds Or5db411x 595 650 p Luma Grot For her exit on the red carpet, the Brazilian model Luma Grot chose jewelry of the French jewelry brand Messika, released with the legendary Kate Moss model: UNCHAINED SOUL Earrings in combination with “Independent icon” earrings, ReleASDED SUN bracelet, as well as Set.

Rings “Released Sun” and “Independent Icon” Sokolov 028625_S 16 210 p SKLV 94170115_S 1 910 p FJord MN32 5 700 p Jessica Chastain At the presentation of the film “Annett”, the director of the frame of the frame, actress Jessica Chastain shone in an incredible Chopard necklace, decorated with oval cutting rubies, with a total weight of more than 112 carats, and white diamonds of 14 carats.

A real work of art! Master Diamond 2-106-569-55 159 830 p Artauro 2005M-1/1-5_AU 142 090 p Sokolov 4020390_S 62 480 p Anya Rubik Model Anya Rubik introduced Boucheron jewelry, complementing the necklace and white gold bracelet with Arrow of Time diamonds, an amazing Choker of white gold “Ruban Diamants” from the Haute Joaillerie Histoire de Style collection.

Artauro 1682-1/1_au 118 710 p Master Diamond 2-107-059-48 238 700 p Unode50 COL1296MTL0000U 15 890 p Lee Maine The release of the Chinese actress Lee Maine earned particular attention.

A spectacular necklace from the Bulgari Cinemagia collection is inspired by close relationships of the house with Elizabeth Taylor, in particular during its filming in the film Cleopatra.

A complex jewelry composition is made of pink gold and decorated with precious stones in the cut of Kabashon.

Artauro 1010-27/30_au 147 750 p Swarovski 5560943 16 770 p Sokolov 740182_S 69 890 p Taylor Hill The incredibly refreshing image of the Taylor Hill model consisted, including the jewelry of the French jewelry brand Messika with an emphasis on the radiance of diamonds and the natural beauty of the turquoise.

Master Diamond 02-1-322-2100-010 61 700 p Sokolov 724179_S 41 420 p Marcasitis He559-Birjuza-Mr 11 100 p Sharon Stone Amazing Sharon Stone preferred Chopard floral earrings, decorated with clusters of white, pink and green precious stones.

Contrary to a rather bulky form, the product looked incredibly tender.

Kabarovsky 12-21118-1022 75 640 p Master Diamond 2-207919-00-55 153 220 p Artauro 2169b-2/1-38_au 235 880 p Bella Hadid The most discussed output of this film festival.

Bella Hadid appeared on a red carpet in a bold, sculptural decoration from gilded brass, which repeated the anatomical image of the bronchi.

Pretty symbolic, given the long expectation of the return of the Cannes Film Festival from the moment of its cancellation in 2020 due to the pandemic.

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