Top 5 sporty chronographs

Top 5 sporty chronographs
Manufacturers of luxury watches for over a century developing and using technical solutions that will save the exact mechanism of hours from dust, dirt, moisture and impact shocks.

Today, technology allows the development of watch manufactures to create the watch more tight and impact-resistant than 50 years ago.

However, the initial concern about the state of mechanical watches is assigned to the owner.

hours mechanism consists of a plurality of parts.

The number of moving parts in the mechanism may be from 100 or more, many of which tiny sizes.

To maintain the efficiency of the mechanism and its parts required to comply with the rules for the care and maintenance of mechanical watches.


Despite the fact that modern watch oil of sufficient quality, they thicken or dry up over time.

Regular winding supports work hours and does not give oils quickly thicken.

It is important to know how to wind the watch and observe the recommendations.

If the watch is worn rarely, complete plant is recommended to carry out at least once a month.


Be sure to check the level of water resistance of the watch before exposing them to water.

If the inside of hours the body is exposed to water, immediately contact the webmaster.

Watchmaker “Secunda” performs emergency repairs of Swiss watches.

To repaired clocks provide a warranty of 2 years.

To watch for a long time served, do not experiment with test water resistance of the watch.

Observe and avoid exposure to water more than foreseen by the manufacturer.

Bumps and scratches.

Take care of the mechanical watch from knocks and bumps.

Watches, especially mechanical, “afraid” strikes.

In addition to their adverse effects on the mechanism on the case and the bracelet may appear scratches and dents that affect the appearance of the clock.

Glass that protects the watch face may crack.

Get rid of scratches and return the original appearance of the clock will watchmaker “Second” by performing polishing body, bracelets and replacement of glass.

When carrying out guarantee the preservation of integrity and accuracy of the clock.


hours storage option is important not only for long periods of wear, but also in daily use hours.

Compliance with recommendations on how to properly store hours, will help protect the watch from the magnetization changes in temperature and UV rays.

Dirt and dust.

Contamination in the form of dirt, dust or sweat, which fall on the clock, as in the constant wear and prolonged storage, detracts from the appearance hours.

Case and bracelet watches can be periodically cleaned by means of ultrasound, by contacting the watchmaking workshop.

Chemicals and cosmetics.

Avoid contact hours with aggressive chemical agents and cosmetics.

For example, from the effects of alcohol plastic glass may become cloudy.


Compliance with these rules of care for a mechanical watch does not preclude compulsory service.

Periodically we recommend checking the clock on a dedicated device that reads the stroke parameters and allows you to make a rapid diagnosis of the mechanism, without opening the case.

On average, every three to five years should be carried out repassazh hours.

Watches with water resistance, which are often used in the water and under the water, it is recommended to check for leaks every year before the summer season.

Watchmaker’s “second” free diagnoses mechanism to identify the fault.

The cost of work is calculated individually.

All work is given a guarantee of up to two years.

To write for a free diagnosis, please call +7 (499) 110-00-43.

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