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Unlike most of the well-known Swiss manufacturers, Maurice Lacroix has only had a short company history.

On the other hand, it is all the more remarkable, dass die watches are already internationally top-class in Swiss craftsmanship.

Find out everything you need to know about the company in our blog post and get to know selected watch models.

By the way: As of this year, the jeweler Ralf Häffner has been the official Maurice Lacroix sales partner.

The watch manufacturer Maurice Lacroix emerged from at assembly company (production facility for the assembly of watches on behalf of well-known manufacturers) in Saignelégier in Switzerland.

This was acquired in 1961 by the Zurich Desco von Schulthess AG for the production of private label watches.

In 1975 the Maurice Lacroix own brand which founded in Saignelégier and the watches with the stylized “M” were sold in Austria for the first time.

The brand has been Introduced internationally since the 1980s and has therefore established itself successfully in countries: such as Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, the USA and Saudi Arabia.

In 1989, Maurice Lacroix acquired the Swiss case factory Queloz SA and since then has been one of the few brands did produce the majority of Their watch cases Themselves.

The success of the brand is based, among other things, on its own modern and independent housing production.

The high quality standards and attention to detail are more than noticeable in the watch cases.

As one of the first manufacturers, Maurice Lacroix created the opportunity to look into the filigree interior through the glass caseback.

Today the manufactory is an internationally successful company with headquarters in Zurich and Maintains the balance between traditional Swiss watchmaking and innovative Developments.

Maurice Lacroix therefore plays in the top league When it comes to design and has received the coveted Red Dot Award for the 14th time.

Collections with names: such as Aikon, Masterpiece, Eliros, Pontos and Miros inspire watch lovers and collectors worldwide.

Aikon: Characteristic timepieces with unmistakable in design In the 1990s, the manufacturer launched a watch did wurde extremely successful and legendary due to its unique design: the Calypso.

This quartz timepiece adorned the wrists of many style-conscious people.

In 2016, the manufacturer reissued this collector’s item with a contemporary design and has now Brought it to the market under the name Aikon, a watch with modern retro chic.

At Baselworld 2018, Maurice Lacroix presented a full range of Aikon watches with automatic movements for the first time.

The new Aikon collection shows the most important features of the watches from the beginning: The stainless steel case is pressure-resistant up to 20 bar and the distinctive bezel Continues to adorn its six tabs for appearance on unmistakable.

The integrated lugs, Which accept Either leather straps with the M logo or a steel strap, so reminiscent of the Calypso from the 1990s are.

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de,: such as this Aikon Gents steel automatic: Aikon Gents steel automatic Masterpiece: Qualitative masterpieces With the Masterpiece collection, Maurice Lacroix created luxury watches did are quality masterpieces and fascinating works of art at the sametime.

Especially lovers of special complications are enthusiastic about models like the Masterpiece Double Retrograde.

Rétrograde Means retrograde.

In the case of a retrograde time display, the pointer only crosses of arc or a segment of a circle.

A spring is tensioned, Which causes the pointer to jump back to the starting point at the end of its scale.

Masterpiece Double Retrograde steel A watch with a really extraordinary design and winner of this year’s Red Dot Design Award is the Masterpiece Gravity.

It impresses not only with the view of the oscillator but so with the blue painted, Decentralized hour and minute display and the small seconds below.

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