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4467 This article is excerpted Chung Yong Lin “Watch say so,” a book, to optimize the reading experience, I’ve added some pictures interspersed among them, and diligent stripping section.

Limited a little involved, my favorite book is the bell Sir Rolex.

He may not be the most authoritative and professional pedant, but it is the most written an aura.

Datejust from 1945 to the present, has more than 70 carrier history, the latest has evolved into a 41 mm diameter table, using the latest Cal 3235 movement.

But the earlier 36 mm classic, there are still many fans.

I think, sir pick the bell of this small article aftertaste share with you, is better.

(The following is the text) 116138 & 16018 “Steel King” 1601, in Hong Kong the 20th century, the seventies and eighties is the dream of many.

But in the 1601 model Ref 16014 instead launch a week, I bought it.

Specific days are hard to say it, but according to the manufacturer data records say 16,014 with 27 stone Cal 3035 movement is available in 1977, this day is almost right.

In my mind, killing 16014 Yiba 1601 Pianjiabuliu.

At the maximum difference between the two, in that from the center of the Ben-called “Turtle” shaped planar surface into pure.

Some people say “Turtle” is more simple and elegant, I do not agree.

All Datejust 16014 and the same period, the surface cheerful broad-minded, there is a real royal grandeur.

Especially gold 16018 (Rolex beginning of this period has been the case with the last number represents the type of material), and with much more accommodating than 1601 metal generosity.

Special dial 16018 In addition to appearance, the new 3035 movement reformed the calendar adjustment function.

Previous Datejust, adopted after the first three three way adjustment date, this work is really after “semi” professional training.

Simply put, it’s calendar adjustment method is to rotate the pointer to make a calendar grid jump, then set aside after three hours and then set aside three hours before they can jump the day before another, and so on.

Honestly, after I bought a 1601 really understand this operation.

And even if considered “understand”, but also recall a time when you want to adjust it to proceed smoothly.

The new 3035, one more pull the crown gear, the center of a block can directly adjust the date, much more convenient.

Date, since it can easily adjust.

So, in comparison, I can not stand 1601.

Although only adjust the date needs to be done once per Satsuki, and in most cases just tune forward one day, but I can not stand the invisible heart of thorns, not-for-16014 can not.

My 1601 has long been reserved for her friends line up, changing table beneficial sense, then why not? 1570 Movement In 1988, the 3035 movement was upgraded to 3135.

One of the most significant changes in the balance when part.

Excellent balance weight and put on the clip, the While this movement is more stable as a rock.

Consumers can see from the surface, it is upgraded to 27 stone 31 stone.

In order to improve the internal display, gold Datejust models also changed to 16238 from 16018.

I think, improved from 18038 to 18238 Day-Date models, at least a week more direct, more convenient in operation, is certainly welcome.

16018 16238 but instead, it is not easy to see the difference, I’m sure someone will feel depressed.

3035 Movement 16018 and 16238 do not look any different, but the operation will know that well-intentioned the factory.

In the adjustment time when pointer 16018 and crown reverse, if the rotation of the crown in the clockwise direction, the pointer is rotated counterclockwise, and somewhat awkward.

16238 adds a gear that is rotated in the same direction both during calibration.

This is not only conform to each section of the improvement in consumer needs, but also to provide people with a tips, in the case do not have to open the case, knowing which movement is 3035 or 3135.

3135 movement details In 2000, Rolex watches Makeovers.

In the shape is more thick solid case, polished portion of the housing also increased, and the overall brighter.

Viewed from the side, appear stable solid profile, terminal lugs also changed from the tip end of this genus blunt Oyster case wherein the tail, suitable for different types of wrists.

Case combine thickening, the famous striped widening the outer ring, fine stripes also slightly up.

Between the two lugs models equipped with a chain of “cross-bridge” was abandoned, so the feeling with chain in one go.

While still 3135 movement, although they are still 36 mm caliber, but the new graceful style and grace so old dwarfs.

The new series of models from 5-digit changed to 6 digits, for example style gold chain belt is 116 238, the belt is 116,138.

116 238 On the other hand the change, it is seen Rolex Datejust of emphasis on.

In 2004 the new, it’s especially the case of the inner ring engraved with an individually numbered crown trademarks, names and Rolex watch.

The new table is very popular among Turn-O-Graph, especially outstanding, but to forget the 2005 edition Datejust have such treatment.

Rolex Datejust gold watch new surface of succession to Hong Kong today, painfully beautiful feast for the eyes.

Under intolerable, I sorted strapped money to buy a white-faced black macaroni scale, long look, especially sleep under it cool party thing.

Rolex strive for high quality people agree to hereby already see results.

This year, I have re-absorbed gold Rolex, because Hong Kong nightclub wearing a gold after the decline of labor, hug dancers upstart has been much less.

So I bought a different precious metals Day-Date and Datejust, if not a common surface I’m interested in buying.

People in the “speculation” sporty, but I’m not interested, they just have a bare-grid, minimal wear.


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