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What is missing Cool gifts Jewelry at all times Alcohol products Inexpensive gifts From the sister From my brother Original gifts Musical gift Gifts come from childhood Useful gifts Additional ideas of gifts How to choose a gift Often our brothers are not only close relatives, but also good friends.

And on his birthday, of course, I want to choose something special that would be at the same time useful, interesting and beautiful.

For 30 years, you can give a brother both expensive equipment, or an interesting gadget, and a pretty nostalgic thing.

It is allowed to give the brothers jewelry products: for example, a cross, suspension, bracelet, amulet.

You can also give a relative a brand watch.

What is missing The best ideas for a gift to brother for 30 years: Sports simulator.

This is a great gift option if your brother is watching your weight.

Give him a compact exercise bike or multifunctional power center; Appliances.

If your brother does not have a family, feel free to give him everything that may be needed in everyday life: a robot-blade, a functional multicooker, an air-grill or a dishwasher; computer chair.

If your brother spends a lot of time at the computer, give him a chair with a massage effect.

A good gift option is any status thing.

Give him an expensive watch, the last iPhone model or high -quality shoes.

Cool gifts You can give a brother on a 30th birthday and something funny.

Of course, if he has everything in order with a sense of humor.

Present him: Favorite children’s book.

It will be very cool if you find it “in the same” edition.

You can find old books in the Bukinistic online store; Fluffy homemade slippers made in the form of cool heroes of the cartoon.

If a brother likes to watch cartoons, such a gift will be very helpful.

Jewelry at all times You can give your brother: ring.

Try to choose classic smooth rings made of gold, but not engagement.

A small ornament is also allowed.

The ring should not seem too miniature: it should correspond to the dimensions of the hand.

You can give a ring with several small stones, or with one large one.

If your brother is a solid young man, you can present him with a print, which is decorated with stones or ornaments; chain.

The chain can be both massive or elegant.

Choose products made of noble metals.

You can give your brother a chain with a cross, or with an amulet.

It will be great if you present an amulet with an engraving to a relative; a bracelet.

This fashionable decoration is combined both with a business suit and with any other style.

If a relative loves status things, give him a chain bracelet.

An alternative option is a leather bracelet with precious stones.

If a brother is a creative person, you can present him with a designer bright model.

Persian KSZ025 8 290 p Krastztmet NB-22-002-3-1-80 7 020 p Unode50 PUL1908MTLNGR 7 690 p Alcohol products As a gift to a brother for a birthday (30 years), you can present: a tour with a visit to the plant on which its favorite alcoholic drink is produced; A set of bottles of wine/beer/cognac.

It is desirable that the drinks are several varieties.

For example, if a brother loves wine, include French, Crimean and Italian wine in a set; A bottle of sustained wine.

It’s good if you manage to find a drink whose year the harvest coincides with the year of the birth of your brother.

Do not give alcohol at random, in the hope that his brother will try him.

Present only the drink that the anniversary likes.

Inexpensive gifts If you are constrained in funds, for 30 years you can give your brother: cover for a passport; Sweet gift.

If your brother is a sweet tooth, present him a set of cakes, or chocolate figures.

A sweet gift can be associated with the work or hobby of a relative: musical instruments, animals, figures of people, or weapons; Antistress toy; A stand for a mobile device.

This is a good gift option if your brother likes to watch videos or films/cartoons on the phone/tablet.

From the sister You can give my native brother: A set of stylish ties.

Make such a gift if your brother holds a good position, or moves along the career ladder; back massager.

Such a gift is relevant if a relative leads an inactive lifestyle, and if his work is connected with the office.

A compact massager helps to stop the risk of developing problems with the spinal muscles; a set of bed linen.

To make a pleasant brother, order a set of linen with an inscription, or with a pattern that causes him positive emotions (for example, a nostalgic memory); piece of clothing.

This option is suitable if you and your brother are very close, and you know what size he wears, and what preferences it has.

A cousin can be presented with men’s equipment for the kitchen: barbecue, smokehouse or grill.

If a brother only sets up his life, you can present him a set of tools.

If he loves to make something at leisure, a difficult designer will be a wonderful gift.

From my brother The best ideas of gifts to brother 30 years from brother: portable column.

A great gift to a person who has not yet matured enough to listen to music in headphones.

Also, such a column is suitable for sedentary intellectuals that love to listen to literary works in high -quality audio format; Biofamin.

This device is able not only to warm a fairly large area, but also to become a stylish decoration of the interior; amulet.

Make such a gift to the twin brother.

It will be great if the amulet is made to order, from some expensive material.

If the brother is a believer Christian, give him an amulet with the face of his heavenly patron; Multifunctional table lamp.

It can be equipped with an electronic clock, or have any additional functions; A set of mugs with funny inscriptions.

It will be wonderful if the circles are made to order, and the inscriptions will have a special meaning for your brother (this can be a palindrome, or some kind of aphorism, or a nostalgic phrase).

Original gifts To pleasantly surprise the anniversary, give him: A bathrobe with a beautiful inscription.

It can be funny, or nostalgic.

The most important thing is to avoid stamps and vulgarity.

Such a gift will be very useful both in everyday life and on trips; Test pipe (telescope).

Make such a gift if your brother is a romantic; Mini-bar (it can have the shape of a guitar, book or globe).

Such a gift can be an original element of decor.

You can give your brother both ordinary and antique mini-bar; Ticket for participation in the quest.

Focus on your brother’s hobbies: if he likes to solve riddles, please him with the opportunity to participate in a detective quest.

If he likes mysticism or fantasy, give him a ticket to participate in the game based on a film.

As an addition (or a separate gift), you can make an animated or game video for your brother, the main character of which is himself.

For example, it can be a multiplier series consisting of several short series, and based on the life of the hero of the day.

Musical gift If your relative is a musician, this is not an option.

But if he has long dreamed of learning how to play a musical instrument, you can give him: Digital piano (or synthesizer).

The digital piano is a more expensive gift, but it has more functions (for example, it is equipped with the functions of the organ and harpsichord); guitar (classic, electric guitar); Ukulele; drum installation.

You can also give him a classic tool: goboy, ordinary piano, or violin.

In addition to the tool, do not forget to give him a set of video tutorials or pay for courses from the teacher.

Gifts come from childhood This option is suitable if your brother is often nostalgic about the past.

There is where to turn around – especially if you are not much older than it and grew together.

You can give your brother a toy that he dreamed of in childhood, and which for one reason or another did not get.

If his brother dreamed of a bicycle, of course, there is no point in giving him an old “Kama” or “pioneer”: “saddling” such a gift, your brother will look ridiculous.

It is better to give him a steep great (electric bike), suitable for his needs.

Useful gifts This is an option if your brother is serious about his health, or is a very business person.

Give him: clock.

Suitable both classic (choose the most expensive, exclusive models) and smart watches (choose the latest models); Fruit basket.

Focus on your brother’s tastes.

If it is a vegan and does not have an allergy history, you can give it a large box with exotic and healthy fruits Daniel Klein DK.


12301-2 3 510 p Daniel Klein DK12243-6 3 680 p Timberland TBL.

14816Jlu/02A 13 150 p Additional ideas of gifts This option is suitable if your brother is a wealthy person, or it is difficult for him to please.

You can give him: luminous shoelace.

Such a gift will appeal to a person who always tries to be in trend.

Be sure: not everyone has futuristic elements of clothing, and they will not be outdated soon; shoe care set; A ball that helps make decisions.

Such a gift is suitable if your brother has self -irony and a good sense of humor.

The most important thing is not to perceive the tips of the ball too literally; A vacuum cleaner for harvesting crumbs from the table.

This device is an excellent replacement of a rag.

If your brother is fond of extreme sports or tourism, give him a new equipment.

You can also present him a ticket for an extreme trip (alloy along a mountain river, a complex climb into the mountains, parachute jump, safari).

If your relative is a blogger, give him a high -quality mirror camera.

How to choose a gift Be sure to consider the social status of a relative.

If he has a prestigious job (business) and family, gifts should be appropriate.

If the brother is just looking for himself, or recently fell under reduction, an expensive status gift can offend him.

Do not make gifts with a hint: for example, if your brother is fat, you should not give him a subscription to the pool or the gym.

A good hint can be a hobby of a relative.

But if he has no hobbies, it is worth asking him directly that he would like to receive on his other.

If he says that he does not need anything, present him with a universal gift corresponding to his culinary or personal addictions.

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