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Several general recommendations Gifts to a daughter 13 years old for beauty and fashion Modern presentations to the girl for 13 years Presentations related to a hobby for a daughter for the thirteen -year period Adult congratulations to my daughter’s birthday at 13 years old Interesting gifts to the girl for 13 years It was time to admit that your daughter had already grown up and began to gradually turn into a girl.

And even if you do not want this at all, there is no getting away from the truth.

Yes, it is still a little angular and unsubstituted, but right now it is growing and developing, and as it is impossible to strongly need your approval of its appearance.

This is what should be guided when choosing a gift.

This does not mean that it is necessary to choose something from the ladies’ things, but it is dangerous to not notice a similar trend.

Otherwise, you can miss the moment and lose mutual understanding with your child for a long time.

Several general recommendations Many parents reluctantly agree that their child has already grown from soft bears and dolls.

After all, it is much easier and more convenient to act according to an already worked out scheme – to decide for themselves how, where to celebrate and how to please the birthday girl.

But at the age of 13, the presented plush bear will no longer work, and this is why: She did not ask about this – try to listen more often to the desires of her daughter.

If you do not learn to listen and understand it, unsuccessful gifts will only become a cherry on the cake.

It is for this reason that many quarrels arise in adolescence between parents and children.

By the way, if she still wants a plush bear, then it is necessary, the girl has not yet played enough; She has matured-13-year-old young ladies always dream of delightful outfits, about perfume, and their own set of cosmetics.

It’s time to start a little to introduce all this female arsenal, very gradually and teaching; Be wiser – the main difference between parents and children is in life experience.

And he must benefit, not harm.

No need to specially inhibit your daughter’s growing up, remember yourself at her age.

Try to provide maximum support to your child; Fashion is what a teenage girl needs.

If you are not in trend, then surviving in this cruel world of teenagers will be even more difficult.

Why create difficulties in your child? That’s right, there is no need.

But you should not rush to extremes – to dress up the girl in trendy things, like a doll is also inappropriate.

It is better to provide understanding and comfort.

Given these tips, it will be much easier to choose a gift to a daughter for 13 years.

The main thing is to overcome internal resistance.

Remember that nothing special happened, just the girl became a little older.

Gifts to a daughter 13 years old for beauty and fashion Since this is incredibly important for a girl, it is best to start with gifts for beauty.

Here are some good ideas: Bag – Remember that you need to choose not what you like, but what your daughter will like.

For different reasons, a variety of handbags are suitable – different materials, colors, handles.

Try to take into account these points or even ask your daughter to choose a bag on your own; Grunting earrings are a great way to distinguish between a gift.

So that the decoration does not lay then somewhere at the bottom of the box or drawer, try to purchase exactly the one that the hero of the occasion wants most of all; Darvin 122042155BA 1 300 p Sokolov 89020022_S 1 120 p SKLV 94024320_S 2 440 p Crust cosmetics – high -quality and hypoallergenic cosmetics that will not spoil the girl’s skin.

It is important that the products correspond to the age and type of skin.

Make the main emphasis on cleansing funds; A set of jewelry – you can include everything that is popular with girls: hairpins, dressings, hoops on the head, hairpins, elastic bands, pendants on handbags.

Such a set is a real treasure; Toilet water – perfume for the girl is easy to recognize by light, air train.

It is best to choose perfumes with a daughter – for her the ritual of choice will become an important experience in life.

Of course, you can give daughters for 13 years both shoes and clothes.

But such presentations are definitely better to choose with the girl – she better understands modern trends and her tastes.

Arrange a joint shopping day and get a maximum of positive emotions! Modern presentations to the girl for 13 years Now adolescents learn new technologies faster than adults.

And this is not as bad as many parents think – the reasonable use of gadgets can bring many benefits, including adapting the child to the modern world.

And if you want to give your daughter for 13 years some kind of device, you should choose from the following options: Bright smart hours-you just need to choose those models that your thirteen-year-old daughter will like.

Look for modern teenage hours on the Internet or ask the birthday man for advice; Wireless headphones are an integral part of the teenage image.

Thanks to this device, they are removed from the world – it seems to be here, but it seems not.

This is a kind of protest that just needs to be accepted; The tablet is a completely serious and adult gift.

Do not give the most expensive, just choose a spectacular externally and medium in characteristics.

Let there be an unusual color, panel, brand, cover in addition.

Remember that the present should be enough “adult”; The player – and although now many are listening to music from the phone, the player will be more convenient.

And what about without music in headphones to school, for training, to run or for a walk with friends? At first, this may irritate you a little, but you should not give this so much meaning; Power Bank – will allow you to charge the phone if there is no socket nearby.

Such a device is very necessary for those who spend a lot of time outside the house-at school, on circles or somewhere else.

So the child can always remain in touch.

The design of the device should be stylish and modern.

Such gifts will teach the girl to follow her things and bear responsibility for them.

At the same time, it should be understood that the daughter is still not very adult, so you do not need to buy the most expensive and sophisticated gadgets.

Presentations related to a hobby for a daughter for the thirteen -year period Hobbies always occupy a special place in a person’s life, especially when we are talking about adolescents.

With all the heat, they surrender to their beloved occupation and do not regret for him and time.

You can support the child’s hobby in the following ways: Roller skates – if my daughter loves sport and dreamed of rollers, this will be a great present.

But it’s worth choosing them along with the birthday man – she must independently choose color and design; A romantic book – if the girl likes to read, then you can congratulate it with a new book.

But again, it is necessary to guess with the desires of the hero of the occasion or ask her advice; Materials for needlework – a set of colors, a picture by numbers, an easel, beads and much more.

It is worth choosing depending on what exactly the girl is fond of; A girlish diary with a chancellery – for romantic natures who are embarrassed to talk about the events that have occurred, but love to write, a diary is ideal.

Choose a stylish and convenient notebook, select a beautiful office and all sorts of chips to it.

But you should not look into the diary, if the girl notices it, then you risk forever spoiling relationships; A bicycle or scooter is a serious personal transport that is useful during walks or traveling around the city.

It is advisable to select it together, the advice of the pope will be especially useful.

It will be possible to test it on a joint walk.

You can also give daughters on the 13th anniversary of the pet.

Many girls want to get a hamster, guinea pig, rabbit, puppy or kitten as a gift.

Choose what you like best.

But you should not think that the daughter will completely care for him herself – most of the worries will still fall on your shoulders.

However, the gift will help the birthday girl learn more about responsibility and animals.

Adult congratulations to my daughter’s birthday at 13 years old You can also present several adult presentations: Watch – a stylish accessory will help the girl better navigate in time, teach punctuality and accuracy; laptop – is often necessary for study and leisure, so a really useful and necessary present; A chain with a gold suspension – gold jewelry is always a great gift.

Just do not lean the product – a thirteen -year -old birthday girl is more suitable for miniature and neat jewelry.

Sokolov 036046_S 11 600 p Sokolov 036055_S 8 890 p Sokolov 732110_S 7 900 p These presentations will be remembered for a long time and will definitely call a sea of ​​positive emotions! Interesting gifts to the girl for 13 years It happens that the birthday girl already has all the above gifts.

How to surprise the culprit of the celebration? There are several interesting ideas that are unlikely to leave anyone indifferent: A smart stand for a smartphone-the range of such products is rich in variety, especially in online stores.

Typically, such a stand performs several functions at once: a holder for a smartphone, a pencil, a frame for photographs and a lot more; A small journey – maybe you promised to bring your daughter to Moscow or Berlin? Then you can give a daughter for 13 years a trip.

A trip for a couple of days is unlikely to leave you without a penny, but how many emotions and memories you get! Pajama-kigurumi-the fashion for such pajamas is not yet going to give up positions, so please the girl.

Let her try on several fabulous roles until she has grown at all; Subscription for classes-maybe your child dreams of learning to dance, draw or something like that? Why not fulfill her desires? If you doubt that the daughter will walk for a month, give first a master class or one lesson.

Such a gift to her daughter 13 years for her birthday will help her try herself in something new or even replenish the list of her hobbies.

And if she is delighted, be sure to support her in a new undertaking; Tickets for a concert of a beloved artist are one of the most coveted gifts for a beloved teenager.

However, at this age, it is better for you to accompany your daughter for a concert – you never know what can happen.

Such presentations will become the beginning of a good and strong relationship with a teenager.

And to make the congratulation even better, complement it with a bouquet of flowers and sincere wishes!

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