Tiffany & Co. opened a boutique in Geneva

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Tiffany & Co. opened a boutique in Geneva
And presented a limited model of Tiffany CT60
Ryu-du Ron, 21 in Geneva, a boutique Tiffany & Co. opened. With an area of ​​almost 1,500 square meters. For a new Geneva store, architects and designers have created a modern space with thin historical accents.
Gitta Defense Lambsdorf, Managing Director Tiffany & Co., Germany, Austria and Switzerland; Antoine Bard, President of the Big Council of Geneva; Frederick Kumanal, President Tiffany & Co. and Flat Roll; Vice President Tiffany (Europe, Middle East, Africa) accompanied by two participants of the company Les Vieux Grenadier
Dr. Teven; Paloma Picasso Teven; Frederick Kumanal, President Tiffany & Co.
The facade is decorated with stainless steel deco flutes, as well as a characteristic “sparkling” pattern of corporate blue color, similar to what decorates the facade of the store on the fifth Avenue. Jewelry, wedding and private halls are remarkable with such elements like wall velvet panels of a creamy shade, stainless steel showcases, vistorteries and blossoming magnolia, made in gold. These floral patterns are inspired by the stainedures to Louis Tiffany comfort (1848-1932), the son of the company, artist and designer. The interior of the hourly hall is inspired by the AR-Deco epoch and the luxurious ocean liners of the 1930s, and its decor includes shop windows of a walnut, wall-mounted panels from suede and an impressive sun cloth disk covered with black varnish.
For a limited period in Geneva boutique, you can see the yellow diamond Tiffany Diamond, enclosed in a white diamond necklace with a common weight of more than 100 carats. The founder of Tiffany acquired a raw stone in 1878 and after the cut his weight was 128.54 carats. The permanent place of “registration” of the diamond is the first floor of the company’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue.
Paloma Picasso Teven on the background of a showcase with a yellow diamond Tiffany Diamond
In honor of the opening of a new store, the company has created a model of White Gold Tiffany CT60, limiting its release of 10 copies. The clock with the calendar function has individual numbers and engraving in the form of a Tiffany Manufactory of 1874 on the back of the housing. Also on sale are presented with limited models of cocktail clocks from white gold with yellow and pink diamonds.

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