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DAMASKO – large, clear and robust: Damasko, watches for real men In its ambition to construct one of the best watches, invested Konrad Damasko in the Upper Palatinate and built a real factory, where nearly everything is manufactured itself.

About 40 different models are currently have, all manageable, large and without unnecessary frills design.

Thanks to the super strength steel precise movement is certainly in the case.

Like any pilot watch are the pilot watches Damasko clearly.

Form follows function: Even with the first pilot watches the clock had particularly easy to read his, because at that time finally gave no instruments in the cockpit.

Since the first aircraft by shook their pilots properly, the pilot watches had to be robust accordingly.

The watches from the watchmaker Damasko that previously come to an annual production of about 3,000 watches look exactly like a pilot’s watch look therefore needs: They are round, large and have a bezel that is far pulled outward.

So the numbers on the dial are particularly clearly visible.

The watches from Damasko for the Euro Fighter has a clock of Damasko alongside their incomparable charm that a pilot’s watch sprayed also has the advantage that it has already proven itself under extreme conditions: The test pilot of the Euro Fighter bear the Damasko clock with the reference DC 56 and prove that the clock in this incredibly manoeuvrable supersonic flier can be worn well with its extreme power.

In the watch of Damasko technical innovations are built, developed by Konrad Damasko over time together with his team.

These include inhibitions that work completely free of lubricants; special oils, which always have good properties, especially in extreme temperature fluctuations still; Special seals; but also a built polysilicon inhibition, which can not be influenced by magnetic fields.

Even the look of the watch of Damasko act rather plain and clear.

Their robustness is its special feature.

The collections are mostly in black and white, only in a few seconds hands and on the 12 must up flash a little bit of color.

The functionality of high-quality watches stands clearly in the foreground, and is self-sufficient.

Nevertheless, it is this sleek and simple look that gives the watches from Damasko her beauty: Who wears a watch from Damasko wrist want that is detected.

The works of Damasko The company manufactures Damasko movements of your models in three stages.

The first stage is based on ETA works.

These are refined from Damasko before they are installed.

They are award to the reference numbers starting with DA.

The next level are also what are refined course of Damasko ETA works.

The specialty of these works is that they get the patented Damasko silicon escapement, which is not affected by magnetic fields, resulting in better accuracy over traditional inhibitions result.

These models can be identified by reference numbers with the addition of Si, wherein the Si for silicon inhibition is.

Bringing the factory stands out from the competition most clearly are the specially developed and manufactured in the factory works, of course, “Made in Germany”.

Here Damasko is clear from the competition, because there are very few watch manufacturers in the area below 5.

000, – Euro final, which his own works.

Of course, the manufacture caliber of Damasko innately have the patented silicon escapement.

Currently, there are the manufacture caliber as automatic and manual winding movement.

The models with manufacture caliber, you acknowledge the addition DK.

DAMASKO watch production corporate video – Damasko watch in 2015 from yellow design on Vimeo.

If you have questions about the different models or brand Damasko You can reach us by calling +49 711 9330890 or by e-mail at info@watch.


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