The style that accompanies the bold. Original models of Diesel watches

On August 16, we will not specify which one in a row-Madonna Louise Chicone, known to the world as Madonna-Queen Pop Scenes, dancer, actress, director, producer and writer (she has 17 books for children), celebrates the birthday.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, she is the most commercially successful performer in history.

Madonna for many years has been in the focus of the attention of the public and the press.

With a considerable share of shocking and scandalousness, the reputation of pop divas as an icon of style remains at the maximum height.

Bold dresses and costumes, countless bracelets and pendants, innovative elements (which is worth only the “conical bra” from the great Jean-Paul Gauthier) .



and, of course, the clock.

Moreover, in their regard, Madonna, oddly enough, can be called very conservative.

Probably, the love of the clock was stronger than the tendency to extravagance.

Moreover, the star is fond of far not only by female models, which are more likely jewelry accessories, but without hesitation wears men’s watches, which surprisingly complements its stage (and not only) image.

There are many different hours in the Madonna collection.

Let’s talk about some of them.

And let’s start with the exception in the mentioned conservative preferences of the diva – from the unusual hours of the young Philip Stein brand.

They say that for the first time Madonna saw this watch during one of the air travel, on the hand of Stuard.

An unusual and at the same time clear design of the second time zone – on an additional dial, separate from the main one – attracted the singer, and then it turned out that the watch was also extremely interesting inside.

The concept of the Philip Stein brand is based on the fact that any object in the material world has some inherent frequency of its own fluctuations.

For planet Earth, this is about 8 hertz.

And the watch mechanism is complemented by a module with a plate that fluctuations with this frequency.

“When wearing a clock, the watch tells the frequency of the Earth to their owner, thereby positively affecting his body” (from the company’s press release).

Madonna (like such celebrities as Oprah Winfrey and Jessica Alba) especially like the “fruit” series – Fruitz Watches by Philip Stein, which is distinguished by bright colorism.

Far from the first year, two legends of the Luxury world – Madonna and Versace.

The singer, a close friend of Donatella Versace, is one of the officials of the fashion brand and is happy to appear in public and in the frame not only in clothes, but also with elegant watches of Versace on the wrist.

In particular, it was the singer who was the main character of a large -scale advertising campaign of the Versace Dylos watch collection, which includes both mechanical and quartz models.

Madonna was born in Michigan, but her beloved city is New York.

It is not surprising that one of the favorite time brands of the Queen of pop scenes is the New York Jacob & Co.

, which has high authority in the world of Haute Horlogerie.

The models of this brand are not only extremely difficult to functionally, but also belong to the category of highly envelope.

For example, Angel watches with two time zones on a rectangular dial and a diamond set.

Continuing the review, we move to Europe.

Here, of course, the main country of the world of watches stands out – Switzerland.

But the origins of a number of brands with the proud designation of Swiss Made are in the main, perhaps, deployment of world fashion – Paris.

Here Madonna always feels at home! And often stops the choice on the exquisite-minimal product of the illustrious brand of Hermes-the Cape COD watch, in a rectangular case, with a black dial and on a double-decimal leather strap.

But Cartier.

Is it possible to ignore (and frequent wearing) cult Cartier Tank and Cartier Panthere? At the same time, we note the tendency of Madonna not only to male and gender neutral models, but also to the rectangular or square form of the case.

However, she is not alone in her preferences: among the connoisseurs of Cartier, she is made up of Alain Delon, Andy Warholl, Katrin Denev and many others.

And finally, the classic from the classic: of course, Rolex! We will not list the stars involved in this great brand – we don’t have enough space – just say that Madonna has one of the most favorite watches.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is only one of the samples of the Rolexes in the Madonna collection (but perhaps the most indicative).

Wrist watch: Raymond Weil 5229-PCS-01659 204 550 p Versace Veu300321 101 890 p Gucci ya147501 119 800 p

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