The six most profitable brand watches, refused to accept to fight!

After the first I must explain this chapter files twists and turns, through the search data outside of the draft proposal was rejected, and then edit the interview two Ding still finishing the article was rejected ⋯⋯ So the question is: who is so finicky total is rejection? Ha ha Dad is not a client, But I am! I! I! I! That person is downright myself.

Because the title of this article is the destination time I mentioned, and the reason for mentioning this topic, because the everyday-life, this is my most faithful are asked to table the issue.

For once, I thought: it altogether as a topic it! Such then was asked directly send a link to him.

(Center Weighted ⾥ secretly delighted wit automatically own it 666 ~) I did not expect editors received the task of trying to find the West to find the outline come online Q & A platform East, directly Ethernet I academic this reason, shoot! Then another editor interviewed two Ding sorted out the contents of a separate warranty is I feel so redundant ⻓, no scratching itches ⋯⋯ (after seeing Center Weighted emerges directly in the report is the Wide-screen: This is not KFC I want! This is not KFC I want! ! This is not KFC I want! ! ! ) Because I think (think Friends is the table), in fact, is simple and crude type, value preservation started to talk, full of flavor money, like short answer questions such as the following.

Q1: What a Rolex watch is the most classic (hedging)? A: First, the Submariner (commonly known as the Water Monster) First Daytona (with Paul Newman famous) Q2: green ghost or water ghost nigga good (hedging)? A: Actually black and ghosts, green ⻤, even blue ghost is about the same, are wearing hats ⾐ personal preferences.

If you want particular point reach of children, crisp, dry it directly to get the King of Ghosts! Q3: Daytona flour or a good black face or gold face it?? A: black-faced white-faced and better than gold surface (former French president had personally demonstration) but of course the best is ice blue surface of the limited edition.

Q4: buy buy gold with labor or steel? A: Because the labor food items antique rare good steel table that the auction value soared high, but of course, the new table Daikin valuable in labor.

Q5: good color or steel table? A: buy color might as well buy a steel table, the price of two-tone watch the secondary market are often not as good as steel table.

Steel money because the price is relatively cheap, and other goods were many, strong demand, so the performance in the secondary market, but will be better than the two-color models.

Q6: Rolex with diamond or diamond ring standard is not more valuable? A: Apart from a few limited edition jewelry table such as rainbow circle, set on other general diamond hour markers scale or bezel diamond pieces, and not guaranteed to have the same proportion of value-added (even ⾄ in the second hand market, often with the watch is not being shot with diamond style, same price).

Q7: Oyster chain and this year’s commemoration of the chain (five beads) whether interchangeable strap? A: This is not necessarily, and some can, some a little shy.

Q8: how to pick the girls wear a Rolex? A: In addition to Rolex ladies watch is pretty rugged, but self-winding movement of the case will inevitably be a bit thick, so it can be considered that the probe 1 so that the relatively compact style.

Of course, I watch men and women wearing also encouraged.

Q9: People often say that Rolex in the Japanese market to buy more cost effective? A: In fact, this generally refers to second-hand table, because Japanese second-hand market more standardized, less likely to buy fakes, quality is guaranteed.

After reading the short answer questions feel something more to say, Please continue to challenge the essay! Labor care has been taken with disabilities rely on well-known? Labor care has been taken with disabilities is not set up as early as the Swiss watch industry, but thanks to the rise of high-tech, early fame is The waterproof, dustproof and ruggedized Using Oyster case.

Second, labor care has been taken with disabilities are also very good at advertising, for example, is sponsoring a British woman to swim across the English Channel Warrior, he said that when her hands feet are wearing the watch in case a piece of water can not display the normal time.

Another famous example is the first Everest submenus labor care has also sponsored disabilities.

Labor care has been taken with disabilities have been many celebrities blessing: such as “007” author Ian Fleming novels and Castro.

Table Friends particularly like to discuss why Castro liked to wear two left-handed labor care has been taken with disabilities.

The other is Warren Buffett, also found chatting with his friends to get a record on Open networks, Buffett said, labor care has been taken with disabilities such companies is really good company.

Another netizen asked if he was prepared to invest labor care has been taken ⼠? Buffett said there are plans.

Buffy Turpie workers wearing a gold still pictures, also works well in the Open networks often ⾏ stream.

Rolex professional models such as the sea, the new King of Ghosts listed, whether it is to quickly grab the old or the new line up to buy the fare increase? Rolex is very special, is managed by the Foundation never published yield.

Old has been shipping for years, the relative yield will know, it is not new but clear.

I’d rather buy old.

Although the old down trend, but the stability will be better.

The new course will be new technology, new design, but also a breakthrough than the old.

But advances in technology are unlimited, you never catch up, might as well work in favor of the pursuit of success in history, they are often so watch from the product into a non-renewable resource.

It will be hot for some time after the birth of the new, but there is always the past day.

As long as there is old enough patience, willing to spend a longer time to “wake up”, will eventually have to prove their worth day.

Everyone thinks labor care has been taken with disabilities popular is the trend, So whether it is possible to foresee the trend? Chronos German version of the magazine has to do with a way to predict large data, the factors Rolex explosion models are put together.

Such as Rolex moon phase will not reproduce after 1950, it could become the next popular; meteorite disc was once explosion models.

So last elected with a large data explosion models 2017 launch of Cellini phase of the moon, it has a moon phase disc .






meteorite explosion models combine a variety of factors.

But in fact, it does not get the attention they deserve in the market, so it can not be foreseen so-called trend.

There is not a word to say it? “The market reaction is often to let the experts unsuccessful.

” Friends have asked the table: You might as well buy the blind (that is, buying them) forget it? Rolex only possible “belated” style, is DAYJUST.

Hindsight is difficult to predict in advance means that no one can foresee what style it will burst.

DJ because no one knows its output only after many years, players can piece together information about make an estimate.

The series of high-volume, wide model, and changes in disk design, unlike other series have so clearly Guideline.

A lot of people play a variety of disk DJ’s, turquoise, coral, semi-precious stones, strange metal disk, or when a black mark in only two numbers 6 and 9.

Not only because DJ series is full of the unknown nature outside, inexpensive and easy to start with, the size of 41mm is the largest conventional models, so it is suitable for entry of young people.

There are some cold look originally belong to the public, but it suddenly became popular after the shutdown.

Some began to feel that it is a niche models, such as Rolex Prince series of rectangular tables, square with hand-winding movement, for many years not to sell discontinued.

Then I think as long as market conditions are ripe, and it is likely to heat up again.

After processing watches, Rolex official will repair it? Like modified cars, some people like Rolex modification, change your own strap, diamond, plus PVD, or buy their own post-processing design is indeed very popular this year.

Rolex official reply on this aspect is, as long as the movement and case are Rolex, we can provide maintenance services, but put the watch back to the original state.

For example, if the conversion of the Water Monster case, you need to buy a new water ghost of the original case, then give it to Rolex will be restored after repair and maintenance services.

Why Rolex to become popular in the general public market? For the middle class, in fact, Rolex is a symbol of both credible and diligent it.

I remember the nineties of the last century There is a story in the international business community experts to reduce costs of a well-known name is Lopez, if he entered the team, the first thing is to get a Rolex.

Then he asked to be left to wear, he means is that you have to comply with the time, can not work loose; and worn on the left, because the right to work is not completed.

In FY discoloration of the watch industry, Rolex is also accelerating the rhythm, but I personally feel that his availability was the strongest.

If I buy more than one hundred thousand a watch, my first choice is likely to remain Rolex, because for me it is a measure of all watches.

The so-called self-inflicted, so this article had to play by the downright Chou myself Hello ~ 6 6 not? Editor: Zhou Kaixuan | visual and mapping: Allison Photo: from the brand (part from the network) Business cooperation, please contact: Allison@flxh.

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