The second joint collaboration G-Shock X Rui Hachimura

Emporio Armani AR8005 Emporio Armani AR80049 Emporio Armani AR80050 with a chronograph Emporio Armani AR80053 Emporio Armani AR80057 The creation of the Emporio Armani watch collection is a formed view and deep understanding of the fashionable directions of not only the present, but also the future tense.

An important addition is interest in modern technological achievements and compliance with the highest quality standards.

The final touch is the freedom of expression and high indicators of the practicality of products, which, along with the rest of the works of maestro Georgio Armani, symbolize the absolute success and the embodiment of the most daring desires.

We share the seasonal news that are worth your attention! Emporio Armani AR8005 Emporio Armani AR8005 33 990 p A rather laconic model on the steel bracelet of Milan weaving is a clear example of a brand brand aesthetics with an emphasis on the classic style and a subtle vintage sound.

We note the exceptional attention to the development of each part and carefully selected proportions, ensuring the timeless relevance of the clock and the safety of their external attractiveness.

The presence of two interchangeable straps in the set of the universality of the watch, while the steel case and mineral glass emphasize their reliability and strength! Emporio Armani AR80049 Emporio Armani AR80049 38 190 p An exquisite combination of a functional accessory and expressive decoration.

The mother -of -pearl dialing with crystal interspersed instantly attracts attention, and the bracelet attached as an addition to the clock enhances their dynamic radiance with the slightest movement of the hand.

Separate mention is deserved by the highest quality of execution of details and the substantial internal filling of the female model that translates the classic style in the original author’s reading.

Emporio Armani AR80050 with a chronograph Emporio Armani AR80050 52 990 p Massive chronograph clock with a stopwatch show restrained character and unlimited possibilities.

At the disposal of the owner of the 12th and 24-hour format of displaying time, as well as an impressive reserve of reliability: steel case, mineral glass and water protection of 100 WR, which protect against damage and allow you to maintain the attractiveness of the product even under severe operating conditions.

Pay attention to the package – in addition to the clock, a shy silicone strap of black color, decorated with a brand logo, is attached.

Emporio Armani AR80053 Emporio Armani AR80053 40 290 p The main decoration of the elegant model is the cobalt color of the strap, which instantly attracts attention and extremely organically sets off the mother -of -pearl dial with interspersed of crystals.

The highest quality of the execution of details allows us to talk about the attractiveness of a watch that does not fade over time, while the functionality of the model speaks of the exact quartz mechanism and excellent strength indicators.

A pleasant addition is laconic earrings in the form of rings, generously strewn with crystals and complemented by branded logo! Emporio Armani AR80057 Emporio Armani AR80057 33 990 p The embodiment of branded aesthetics of the brand with an accent for restrained design and attractiveness of black color.

The universality of the clock speaks of an extremely laconic dial, devoid of an abundance of details, as well as the predominance of straight lines in its design.

In addition to the clock, a stylish steel bracelet is attached, which makes this kit a wonderful gift for himself or someone from loved ones!

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