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LOCMAN 0510A07S00GyRDSA with a chronograph Locman 0559A24A00KBNKB0 Ducati DTWGC2019104 Ducati DTWGC2019001 Ducati DTWGB2019701 Taking an irresistible desire to update the watch wardrobe, we strongly recommend that you pay attention to the outstanding player of the world watch.

The Italian brand Locman broadcasts a unique reading of the classical style and outstanding skills in the field of production, and also demonstrates readiness for constant development and bold solutions.

In particular, we are talking about the unification of Locman and Ducati, two cult ambassadors “made in Italy”, which represent the best Italian watches inspired by racing traditions! We offer to get acquainted with five characteristic positions.

LOCMAN 0510A07S00GyRDSA with a chronograph Locman 0510A07S00GyRDSA 63 720 p A powerful hour -long design is characterized by high practicality and impressive internal .

At the disposal of the owner of the model-a chronomer with a stopwatch enclosed in a steel case and reliably protected by mineral glass with a sapphire coating.

The color design of the product is noteworthy – cold shades of metal in combination with red accents.

Locman 0559A24A00KBNKB0 Locman 0559A24A00KBNKB0 57 780 p Powerful technical characteristics of the classical style frame.

The model, created for diving, surfing and a long stay in the ocean, broadcasts a restrained nature, which is felt in the laconic style design, and unlimited possibilities.

In particular, the reliability of the product is indicated by the case of steel, mineral glass with a sapphire coating and a high water protection rate of 300 m.

Ducati DTWGC2019104 Ducati DTWGC2019104 46 690 p An ideal solution for those who prefer a powerful technical in an elegant style design.

A chronomer with a stopwatch and a tachimeter possess a stainless steel body and a particularly remarkable part-a corrugated clock head, which resembles a tire.

Another addition is the pusher of the Reset button Chronograph, resembling the brake lever.

Special mention is deserved by high accuracy indicators that the quartz mechanism of Japanese origin provides.

Ducati DTWGC2019001 Ducati DTWGC2019001 46 690 p The main decoration of the model is the famous Ducati Corse shield, which is located on the dial, back cover and fastener of the Motore series.

A spectacular non -sel of a chronograph with a stopwatch and a tachimeter is also noteworthy, complemented by stylish screws and marks in the form of Arabic numerals 20, 40 and 60.

A successful design solution is a convenient perforated strap made of natural Italian leather, which makes the watch extremely convenient in everyday wear.

Ducati DTWGB2019701 Ducati DTWGB2019701 40 840 p A spectacular model that embodies the highest quality of execution and an extremely attentive attitude to details.

The stylish design with a sports character and outstanding reliability also does not leave indifferent: the clock in the steel housing is equipped with a water protection of 100 meters and mineral glass, which protects against damage and retains the visual attractiveness of the product.

The precision of the model is evidenced by the quartz mechanism of Japanese origin and the presence of fluorescent arrows, which allow you to determine the time in any light.

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