The R & A and the USGA Rules of Golf jointly launched a new version of the Chinese players APP

Geneva 2017 1 Yue 29 Ri (Xing Qiri) – ‧ Roger Federer (Roger Federer) re-create tennis history, winning the 5th Australian Open champion, also won his career Grand Slam, paragraph 18 (Grand Slam ®) championship, to be successful, no one can.

Image copyright © Rolex / Jon Buckle Since 2010, ‧ beat Andy Murray (Andy Murray) win, this is the sixth time Federer among the men’s singles final in Melbourne, which is also the first time in Rod Laver Arena (Rod Laver Arena) game.

The Swiss champion and nemesis Rafael Nadal ‧ (Rafael Nadal) had worked hard to five, win over opponents, and laid it in the history of a great player status.

Image copyright © Rolex / Jon Buckle Since 2001, Federer has been working with Rolex.

There is no doubt that he is tennis elite, achievements, the total number of weeks was ranked first in the world up to 302 weeks, which in February 2004 to August 2008, more 237 consecutive weeks ranked number one tennis throne.

Image copyright © Rolex / Jon Buckle Since 2003, the Wimbledon Championships won the first Grand Slam (Grand Slam®) title, Roger Federer continued ‧ boarded the peak of sporting achievement, worthy role model for the sport.

His outstanding achievements, not only for tennis Graces, the more he enjoys a high status, even highly respected outside his sport.

Like other Rolex sports spokesmen, such as the late golf legend Arnold ‧ Pa Mi Mo (Arnold Plamer), skiers Jane – ‧ Claude Killy (Jean-Claude Killy) and the legendary racing driver Sir Jack Stewart ‧ ( Jackie Stewart), Roger Federer is always compared with ‧ grateful extremely expert, between the elites will always hold onto a seat, and was universally acknowledged.

Image copyright © Rolex / Jon Buckle Federer Rolex and sympathetic, like-minded, and therefore established long-term cooperative relationship.

Only a few players as good as him well, and with extraordinary talent and high reputation faithfully represents the Rolex brand image.

Congratulations to Roger historic won the Rolex 18 Grand Slam item (Grand Slam®) championship, and full support for the continuation of his extraordinary journey.

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