The prototype of the Naissance D’Une Montre clock is sold for 1.5 million dollars

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The prototype of the Naissance D’Une Montre clock is sold for 1.5 million dollars
Model, reviving the traditions of the XIX century clockwork
The most expensive lot of the auction of Chtistie’s in Hong Kong on May 30 became the prototype of Naissance D’UNE MONTRE watches – the result of the unique project of Robert Greet, Stephen Forsi, Philip Dufura and Michel Bled. The clock with the turbiumon in the 45-mm white gold case was sold for $ 1,461,507.
The creation of the model was completed in 2016, and the project started in 2007. Then the rowing, Forsi and Dufur announced the launch of the Le Garde Temps program, Naissance D’UNE MONTRE to transmit young knowledge watchmakers about classical traditions and traditional clock creation techniques. The result of the training was to be the watches fully created by hand in accordance with the methods of the XIX century hours of time. Officially, the implementation of the project began in 2009, in 2012 the design of the mechanism was presented, in 2013, the watchmakers began to produce parts, and in 2014 the premiere of the details of the turbiumon took place.
The project was also attracted to the technical lyceum teacher Didro from Paris Michel Blaunge. Blounge went to training in Switzerland, where he together with three masters worked on creating unusual watches.
As a result, a prototype Pièce d’Ecole (“School copy”) came out of the walls of the workshops (“School specimen”), which was sold in Hong Kong for a record amount. Funds from sale will be aimed at the further development of the Naissance D’Une Montre project. Christie’s Auction House, which has become a frame of the program, refused to sell his own award.

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