Clock Bulgari Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater | The new world record storms the limits in the field of minute rehearsals

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Clock Bulgari Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater | The new world record storms the limits in the field of minute rehearsals
The OCTO collection continues to surprise with incredible records. After the finest tourbillon, the Sensation of Basel this year was the thinnest rehearser in the world.
Roads leading to Rome
Fabrizio Buonamass, the chief artist of Bulgari watches on how harmony is born:
For me there is no fundamental difference between jewelry and watch design. It’s all about the architecture of the object itself, which flows out of its destination. Every time I think a new image, I first imagine who and how it will wear it, what to feel. In this, the creation of clock is closely designing a racing car: it is easy to imagine that the owner must experience when it turns out inside the perfect ergonomic salon and turns the engine. Wristwatches are an accessory that causes exactly the same emotions.
When creating each new model, be it an exceptional instance or everyday clock, I rely on three sources that allow you to build an impeccable emotional image. This is the story of the home of Bulgari, the design, withstood the test of time, our technical achievements, which have always been a little bit more bold than that of conservative watch brands, and, of course, the architecture of Rome, whose otlocks can be found in each collection.
The direction of the “deanest clock” in the OCTO collection, called FINISSIMO, was presented by Bulgari in 2014. This line connected the two most important at home: updating the legendary OCTO housing, which, due to its multifaceted form, could reach an incredible plasticity in the architecture, and the launch of modern full-cycle-cycle manufactory in Le-Sertier, thanks to which the most complex technical tasks could be solved.
From scratch
The first World Record of the OCTO Finissimo was presented in 2014 the thinnest tourbillon – the height of the housing with a diameter of 40 mm was only 5 mm. Not thicker than five-fingered coins. How is this possible? To construct the world’s thinnest caliber in the world, Bulgari engineers had to solve two key tasks: optimize the turbium module and reduce the mechanism itself to exceptional indicators. It was the last innovation that brought the chapter of the House of Jana-Christof Baben to declare that it is unlikely that someone can exceed the achievement of his manufactory, because the tourbillon carriage is 1.95 mm height is the most “thick” element of the system. And the easy rotation of the innovative module provides 8 ceramic bearings first applied in this design.
But one thing is to reduce the tourbillon, which is a rotating platform. When it comes to mechanics with an acoustic system, it is the volume of the housing is an indispensable condition because it provides the necessary resonance of the sound. As in the case of the previous achievement, Bulgari engineers decided not to try to improve the results of already tested rehearser designs, and create a completely new one.
From the very beginning, the specialists of manufactory in Le-Sennet decided that the body would be made of titanium, an atypical material for such a class of complications. First, it ensured a decrease in the weight of the model, and in addition, its own characteristics contributed to improving the sound. The BVL 362 caliber was constructed simultaneously with the case, because the Honeys of the Round cross section of the combination section are attached directly to the titanium surface. They were made individually, all operations on making gongs forms and final finishing were made manually. In addition, an ingenious solution of the dial was used to enhance the resonance, also made of titanium: hourly labels and a side second indication of the “6 o’clock” marks are thin gaps cut into metal. This contributes to the optimal passage of sound, in addition, the architectural gray case of OCTO in this performance looks particularly textured and clearly painted. No photo cannot pass the effect when this watch is just 6.85 mm high and the gondas begin to sound.
Mystery octahedron
OCTO FINISSIMO MINUTE REPEATER – a new fashion legislator in exclusive mechanics – released a limited series of only 50 copies. On the peculiarities and bold solutions of the ultrathin caliber BVL 362 with a height of 3.12 mm (and at the same time with a good turn of the stroke for such a complication of 42 hours), other scientific works will still be written, and the value of this limited series at auctions will undoubtedly increase.
But, as the head of Bulgari is repeated, Jean-Christophe Baben, records are not created for records. Thus, the ceramic bearings used in the Octo Finissimo Tourbillon were also used in the BVL 128 base manufactory, installed in the ultra-thin Classic FINISSIMO clock, and in the automatic BVL 193 mechanism running in the most practical everyday hours of the collection – OCTO SOLOTEMPO.
The main secret of OCTO, allowing to establish and fantastic results, lies in hundreds of small details arising from the history of the collection itself and more than 130 years of the history of the Bulgari home. Moreover, the “hundred” must be understood literally: the OCTO housing itself, rethinking in the creative bureau of Fabrizio Buonamass and made in its own factory of the hulls in Saint-lying, represents a combination of more than 100 (!) Faces – and their configuration and location are so carefully verified that the clock can Change size, height and shape imperceptible to the eye.
On the basis of it in 2014, three collections were launched at once: automatic OCTO SOLOTEMPO, high-frequency chronograph OCTO VELOCISSIMO and ultra-thin Octo Finissimo. All of them are constantly changing, are becoming increasingly bright and relevant, and not only technically, but also aesthetically. So, at the end of last year, two models with a deep black DLC coating were presented in honor of the opening of the Bulgari boutique in the Moscow GUE. In the 2016 collection, the Ultranero concept has found an embodiment not only in the classic Solotempo line and Velocissimo chronograph, but also in a record ultra-long turbiumon. It is equally spectacular, but different from aesthetic point of view, the aspect is revealed in OCTO FINISSIMO Skeleton hours, allowing in detail to consider the operation of the BVL 128SK manufactory mechanism with a manual plant, a stroke of 65 hours and a height of only 2.35 mm.
OCTO ULTRANERO CALIBR BVL 268 Finissimo Tourbillon
In fact, OCTO, and especially Octo Finissimo, were conceived and made as perfect modern men’s watches. Comfortable, minimalistic, innovative, flawlessly sitting multiple. In addition, supplemented perfect quality by manufactory calibers recognizable at first sight design, legendary brand. The fact that the flagship models of the line establish an absolute record in the field of hour mechanics for the second time (and it is unlikely that these records will be born for a long time) – this is an additional weight in the eyes of specialists and collectors and bright proof of the limitless possibilities of Bulgari.

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